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  1. Actually he is referring to the transfer speed when copying images over to the USB for us. Gameplay is not affected in that regard.
  2. It's the Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative thread.
  3. FYI this seems related to or similar to an issue I saw in another thread where they were trying to post a torrent magnet URL and it was doing something similar and causing the URL to be mangled.
  4. Drat.. shoulda picked another one up during the fire sale. I was toying with the idea of setting one up for my mother. But I was not sure if she would be able to comprehend how DS emulation worked on the PSC.
  5. No worse then TAR 'ing a file and then zipping it... :LOL:
  6. For anyone who has not been keeping track. ModMyClassic has a beta version of Xash3d running on the PSC. Which means we can now play Half-life and some mods on the PSC. So far I have Half-Life setup up as well as Blue Shift, Opposing Forces and some mod called ESHQ, It has a couple of quirks but for the most part runs rather nice.
  7. Nice! I hit up my PSC source compiling dude.. with any luck I'll know if it works for the PSC soon. Checking out stella-thon thread.
  8. Flashback 9 is Atari 2600 only. Not 5200, not 400 or 800. Not the Lynx nor the Jaguar or Atari ST.
  9. Thanks for this. I was hoping over the weekend to tinker around with getting some of my "better" sticks to work with the C64 mini. I had a few good ideas for doing it. But other things got in the way. Hopefully in the next day or so I can try my experiment.
  10. All is well now. Hopefully you'll figure it out. Was this done to hopefully improve browser "caching". So to speak?
  11. Oh well. flushdns didn't do any good for me. I guess I'll have to wait and see if the problem eventually clears up on my one computer. In other news. I really like the thread attachments button that was added. Before I had to back out into a specific forum, find the thread and click on the paperclip. Now I can just click on the button at the top of the thread page. Makes things a whole lot easier!
  12. Could you name a few games where the sound problems are obvious? I want to try them out. I've noticed the sound was off as well. Initially it just seemed overly distorted.. even for Atari 8-bit sound. Thanks.
  13. Doi! I should have know that one.. Thanks I'll try that when I get home from work.
  14. The browser I'm using is google chrome btw. Bummer... I can access it on my windows 7 PC. However I usually remote to that one ( only one monitor ) and so the response time is a little slow. I guess I'll have to deal with that for now. Is there a way to flush the DNS cache on my one machine?
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