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  1. I agree with everything you wrote above with the exception of the presumption that I'm not a customer... I'm a customer, as in, Don has spent a couple thousand dollars of my hard earned money, type customer. That's where the "good" and "loyal" part of the equation comes in. Just to set the record straight, I made it very clear that I was still willing to go through with this particular transaction even in light of Don's BS. He offers good quality items at generally reasonable prices. Several of the items I bought from him are standouts in my collection and he knows that. I'm not trying to kill his dealings, I would be ignorant to think I could even do that. Frankly, I'm still willing to go thru with the transaction, Don turned away stating "I'm not interested in dealing with someone who's somehow still beating a dead horse to prove a point irrelevant to me". I don't think the point I was trying to make was irrelevant at all, not in the least. It's certainly not something I would ever say to someone who's been loyal to me and whom I've brushed off for such a long time. I would take the criticism like a man and send them some free stuff in there package... but that's just me.
  2. Me too Don... I'm too busy
  3. Stupus, I believe this forum is meant for exactly what I used it for... I'm not exaggerating in any way. If you feel the need to stand behind Don on a transaction that went well beyond the realm of any reasonable length of time, only to have it fall apart because he couldn't take the truth of the matter, then you have the right to do so. As I said, I was a good customer, a loyal customer, and VERY reasonable with Don throughout.
  4. Really Don? In fact I have stopped, now that my point has been made. Had you not kept replying with nonsensical verbiage I would have stopped much sooner. There was nothing derogatory about what I said, it was all VERY factual and based on true events, and multiple promises made by you that were not followed thru on. If anyone would like to see the exchange LMK. I have a right and a duty to let other community members know how I was treated. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention, as I mentioned to you, that I was more than polite and understanding up until yesterday, when I received your reply that clearly stated "Feel free to avoid further trading with me if unasked-for criticism is part of the package. I don't need it, and it doesn't further things in any meaningful way." -- seems a bit sarcastic, is it just me? This was in response to me stating it odd that he posted to his sales thread seeking new orders before concluding what was already in the pipeline. Mind you, this was not a small order I had been working on, and it was only one of several orders placed in the past. Sounds like I was a pretty good customer doesn't it? Let me reiterate... Don has forgotten what customer service is, and apparently what a good customer is. Anybody else out here that would have hung on for such an extended period?
  5. Unfortunately the long and drawn out communication phase is more the rule than the exception with Don. I'm not sure why there aren't more people speaking the truth out here but I've tried on numerous occasions to complete a deal and after a YEAR Don decided to walk away from the transaction because I voiced my dissatisfaction over how long it had been and how many broken promises of completion he had thrown at me. I get being busy, it sucks being a grown up, but no-one is so busy that they can't put an order together in a years time, not even mumbai. Just in case you can't read between the lines I'll spell it out: Don has forgotten what customer service is and after a lot of work on my part, and failed communications with Don he pulls out on the customer. You need to treat this guy with kid gloves, and if you hear anything along the lines of "I'll not have a chance until this weekend" just walk away...
  6. I don't believe you can change shipping options (or anything else) after a listing has ended... it had to have been changed prior to the close... someone got a good deal due to the inclusion of that boxed WIZMATH
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Colecovision-Adam-Hybrid-Controller-/311878678326?hash=item489d6af736:g:fXsAAOSwjL5ZIxEs Is there any merit to this sellers claim? My first reaction was it's straight up BS, the controller would be so easy to make... I have one with a black base and white top I made myself.
  8. The disc might be in pretty good shape, that's a reflection of a textured ceiling.
  9. The last 2 bids were entered at the very last moment and I'm going to assume that niether bidder expected it to get even close to their max bid... 8***8 is probably thanking his lucky stars it didn't go at the $500 he bid, and I am going to go out on a limb and say the winner of this auction will have a very hard time getting his investment back. I've seen this type of thing before, where someone throws out an insane bid not expecting it to get even close but ensuring that they win the auction, or so they think... then another buyer has the same idiotic idea and a $50 item goes for hundreds...
  10. OK, I got you. They have been issued by so many different system manufactures and 3rd party vendors that countless varieties exist. The originals from Atari were black with white lettering so yours is an after market switch... To answer your question, I believe that the TV/GAME switch box with SLANTED letters is the original shipped with the H6er, but I am not 100% certain... I do know that they are found with much less frequency than the switch boxes with standard style printing.
  11. Not too suprising. If you sent in a system for warranty work and it was "refurbished" they would actually swap out the case for the "newer" style. When they sent it back you received a console that was all fresh and clean with no dust in the nooks and crannys
  12. Hi, The Heavy Sixer retail display box had 2 varieties... the first variety is copyright 1977 in the lower right hand corner of the front and has a CHESS PIECE on the top row, 5th image going right to left -- it is the box that is coveted by collectors as being the "true" H6er display box and was the original issue box. The second box is what I would call the "transitional" box... it is copyright 1980 and has a baseball scene in place of the chess piece, apparently due to litigation because they didn't actually have a chess game at the time... I am not possitive on this, but I believe heavy AND light sixer systems were sold with this box. You'll also find a 3rd box, copyright 1981 and has a picture of Super Man top row all the way right. Several other images were changed as well. This box was used ONLY for light sixers... I will try to get images up eventually.
  13. Had me worried there Don... received the game order and, as usual, everything was excellent. Thanks again!
  14. Another excellent group of games from Mumbai... take the plunge and by some CV carts, you wont be dissapointed.
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