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  1. Thanks for that list @alexisread . Sure list some games as well. Thanks
  2. Thanks.. but many demo's with the words "Mega" and "Demo" in them.
  3. Top on that list... Tawnee Stone Slideshow
  4. I've been tinkering with Hatari lately and would like to check out some ST demo disks. Could you all help me out and name some really cool demo disks that may be out there to dazzle me? Thanks
  5. I was just thinking the other day while playing a @PacManPlus 7800 title. How cool it is for us to have a homebrewer who actually looks at the code from the original game.. whether it be code or tables for enemy patterns and somehow manages to incorporate them into his releases! Super cool!
  6. ok guys thanks. So it sounds like the "Vanguard Final" is b0rked and the other two are same just different segmentation. I found that file at this site http://devwebcl.atarionline.pl/fix/ But no explanation on that site as to what was done to any of the files or what was "fixed".
  7. ok.. Here they are. Quick play through I couldn't see any diff. Vanguard - Final.zip Vanguard (5200).zip Vanguard (Homesoft).zip
  8. Hard to do. It's an executable. It's 400 bytes larger than the other executable I have and 266 bytes larger than the "Homesoft 5200" version. Now I noticed that Atari Protos has 3 prototypes listed. Mid level WIP, late level WIP and Final version. Of course looking at the descriptions of differences I think it is safe to say none of the three versions I have access two are even close to the first two prototypes.
  9. I have an executable titled "Vanguard Final" and I was wondering if anyone had any information on this and how it is different from the other Vanguard image that is out there? Thank you
  10. The only time release stuff that is limited are new events. Once the initial time period has passed ( in real life ) it will be accessible from that point on. Even to time travelers.
  11. Thanks for this. It used to always drive me crazy when cracks wouuld remove stuff or replace text with their own, etc. It is great to have nice clean cracks.
  12. Yeah sadly I'm limited to the retroarch implementation on the min consoles. So no parameter passing. Uggh... Mess needs headerless files. Popeye is not headerless. Isn't there some online tool to remove/add headers to 7800 ROM files?
  13. Thanks RevEng. I suspected that but I forgot to mention that possibility. I'm trying to figure out some way to run these on my mini console. I think I can use Mess/Mame but I'll have to edit an XML file and put some CRC's in it.
  14. ok thanks. I know they are dated but these are the first time that I've ever seen homebrew that have issues with them.
  15. Recently I've been trying out some recent homebrew on emulators and I've noticed some odd graphical glitches. I'm trying to figure out if it is an emulator issue or something else like cartridge headers. The emulators are. Emu7800 (retroarch) and a7800x ( Xbox emulator based on mess 7800 emulation ). The games are Chase Milli and Mollie Popeye Wizard Dungeon Thank you
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