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  1. Wow... I completely missed that, I deserve a slap for not doing the plain reading that's sometimes required. Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. Goodday everyone, I'm having a problem with a USR(ADR()) command in Ataribasic. It keeps crashing in the Atari800 emulator (windows 8.1 64bit host). I'm totally unknown with assembly, so I have no idea why it crashes. I think it tries to allocate free memory at the address of variable ST and up. The listing (from the book dr. Wacko's Guido to creating games) contains the following first lines, of which it keeps crashing on line 50. Any help or direction in which to search is much appreciated:) It crashes to the following screen:
  3. No problem... In Altirra you can choose in the pulldown menu 'System' the option 'Serial ports...' I have set the following options in the follow-up popup window: In Bobterm, you can simply add the bbs of your choice in de dial-menu and start the connection. Let me know if it works for you!
  4. I guess the standard windows distribution on Sourceforge for Atari800 comes without the feature compiled in it. I'll look into compiling Atari800 on Linux and see if I can get it up and running. Thanks for the input!
  5. I managed to get Altirra run Bob Term and access several BBS'es from within the emulator. Altirra hosts a convenient serial port emulation which works wonders. Does Atari800 lack such a feature completely?
  6. Hi everyone, I've been trying for hours and I might very well be on a dead end, but is it possible to access telnet BBS's from the Atari800 emulator, running on a win8 PC? Putty is wonderful for BBS access, but it would be awesome to do it from within an Atari environment. I did read something about an R: device, but left me clueless nonetheless. Thanks in advance for any input!
  7. May I be so blunt to say that these tenliners are incredibly fun... Congratulations to all contributors, this is awesome:)
  8. @rybags, Thanks for your feedback, this helps me out a lot, I'll give your advice a go and let you know. Thanks!
  9. I'm completely puzzled with the Atari800 emulator. I've written a Basic program and can successfully save it to cassette by using the CSAVE command, and CLOAD for loading respectively. So far so good. However, I wanted to try the disk emulation as well. So I created a blank .ATR disk from the disk management menu, and inserted it in the D1: slot. I tried saving it using SAVE "D:TEST.BAS", SAVE "D1:TEST.BAS" but to no avail. Am I missing a step here? I've configured the Atari as an Atari800xl 64kb machine with Basic loading as default. Any help is much appreciated!
  10. To kick things off, here's my score of 2,770 points.... (played with Atari800 emu)
  11. Being a crap gamer but loving the atari 800 nostalgia, I set the following score (atari800 emu):
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