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  1. Do you mean that Dead Space runs on a XBOX ONE?
  2. Hello, I've just got a 1050 drive with a "Happy". The problem is that it is not possible to disable it. I've bought this to study the drive behavior in "regular error cases", so if somebody has a solution to disable the Happy, I would like to know how. Regards, Pierre
  3. Hello, Concerning Atari, I think it's possible to add the 4 bits DAC of the 4 audio channels together, this makes theoretically 6 bits... But the algorithm should be very efficient to do this!
  4. I'm playing Wolfenstein, I love it. I've also finished Wolfenstein New Order.. But I prefer the first one. I think that Wolfenstein Old Blood is not available on XBOX 360, is it? I'm also a fan of Dead space 1-2-3.
  5. Hello, I'm interested too. My english is not good, is it ready to use, or do I have to buy and sold some other components?
  6. Ok, the SMPTE module is not so rare because it worked with cracked version of PRO24. I've seen 3 of them on "le bon coin" for only 1 official PRO24. 50 euros is a good average price I think. I've been searching ATARI stuff since 2012.
  7. In my opinion, yes, it's rare. As rare as a 1050 drive for A8. Which version is it? What do you call "sample"?
  8. Hello, I've just got an ATARI mega ST 1 with a monochrome monitor. I have installed an USB mouse adaptator. It works perfectly. I have order a satanDisk. I use a cracked PRO-24 v2.1, which is exactly the version I used thirty years ago! An official one with the dongle is today really difficult to find. During this time, I have switched from vintage expanders to actual samplers and other virtual machines, but the megaSt does perfectly the job. Does anyone have a PRO-24 v2.1 pdf manual? Back to the heighties, I knew all by heart, but now, it is not the same... Regards, Pfeuh
  9. I agree with this. I 've got 2 pieces in the middle of the 80's, both had the same problem: When you moved the mouse front, the cursor went down, when you moved the mouse back, the cursor went up... Because the squares generated by the optical part of the mouse were really owfuly calibrated.
  10. Hello, For me, it's because of the ST, which made a bridge between my friends, musicians ones and computer geeks ones. It was at the end of the 80's, no internet. Friends were real ones instead of virtual ones. Regards, Pfeuh
  11. Hello, Here is the comprehensive list http://pfeuh.free.fr/shared/pierre.faller/videogames.php Regards, Pfeuh
  12. Hello, And what about something like this (I have nothing to assemble, juste a keyboard at my desk)? As hidden is never called in the code... I confess that I didn't read all the posts, just your first one. * = $600 jmp (toto) toto .word hidden hidden ; here some code... loop jmp loop
  13. Ok, it seems to work, now. I've changed the download site for another one, it seems that the included packages are different from one to another. Now I have to learn how to compile under unix, because the cygwin terminal looks like a unix one.
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