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  1. Hello everyone! I just picked up an Atari video music at a garage sale for $10. Now I'm sorry but I have to say it. It's is in excellent condition, audio cables included, two RF switches (I don't know which one came with the unit), manual (in very nice condition), warrantee card, all in the original box. I bought the unit untested, got it home hooked it up and it works! I never even new this existed, I googled it but really couldn't find any more info that wasn't already on Wikipedia. I was wondering if any of you had any more info. I hear that they are rare, but how rare? Any one know how many we're made? Thanks a bunch
  2. Hey guys, still haven't even looked into this, I kept the lynx cause the thing is near perfect, not a scratch on it. But I have another and have been playing it regularly. I know I need to at least get into it but I don't know when I will. Thanks Chris for the follow up and hunting down the info for me.
  3. Just bought a Atari Video Music at a garage sale for $10. Working, complete with cabling, RF switch, box, manual, and warrantee card.

    1. Paul Westphal

      Paul Westphal

      Score! plug it into your cd player and play tempest2000.

    2. Paul Westphal

      Paul Westphal

      " the soundtrack "

  4. I have a Lynx II and the screen image is not there. The back light is on but after about 10 seconds of being on the screen image disappears. I mod gameboy's and game gears but have never took apart a lynx. The only thing I can compare this to is when the screen caps go bad on a game gear and you have to hold it at a angle to see the screen. My question is are the screen caps in the Lynx pron to go bad?
  5. I keep trying it cause this started all of a sudden. Every time I turn it on its the same thing regardless if I start playing a game or just let it sit. If I let it fullly cool off completely (or have it off for more than an hour or so) it lasts the longest when turned back on (about 45 seconds, passably a min). During the initional startup the contrast wheel works as normal, as the time passes I need to adjust the contrast to the right or brighter setting to compensate for what is happening. Eventually I cannot adjust the contrast anymore and the contrast continues to change untill the image goes all black. Thanks again for you assistance!
  6. Energizer are the only batteries I use. I have tried sever sets of new batteries always with the same result, I don't have an ac adapter for the lynx. It looks to me like the backlight is working fine, I can see the light nice and bright at the perimeter of the screen and when you look into the holes where the contrast wheel and the volume wheel are. The sound works fine. The buttons work fine. When it happens, it looks like you turned the contrast all the way to the left, or the dimist setting. I have been turning it on thought the day to monitor it and the contrast works fine untill 15 to 45 seconds after you turn it on. Then the contrast fades away till you have a all black screen. I wonder if it's a capacitor since it always works for a bit right after being powered on? Thanks a lot your your help, by the way. I really appreachite it.
  7. As far as I know it has never been worked on, I bought it to play. I just turned it on after the first time it happened and the screen came on as normal, but then began to fade in and out. After about 15 seconds of being on the screen went blank.
  8. I bought a cherry Lynx II from eBay in the box with several games. Cosmetically the thing is perfect. Mush have had very little play time. After I got it I used it almost every day. I must say this is my first Lynx, and I love it. I have been modifying DMG gameboys for some time so I am familiar with electronics. I noticed that when the batteries in the Lynx begin to die you the contrast changes and you have to adjust the contrast to compensate, eventually you cannot compensate any more and are force to change you viewing angle till either the screen goes blank of the angle is so extreme you can't see anymore. My problem is that after the last batterie change the contrast did not return to normal. I have the contrast wheel turned all the way to brightest setting and I can just barely see the image if I view at about 45 degrees. I'm thinking maybe the contrast wheel might need replaced. Any advice???
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