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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I know it has been a long time. Hope things are well. SHOCKINGLY I am still alive and kicking somehow!

    1. CPUWIZ


      Works better, if you send him a PM.

  2. Hey I am hoping you are ok and still alive and kicking. Please contact me when you see this you should know my email address as it hasn't changed. J

  3. Coolhand20th


  4. Why don't you think of this place? http://emporiumchicago.com/ Has beer, whiskey and a bunch of arcade games.
  5. Ok so who wants to come to my house and do a retaining wall on my property, and also help with finishing off a shared driveway next month? Oh and also replace an area behind two sheds with timbers and back fill them with the gravel we are getting? Come on, you know you want to! lol

    1. Grig


      If I lived near you I'd come help for free - well, maybe a beer , some pizza and a 2600 cart!

    2. Coolhand20th


      Beer and Pizza I could supply...But 2600 carts....Nope got rid of most of those except I think 10-15 of them. Gone all to NES/SNES now. But I would trade you said pizza and 2600 cart for a T-Bone Steak instead! lol

    3. Grig


      You got a deal! Haven't had a good T-bone in awhile! mmm ... Tbone and a good beer - now that's worth helping a friend do some work!

  6. Happy Birthday Pac-Man!!!

  7. Ok so wtf is the difference between the patch link cable for the 32x for Model 1, and the Model 2/3 systems. I know the ones for the 2 and 3 are the same but someone said they are different for the Model 1 can anyone confirm this for me?

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    2. Hatta


      M1 Genesis has a DIN connector for AV, M2/3 has a miniDIN. If you have the miniDIN vcable, you can build a straight through adaptor for your M1.

    3. OldSchoolRetroGamer
    4. Coolhand20th


      Thanks everyone!

  8. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120916514124 The Expansion is back up for sale with a BIN
  9. Damn Air Travel has gotten expensive, then again last time I flew across country it was 12 years ago. For those of you who fly all thet time, anyplace to get some discounts or cheaper flights online besides the usual places?

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    2. Coolhand20th


      Problem is this came up pretty quickly and I have to fly out in a month or so. So far I've gotten a price of 235 round trip with taxes, but damn now these assholes are charging for bags as well except southwest but they are 150 bucks higher on the ticket

    3. goldenegg


      $235 round-trip sounds like a bargain to me, regardless where you're flying. I travel frequently for work. This past week I was in San Antonio and Houston, which cost $2500 round-trip from Toronto booked a week before travel. Even though it's not my money, the insane costs still piss me off.

    4. Coolhand20th


      Yeah 235 isn't too bad, I just gotta drive two hours to the damn airport because if I fly from Green Bay it adds on big bucks to the ticket. The bag charges piss me off as well. Never had to pay those before, and 2500 bucks good lord!

  10. Tron: Uprising debuted tonight on Disney channel. Looks like it is going to be a good 10 part series to watch and definitely buy on dvd once it comes out.

  11. Hey Jon any luck on that Beta Player? Also check this out http://appleton.craigslist.org/emd/2975376571.html Wonder if I could get them to meet me in Green Bay if you wanted them. 20 bucks don't seem bad to me for a price
  12. Think we know the answer to that question NoFrills
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