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  1. I sync AspeQt's mounted folder between my laptop and mobile phone with syncthing: https://syncthing.net/ It's free and it can be used within local network only without any external servers involved.
  2. Sorry for my lame question, but keyboard in my favourite 600XL looks similar: Are the mylars in 800XL and 600XL (of this type) the same? My keyboard is still working fine but I love this 600XL and I'd buy a spare mylar just in case.
  3. Is dragging and dropping really complicated?: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8x3E0V3brQ&feature=youtu.be&t=1m34s (sorry, I don't have better video at the moment). The same can be done on a PC and a session file with all slots already configured will make it easier for multi-disk games/programs. Cheers, W.
  4. Sure. I could try to come up with a pull request, but a nicer animation would be a good thing to start with, and it's not that simple eg. CA12 with animated tape and counter (it was my initial idea, but couldn't find anything suitable other than animated tape).
  5. Hehe, good question . I've to admit: sometimes I do not care for details that much (I'm a mechanical engineer working in a field where small mistakes don't kill people usually) and the animation was made originally by Michael Bozgounov, I only borrowed it, but i'll reverse it, eventually Cheers, W.
  6. I did such thing in AspeQt for Android: https://github.com/greblus/aspeqt/blob/android/tape.gif QMovie usage is quite straightfoward: QMovie *movie = NULL; ... movie = new QMovie(":images/tape.gif"); ui->tape_label->setMovie(movie); ui->tape_label->setAlignment(Qt::AlignCenter); movie->start(); movie->setPaused(true); ... movie->setPaused(false); //starts the movie W.
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