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  1. Bookmark this page since it looks like Nintendi is going to be doing several updates for this game. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Support/Nintendo-Switch/Game-Updates/How-to-Update-Animal-Crossing-New-Horizons-1745568.html#
  2. I was referring to events and time traveling. Every site that has a guide specifically said that nintendo prevents TT when it comes to events. But I do not know if that applies to bugs and fish as well. I myself have not TT'ed more than one or two days. BTW to do it. Just close your game. Go into your system settings. Turn off the "sync to internet".. set the date/time to what you want. Load the game. Take care of business. Exit and close the game. Go into your system settings. Turn on the "sync to internet" option. Most of the time I just bump it up or back 12 hours so that the tim/tommy store will be open and I can do a couple of day events ( I work a night shift ). I suppose it is possible that once all events are added then nintendo won't be so strict on the TT and events. I had one update install the last couple of days. I'm not sure what it was because it occurred after the first bunny day. Maybe a bug fix?
  3. I get the impression either people had their hands on the beta or something. One of the guide sites even referenced a japanese forum. So that would be my guess. Early review or beta copies.
  4. One of the islands I went to had all the rocks on a small island in the middle. The only way to get to it was to break a rock. So silly me I dosed up on 10 fruit! Broke the first rock and every one in the middle! Things I learned. You only need one fruit to be able to break rocks with a shovel. I think you only need one fruit to chop down a tree in one hit ( regular axe ). You can't chop down a tree with a stone axe no matter how many fruit you are hopped up on. 10 fruit will allow you to pick up a tree and re-locate it. Use a toilet to relieve yourself of any extra fruit power remaining. Oh and I think Nintendo has gotten a little bit to control freakish. They actually check to see if your switch time matches the real time on the internet to keep people from "time travelling" for different events. This has got to be the stupidest restriction I have ever seen. Not everyone is at home playing animal crossing on certain holidays. A lot of people are with family, on vacation, etc. Nintendo really needs to re-think some of the decisions they made with this version of the game.
  5. This month is an eggstra special month.. On top of that if you use the nook mile tickets you will find some eggstra items there as well. I'm guessing first two weeks only?
  6. There is also an animal crossing app you can download to your real life phone and import patterns from your previous animal crossing games. There are also websites that have these codes so you can probably import from those sites as well.
  7. If you already have a switch I would say yes. This one pretty much includes everything from all the previous animal crossing games plus more. The only downside is the limitation on multiple towns for more than one player. But if you are solo it is a good starter.
  8. Yeah I don't get Harv's island at all... He seems a bit pervy to me. I couldn't find any difference between the DIY stations other than appearance. But maybe that is something that will reveal itself later. You'll eventually be able to file complaints about villagers if you want to force them out of your island.
  9. Skip Zip. Winrar and 7zip are the way to go depending on the archive and as mentioned above for Mac users!
  10. I have not counted how many wacks it needs. I always carry around the 2nd level Axe and the miny diy station so I can make stuff as needed. You'll be able to re-locate your house later on in the game. But nook will make you his slave for it.. Uh I mean charge for it. Gulliver will periodically show up. The guy gets lost a lot!
  11. Forget gold... buy silver..
  12. Visit the mystery island with the ticket nook gave you. You'll find all kinds of goodies there.
  13. Not offended at all... Just thought the statement was unnecessary. I'm too busy picking fruit right now. Fishing comes later.
  14. I only have certain time "windows" in which to play the game and other than "waiting" I'm still using the same amount of work and effort to obtain the goals I'm trying to achieve. So if you don't want to use time travel that is your prerogative not mine. I was just offering an alternative solution to the persons problem. Maybe next time I should tell him to have you play it for him.
  15. Just throwing a few things out there... some of you may already know this. I found one semi reasonable explanation as to why Nintendo does not allow the player to move or backup their save game. That being that it would be unfair to the other 8 players if that was done. Nevermind the fact that they really should allow each person their own island / save. And then for those who wish to share can do so. Or maybe make a better effort to give the other 7 players something to do. But I do have a suggestion for a use of the other 7 "slots". Create your own profiles and use those slots as "showcases" for all of your furniture. On the inventory screen I got so used to using the touchpad to move items around I was a little confused. My wife discovered today that you can move an item by holding the A button down and then it will pick it up so you can move it. I finally tried the mystery island the other night and kinda wish I did it earlier. Because they provide you with a lot of things you may need early on in the game. That's about it for now. I already have the museum, tim/tommy shop, nook tent upgraded and bridge built and currently have access to "customizing" and probably some other stuff. Currently taking a break and will pick up with it later.
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