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  1. Hi, I write to show you a game I have realized. Zig Zag is a puzzle action with game mechanics both from classic arcade game Dig Dug and Boulderdash. The player moves in an underground maze, digging galleries and collecting diamonds. In each level the player must reach the exit door that is opened once all the diamonds in the level are collected. Different creatures, each with its own walking pattern, moves in the underground maze and the contact with an enemy causes the loss of one of the five lives. The boulders present in some levels can be used to kill enemies, but the player must take care to not be crushed himself. When a boulder falls from higher than one step, it crumbles and vanishes. The game features 15 levels of increasing difficulty. Zig Zag has been realized with the software Game Editor (www.game-editor.com) and can be downloaded for free at http://bluestarinter....org/index.html Both the Windows version and MacOS version (untested) are present as well as the Game Editor source code. Links to video walkthroughs for all 15 levels are also present. The game video trailer can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrEICONOT08 The FACEBOOK link is http://www.facebook....362956953728957
  2. Hi, I write to show a game I realized with Game Editor http://www.game-editor.com. It is an early 80s style platform game with game mechanics similar to donkey kong and manic miner. It can be downloaded for free (both the windows binary and the source code) at http://bluestarinter....org/index.html The video trailer on youtube is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE35UAP1S3Q Following is a brief description of the game: Pino's Tower is a early 80s style platformer where the player has to collect all the fruits present in the level to access the next level. By jumping from platform to platform the player must collect the five fruits in a level while avoiding different type of enemies. The contact of the player with one enemy results in death and the loss of one of the five lives.
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