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  1. Using your atarixlbox on the xbox and trying to use it to code some turbo-basic-xl (ostrowski) stuff but can't find where the break key is.  You know when you list a program and want to hit BREAK to stop the listing from continuing?  Or when the basic code is running and you want it to halt in mid-execution?  Normally on Altirra or Atari800win I'd hit the "pause" key on a PC emulator but I cannot find such a break key on the xbox with USB keyboard added on AtariXLbox.  Most everything else seems to work great.  Is there a spot in the atarixlbox.ini I can edit to pass through a break command?  It's like 2000 lines long so no idea where it would go.  Thank you in advance.


    1. Ray Gillman

      Ray Gillman

      So I gave up and just kept using the PC with an XBOX 360 controller so the joystick works pretty well.  I develop there and then it works more or less the same when I FTP it over to the classic XBOX mediatank

    2. Shannon


      I'm not sure what type of USB keyboard you are using.  But I just checked this and when I pressed the "Pause/Break" button (usually next to scroll lock) on my USB keyboard it worked.  Also you can use the onscreen keyboard to press break.


      You might want to get the most recent version of atarixlbox over at www.emuxtras.net.


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