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  1. Hello, I happen to have 3 new sealed atari 2600 games that I have been holding on to for quite a while. It seems to be pretty hard to come across new sealed 2600 games anymore. I am just seeing what interest there is around here for them. Prices are before shipping. I will ship to anywhere continental us. Paypal or money order are preferred payment methods. I can provide references at NA, EBay, etc... if needed or if you ever dealt with me in the past when I had my video game store you know I stood for honesty in all transactions. I believe I have a feedback here from rick weis as well. Let me know if you have any questions and i'll be happy to help. Also let me know if more or different pics are needed. Might bundle deal if buying more than one. Spider-Man - $40 Strawberry Shortcake - $35 (tear in plastic seal along the box opening on one side. Still completely sealed and new though.) Reactor - $35
  2. Ahh ok, thanks, I was scratching my head wondering why I didn't see anything.
  3. I replied to your PM Ninja. Also I don't know if i'm an idiot or something, but I can't find the edit option to edit my original post for this thread. I have made a few deals and have sold the following: CoCo 2 Poltergeist As you can see there is still a lot of the stuff left and as of this posting there is no firm deals in place for anything else so nothing is even pending right now. So once again if anyone is interested and needs shipping quotes, price quotes, or anything like that post here or send me a pm. I work in a first pm first chance capacity so I will get back to you in the order I receive pms. Thanks so much again everyone for the interest and the sales so far. I MUCH rather sell this stuff here to people who will really enjoy it and know exactly what they are getting. Trevor
  4. Just sold a TRS-80 and a game to Ben and it was more than easy to deal with him and get paid. Thanks again! Trevor
  5. Yeah, you're exactly right. US to Canada on this would be painful. Thanks for the kind words too. Still have some things left and even have some locals coming by to look so hopefully this will all find new homes in the hands of classic computing enthusiasts.
  6. Thanks so much for the responses everyone. I am pretty sure now based on what everyone said that it's a coco 2. Still it's in great condition so if any of you are interested let me know through here or pm me. I already had a few people contact me about pieces, but I have plenty more left so let me know. If there's no real buying interest then just responding to me is very appreciated and at least I have more information now than I did before.
  7. Thanks for the response jhd, how do I tell if it's a 2 or a 3? I looked at the commodore again and I don't see anything that indicates that. It just says plus 4. I comes with all it's cables and everything too. I just have what is pictured so it seems like no disk drives unless they are in the main system itself and I missed it somehow. I'll try and pull up the model # and see if I can get more info when I can. Thanks for the info though. Trevor
  8. Hello everyone, I had an interesting trade in today and frankly I have no idea what this stuff is worth or if any of it is truly complete or collectible. Ebay is amazingly scarce on a lot of this stuff and so I turn to the experts here to help me out and tell me what I have. I don't normally take trades like this since I am dumb about classic computing and have no business with these items which I openly admit, but it was just so much stuff and a lot of it was in awesome condition on the inside. The boxes were mostly beat to crap, but a lot of these machines were still in the plastic on the inside. It also came with a bunch of accessories that I had no idea about. The only thing this lot came with that I understood was 4 sealed atari 2600 games and that was the clincher in taking this stuff since I knew those were worth something. I just hope that I have some cool things here that can help flesh out some people's classic computing needs. I have attached pics of everything and i'm hoping you kind people can help me out and tell me what I have and possibly how rare it is if at all and if it's worth anything. I would be more than happy to work out a deal through here with someone if any of you are interested in anything in the pics. I don't post much here, but I am a known retro seller on the internet with a retro store in Portland Oregon and come recommended from rick weis and had a booth at the retro expo in portland. I just know that resellers don't usually have the best reception on these forums for good reason, but I hope you all can give me some help. I truly appreciate any feedback on this stuff. Maybe I can get a few more deals under my belt here as well. If there are any questions or more pics are needed let me know. I tried to take as many informative pics as I could so that there would be little guesswork, but am more than happy to take more if needed. Thanks everyone. Some vic-20 accessories and TRS-80 items Here are the computers themselves in some box shots No Box Now for the open box shots where you can see the amazing quality of the items on the inside. We're talking either never used or very lightly used. The only machine that isn't in the original plastic
  9. Hi Trevor - this is Chuck and we haven't met yet, but I am one of the PRGE organizers. Welsome to the Expo! Just wondering where your store is? Also, do you have some flyers? We can bring some out to you. Chuck Hi Chuck, always glad to meet people associated with PRGE even if it is digitally for now and thanks for the welcome. You can find me easily enough in google places which gives more info, but my address is 8700 SW 26th Ave Suite J-2 Portland 97219 I'm out in SW portland just off the i-5 barbur blvd exit in an office complex across the street from the 7/11 and jiffy lube and next to a gas station and the original pancake house. Rick gave me some flyers when he came and bought a game many moons ago and I still have probably 10-20 left and I don't get a whole heck of a lot of walk in traffic so i'm still going to be good on flyers for a while. I do try to push them on people when they come in though for sure. If you want to come by sometime i'd definitely want to meet you and show you around. Trevor
  10. Hey Trevor! Glad to see you got a booth. This is Toby that sold you that pile of NES consoles from CL. Like Rick Weis and Recycledgamer, I will also be going because I am one of the organizers of the show. Glad to hear that AA will have a booth again this year. Less than a month away and I can't wait! Yes I definitely remember you Toby as I still want to get back out to your massive warehouse and do some buying from you. I am finding myself in need of more stock and I still day dream about your stash as it really was that amazing to me. I know that came out a little weird, sorry. Anyways be sure to come by and say hi again cause i'll be there and having some mini retro tournaments at my booth throughout the day. I can't wait cause it's going to be awesome. Oh and the NES systems mostly worked just fine and now I have a stock of them to last me a while and only had to quick sell a handful of them with severe blinking. Still haven't figured out what to do with all the random hardware, but that's part of the fun I guess. If anyone else is going to be around during non-expo days feel free to come by my store and I might be able to fill some missing holes in the collection before you go back to wherever is home for you. Don't think i'll have time to run any tournaments outside of the expo, but oh well. Ok i'll stop before this becomes a novel post.
  11. Hi everyone, I was informed of this thread by Rick. I am Trevor and I run a new retro video game store in Portland called Bald Guy Video Games and I'll be having a booth at the expo this year. Tell me you are from atari age and i'll give you 10% off anything you want to buy. I keep meaning to post more here with things to sell whatnot, but I just get so busy with everything that I just don't find the time yet, but I will. I love lurking here though and just reading things so you keep me entertained. I also wanted to add that I have actually seen a rise in walk in traffic and I would say 70% at least or more say that they found me on prge as a vendor and that's how they found out about my store. So i'm already getting benefit by the sheer fact that i'm listed as a future vendor. So just wanted to say thank you for that it's awesome. I hope after the expo that people will get to know my store even more and then i'll have more regular traffic. Very very much looking forward to this expo. I've never been a vendor at a trade show or expo before and my only real exposure to this kind of environment is when I went to Comic Con like 5 or so years ago and that was just so huge, bloated, and insane that I know this isn't even comparable and should be much more enjoyable than Comic Con.
  12. Hello everybody, my name is Trevor and I run Bald Guy Video Games in Portland Oregon. I have moved up from a 100 square foot office doing only internet sales into an 800 square foot office. I now have the room to do what I truly want to do and that is to create a video game lounge of sorts and host retro game tournaments. I am still remodeling and getting everything in place so I don't have pics or anything to show quite yet, but it will be neat when it's done and I can fit easily 20 people at once with couches, comfy chairs, and barstools next to 2 dedcated neogeo cabinets that I bought so people can play on that for either tournaments or freeplay between rounds. The reason for the posting is not to boast though, I am looking for help in how to set up the game tournaments. I am just curious if anyone else does this a lot and has experience setting the tournaments up so that they are fun, but don't run overlong or anything like that. I am looking for advice on game choices such as which games are the best to do. I have a large inventory of various systems and games so I can make most anything happen within reason. One thing I want to do is an 8 player saturn bomberman tournament for instance and I can do that. I want to include NES and other earlier systems as well. Also how to do sign ups online efficiently since I don't have a typical retail space where I have walk in traffic. My customers are going to be my regulars or people that find me online so I need my tournament sign ups to be online based and allow me to take payment for the tournaments. I could just add a page to my website with tournament info and paypal links for sign up, but I don't know if that is really the best way to go about it. Maybe a separate wordpress site or something? I have googled tournament sites, but they are all sports based and don't seem to offer what I need. Tournament structure is probably the least important thing I need help with because unless the game doesn't call for it I want to always do double elimination so that people really get their money's worth and have 2 chances to win if they have a bad round. Some games this might make the tournament too long and I know people hate when tournaments lag on forever. Please do give me any pearls of wisdom you have on tournament structure especially for retro games. My main business is my web store and internet sales and I hope this will not only bring in extra revenue, but also give people a place to come and play games that isn't a store with wall to wall video games and retail shelves. More like a cool place to hang out and play competitive games with other people and enjoy drinks and snacks and have the opportunity to buy games, accessories, and systems if they want without it being in their face all the time. Ok I have said enough, I am thankful for any responses you can give me.
  13. Sold my Soldier Blade CIB to Rick for $300. Couldn't have been nicer and faster to respond to something he obviously wanted badly. Thanks again.
  14. Howdy northwest neighbor! Can't say I run into too many people online here from this part of the world. Sent you a PM. tons of retro gamers here in the great northwest! some nice stuff you got there! wish you luck with your auction! Thanks for putting up many auctions on Gamegavel it's a great site! they need many more like you! Rick Thanks Rick, I sent you another PM. Also I know there are a lot of retro people here cause they frequent my office regularly, haha. I just don't run into too many online at places like this. I wanted to put this lot on GG, but this is a rare case where I really want the exposure that ebay can give my auction. I will still always post my individual sales there and i'll start that up again pretty soon here.
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