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  1. Gamebox! I remember that.. many a pirated disk I obtained that way before switching to other means.
  2. Ahh a fellow Simon & Garfunkel fan! Plus 5 for you!
  3. Redump is real important. I completely relied on it for testing of pcsxbox when I was updating it to the reloaded core and backporting as much as I could to the older cores.
  4. @Tempest Rocky5 also made something called XBMC-Emustation which is a modified XBMC to work similar to Emustation. It's nice in that you can have all the console systems in one easy to use menu system. Using a well known interface. Also you would have the advantage of using updated emulator cores unlike the ones that come with coinops which are dated. Also a guy named gamezfan ( now know as arcadez ) has been just released something called mameoxtras 2020 which has numerous fixes and additions to arcade based games. Or if your willing to check out an "in-progress" emulator a guy named "Marty" is working on an open gl based version of pcsxbox ( PCSX-ReloadedX ) which is rather nice and speedy considering it is still a WIP. Just run over to www.emuxtras.net and check it out!
  5. I'm not sure if this is related.. but here is part of the FAQ for PL. Q. I just hit SYNC without any custom games and I just lost 15mb available space on my NAND! A. As of 1.0, this is an unfortunate requirement. We have to effectively re-upload 120 of the stock artwork resources to rootfs_data along with the extra custom game artwork. This is because the Stock UI (M2engage) is hard coded to only accept one resource stream. However this won’t be the case in future revisions as we plan to remove the need to re-upload the stock 120 artwork images by rewriting more of the stock UI code to allow for multiple resource streams. When we add this feature you should find yourself with ~15mb freed up when you SYNC. Please note this ~15mb requirement is a one off. So technically it’s (163mb – ~15mb) = available space on NAND. Each game will take up to 2mb on average. The 15mb requirement will disappear in future builds.
  6. Hakchi has always been built around on relying on the built in menu system of the mini's. Anything it does add is in the background and is mainly there to make things easier for the end user. Any "non-sega" games you add would still be accessible using the built in menu system, etc. Project Lunar is different in that it adds a "main" main menu where you select between the internal menu, ES and setting options. Although it does allow you to set a quick boot so you don't even see the opening menu. I can't speak for the future additions where they allow you to select which emu "core" is used for each game. But it sounds like it will all be run from within the sega internal menu. Just so you know.. Emulastation is NOT a requirement of the Lunar Project and if you do "opt" to use it it's stored on a USB drive so no internal storage is used for it other then some stuff they put on the NAND to allow support for it. As for me I will be unable to comment on how good the latest Hakchi is because at this point I'm not willing to give up emulation station for Hakchi.
  7. Just an update of various observations I've made as well as some new regarding the lunar project and Hakchi. I've been spending a good amount of time messing with my scraping batch file and scraping images. Mostly related to the Atari series of systems. Since I'm a big fan of them. Most images are pretty decent. The only exception ( at least on the Atari systems ) is the 3d boxart. I noticed on a lot of Atari 800 titles they use incorrect spine art. For example on a silver box title. Also I don't think I ever cared to much for the 3d boxart images available. Even if they do get the box and spine correct the size / ratio is way off. So I highly recommend avoiding them. Although having them on the 3 mix images is not toooo bad. My recommendation.. Stick to the 3mix if you want 3d boxes and if the incorrect spine bothers you just delete that image. I've been looking over the emulation station wiki for each emulated system and I'd have to say that so far I'm pretty impressed. It has most all the information one would need to get things going. I'd have to say that ES is far easier to set up system playlists than the built in system used by retroarch. I can't wait until those bleemsync clowns release ES for the PSC! It will be so much better. OK. Moving along. An update just came out for Hakchi2 CE ( 3.7.0 ) with more Sega Genesis Mini goodness. Plus it takes advantage of some extra "hidden" space on all Mini's. So check it out! As for me I'm sticking with Lunar for now mostly because of ES. As for the Lunar Project. The new pc side app is not out yet but it will be soon and it fixes things like the savestate issue and finally adds the abililty to custom launch whatever emulator you wish for games loaded and has been modified to "scrape" images for each system and some other junk. Right now you can download an "update" for the mini itself in preparation for this. So there you have it. Check the appropriate sites for more detailed info.
  8. Haha... I stumbled across a site where another user created a batch file to scrape data on a PC. It's not quite as elaborate as I wanted to make mind. But it does some things I didn't think of. I'm going to set mine up so it can be geared towards scraping data for the xbox. Although source sites don't seem to carry title images.
  9. Yeah. Maybe not as much as I used to. It's hard to find time to dig into the emulator code but I have been making tweaks and adjustments from time to time. My two main xbox's died last year due to the clock capacitor leak. A member of emuxtras who lives near by was nice enough to donate one to me and I was able to also Chimp a bigger drive into my other xbox. So I have one for dev and the other to use for non dev related stuff if need be. A guy made something called XBMC Emustation which is a modified XBMC made to look and act similar to emu station it is pretty nice! A lot of my time has been taken up messing with the mini's released the last year or so. I was looking into the Raspberry PI late last year but then stuff came up that shot that one down for the time being. I'd like to get a network adapter for the mini so I can play with the online aspect of ES ( scraping ) and retroarch ( achievements ). I'm not sure what the 3.6.0 version is capable of yet. I know it can recognize the Sega mini.. I'm just not sure to what extent you can do things. That is why I suggested the videos. Although the ones that made the video are using a build not released yet? I'd try it myself but then I'd have to remove the Lunar Project and ES. I'm not quite ready to do that.
  10. The creator of Hakchi left the project and it was continued as Hakchi2 CE ( community edition ). I have not tried Hakchi2 on the Genesis mini yet but if I remember it integrates into the Sega mini interface rather nicely. Both Patton and KMFDManic have videos of it in action. Project Lunar for the most part integrates into the interface as well. I myself just bypass the interface and go straight into emustation. But I'll probably keep the Genesis games in the built in interface for completions sake. Only downside with PL at the moment is you can't edit the box image after adding a game without removing and adding it. Plus the savestates are all screwed up. So I'll probably wait until they get a few more things hashed out before I continue with it.
  11. @NE146 congrats!.. I've been having a ball playing with emulation station on this. Just got to get used to linux and it's damn picky case sensitivity! I'm currently working up a dos shell script to scrape all the media stuff from my PC using a PC based scraper program. It'll save me some money buying a wi-fi adapter and I might be able to use it for other systems like the xbox..
  12. I have not quite figured out the deal going on. But it sounds like an individual was trying to control other individuals with other projects by telling them what they could and could not do. When the PSC came out that individual tried to take control over things. Everything fell all apart. Everyone split up.. some quit. PSC didn't get much love this year likely because of that. Sega Mini comes out.. two groups do their work secretly ( Lunar and Hackchi ). Project Lunar came out first.. On discord some random user started a debate over the lunar vs hakchi. Lunar guys didn't like it.. kicked the hakchi team out of their Discord server. Best I can tell it is one individual that is part of the MMC ( ModMyConsole) group that instigates a lot of this conflict. What makes this ugly ( in regards to the sega mini ) is it seems there is a software conflict between Hakchi2 CE and Lunar. So it would be wise to uninstall one before using the other. I'll likely just pick up another Sega mini and use on for each. It's going to be a while before there is a clear winner and with all the in fighting it is not worth screwing up a mini trying to check them both out. At least on the PSC one can easily switch betwen the three options without any conflict and of course for the NES / SNES Hakchi rules! Before this started each group had their own server. Someone from the Lunar team would periodically come over to the other one and harass people there. Typical "namethatconsole" scene in fighting. So yeah it ain't pretty and the scene, in particular the PSC is suffering from it. Sega Mini seems ok but it seems the line has been drawn and sides taken. I've seen this type of thing go on in the xbox homebrew scene and sadly these type of things typically don't end until one or more persons get bored and move on to another scene where they can create problems. As far as Hakchi CE.. try doing a search on KMFDManic updates. Look on youtube for "Patton Plays". Oh and then there is this. https://github.com/TeamShinkansen/hakchi2/releases
  13. I've been busy having fun with the emulation station portion of project lunar. I managed to find a PC based media scraper that can scrape data from a PC. I wrote a batch file to handle the different media types. It is still preliminary but I can pick the media I want to scrape and it downloads the stuff into folders. I can then copy the generated "playlist.xml" file and the downloaded images over to my USB stick and wala! No need to buy a wifi adapter in order to do it from the Genesis mini itself. So that will save me a little money for the time being.
  14. How each project sends its "payload" to the mini is where the conflict is and since each project was developed independently without much communication, if any, between the teams. Also it does not help that there is a stupid war going on in the console "mini" community. That being said I just slap a USB stick in the sucker and stuff everything on that. Problem solved! You can get USB drives that are small and not intrusive. Just cant do 2 player games without a hub. No limiter like the PSC either! Later down the line when the software gets better it should be possible to have a small set of "must have" games on the mini internal and a bunch of games slapped on a USB. That is what I do with my SNESC and NESC.
  15. The issue was reported to them and confirmed after they had released the Lunar Project. The FAQ had not been updated. They put this whole thing together in 3 months. So you figure they had 3 months to check the compatibility of the built in emulator during that testing period. So there is bound to be mistakes. Also some games were fixed via use of an IPS patch. As it stands now the install included all of the current patch. When you install Genesis games through the Project Lunar interface they use the internal emulator which is not the most accurate. It has sound issues with some games, no sound with others and it can't handle games that use SRAM? It's either SRAM or EEPROM plus it's compatibility rate is not 100% They include the Retroarch verisons of Genesis Plus and Picodrive. Both of which are not required to be used and really are only useful if you put ROMS on an external USB drive. They have not really made a method to allow use of them on games on the internal SRAM. The unreleased Hackchi SE apparently has this ability. But I would recommend being cautious in the beginning because apparently there is a conflict between Hackchi SE and the Lunar Project and it may take a while for them to work through that issue. Not true. As it stands right now. All games use the internal emulator. Although not mentioned I suppose at some point they will allow the user to decide which emulator to use for each game. To be honest I'm not sure why they include the Retroarch Icon. At least for internal SRAM use. Because the PC interface provides no means of connecting the game to Retroarch ( yet ). The Retroarch icon is only useful when a USB drive is inserted in one of the ports. Also even though there is an Emustation icon you cannot use it unless you download the module and then install it on the USB drive. The main menu that shows up also allows you to have it autoboot straight into either the default mini interface, Retroarch or Emustation. So you don't even have to see those icons on boot. I'm pretty sure at this point the ROMs are unzipped when placed on the internal SRAM. One final note. They only include the retroarch cores ( Genesis Plus and PicoDrive ). Genesis Plus can pretty much play any Genesis/Megadrive game. Including Sega CD. It can also play SG1000, SMS and GG. PicoDrive can play Genesis/Megadrive games but it's big appeal is that it can play 32x games. As it stand now, though, they don't really provide an easy means to use the retroarch cores unless you have a USB drive slapped into your Genesis mini.
  16. Yes the savestate issue is a known and confirmed bug. Apparently they are working on fixing it and oddly enough it is tied into the future promised "folder" option. But supposedly when the fix is implemented all saves will be restored to their proper place. Me I just slapped emustation on a USB drive and have been playing with that some.
  17. Just so you know the Genesis Mini has been hacked. There is something called Project Lunar that was just released this past weekend. It also comes with the ability to run emulation station. Apparently the Hakchi guys are working on something as well but nothing has been released yet.
  18. Yep... definitely a lot of prototypes! Thanks for this!
  19. Yeah be careful of your box sources. There are sets out there where people used the silver box as a template not knowing it is not true to the original box style. They did this just so they could have cleaner box arts. I do not know if they realized the error the were making regarding accuracy.
  20. I bet!! Hopefully the forum will behave itself in the meantime! Thanks!
  21. Thanks Al for confirming I wasn't going crazy!
  22. No matter what option I select under "My Activity Streams" nothing shows... has it malfunctioned? Also the "Unread Content" option does not seem to be producing any results as well.
  23. I don't know. I have no idea if or where nightly builds would be available for Retropie or how to replace the one on it with them. Being that it is retroarch. Replacing cores is fairly easy to do if you are familiar with the directory structure of Retroarch.
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