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  1. Yeah sadly I'm limited to the retroarch implementation on the min consoles. So no parameter passing. Uggh... Mess needs headerless files. Popeye is not headerless. Isn't there some online tool to remove/add headers to 7800 ROM files?
  2. Thanks RevEng. I suspected that but I forgot to mention that possibility. I'm trying to figure out some way to run these on my mini console. I think I can use Mess/Mame but I'll have to edit an XML file and put some CRC's in it.
  3. ok thanks. I know they are dated but these are the first time that I've ever seen homebrew that have issues with them.
  4. Recently I've been trying out some recent homebrew on emulators and I've noticed some odd graphical glitches. I'm trying to figure out if it is an emulator issue or something else like cartridge headers. The emulators are. Emu7800 (retroarch) and a7800x ( Xbox emulator based on mess 7800 emulation ). The games are Chase Milli and Mollie Popeye Wizard Dungeon Thank you
  5. If you are asking about the story it was in an interview with the programmer of Bounty Bob. Bill Hogue. But I read it years ago so I couldn't say where I saw it.
  6. ok. I gave the most recent version a go and I have to say it is REAL good. I'm still not a fan of the "shot" sound. But I played it back to back with the arcade version and it really "feels" like the arcade. I have to say this is definitely the "definitive" port of Galaxian. And believe me I've played the console version of Galaxian on many systems! On a side note I didn't care much for the kangaroo move version. Those boxes drive me crazy! LOL
  7. There is a story behind that. The creator of Bounty Bob said that when he created the bird screen he accidently used sound frequencies on the pokey that on a real machine "cancelled" each other out so that there was no sound. That being said there are a few "flukes" with Bounty Bob and emulation. For example BB doesn't like stereo sound. So in some cases (if not all) stereo sound needs to be disabled.
  8. Do you know if that amazon HDMI adapter can properly display a signal from the Nintendo gamecube?
  9. Oh ok thanks. I just assumed those were the sounds from the uniwars this game came from and had not been worked on yet.
  10. Just a couple of quick questions and comments about the last release. I'm currently trying this in retroarch which means emu7800 only ATM. It says pokey not detected. Is it worth trying to enable pokey for emu7800? From what I've been reading the techniques used for pokey sound don't sound right in emulation? In regards to TIA sounds. I assume the current sounds are placeholders? As far as the games go the left/right movement of diving alians seems a little slow? For a first round so far it looks good! Later Edit: Just tried the arcade version in MAME. The speed actually seems ok. I think what is happening here is the arcade is taller vertically so the player has more time to move his ship into position to hit the aliens and get out of the way of the aliens shot. With the vertical reduced this advantage is lost.
  11. True story is the bat went batty.. So he was locked up..
  12. Those be fighting words young man! J/K Actually I like Pitfall 2 better as well.
  13. Awww.. and they wak-a wak-a wak-a off into the sunset..
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