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  1. Nevermind, fixed. i put the manual and inserts in first, and above the flap, and then put the tray on top of the manuals, flatting it out and fitting nicely.
  2. ...Ugh... The top of the box is taped, for some reason from the Salvation Army. I tried to rip it but then ripped the coloring, i fixed it by putting the tape back on [i only ripped tape slowly, and very little so its still fine] but I cant adjust the box from the top. Any fix?
  3. EDIT: The headline should have read...Air Raid Game Gavel auction is getting *a lot* of attention.
  4. Thank you, i hope your talking about the box I do find it quite annoying though, because it doesnt go into the box naturally, you have to help it fit.
  5. I got cib Air-Sea Battle and Cosmic Ark by imagic for $5 each. I'm heading back tomorrow to pick up more CIB games @ $5 each, which consist of Sports Games (realsports baseball and soccer, i think) , 2 Combats, Indy 500, Pheonix, Super breakout and I probably forgot some considering this was hours ago. Anyways- To the point. I'm new to IMAGIC games and they're shiny boxes. Mine (cosmic ark) Came without the bottom of the box (flap, or whatever), i doubt it was ripped or cut, because the bottom is completely equal and there is room to grab the tray from inside. If you dont understand what im talking about i may supply pictures, and pictures of the other games I get tomorrow. Is that normal? P.S- Air-Sea battle has a price tag, which for some reason I love. $18.88 ... The person at the counter almost charged me that much, but I pointed out that another employee told me they were $5 each. I was fine with that (Salvation Army FTW)
  6. I believe that was my topic and i wrote about receipts. Ill write on out for you HILLS ADRIAN, MI STORE #151 REG 35 OPR 26 68 3176 [ATARI/ICE HOCKEY] $12.97 $0.52 TAX TOTAL $13.49 CASH $15.00 CHANGE $1.51 THANK YOU - PLEASE COME BACK 01/20/89 - 08:16p 5960
  7. i got some paddles, they would twist to far when i got them, they were almost like driving controllers. whilst playing kaboom i was testing how far it would go between round [being paranoid] and i heard a snap. and it would rattle in the controller. i fixed it just by turning it the opposite way, somehow, it worked and it turns way too much but its still playable as long as you keep the paddle on screen, is but now it turns almost like driving controllers they turn almost that much. although they still work, is there a way to fix them due to them, if being turned to much it could snap again and become loose or rattle.any fix or am i going to have to live with semi-broken paddles? tl;dr Accidentally twisted paddles too much. they made a "snap" and became loose. i twisted them back and they now have a boundry where they usually do, even though they were always loose due to bad shipping or bad use before i got them. they now work but twist around almost fully like driving controller, can i fix it or no so it doesnt have a boundry were it goes of screen. thanks
  8. Any good websites to purchase Atari 2600 video game boxes and manuals, minus the game?
  9. I LOVE when I find things written in the notes, especially scores. gives me joy to think of a time where a family played together.
  10. Does anyone have a different way of collecting? a "sub-collection" or just something cool they like to get they're games with? a sort of non-standard collection? Me, I enjoy having the price tag on my games, as long as they have a high price on them. I also enjoy having games in rental cases... I find that very odd. but its cool. :thumbsup:
  11. Only listed as a prototype here, and for obvious reasons THIS seems fishy.
  12. Open up a sealed game recently? going to? come here to list the contents - we together (lol) can list what comes in these games for collectors to make our games TRUELY cib. If it comes with a poster, list it, warranty card? list the year the warranty, at the bottom it usually says something like © Atari 1987. Please help list these up for game collectors - once finished I will post a link to all game contents ...
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