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  1. She's beautiful. Enjoy such a nice gift!
  2. Years ago when he first released this he offered the rom for purchase instead of purchasing a cart. I was one who purchased the rom. It's excellent.
  3. Can the Disk II with the flat cable be used with the IIc or IIgs?
  4. https://www.memoryten.com/p/1C2F14-80.html
  5. Best sells a version of this psu. I think they are out of the original Atari models
  6. Can this be played on a 320k 130xe and sio2pc using Respeqt? I also have a sio2sd......
  7. I'm not a big Apple II person. (Grew up with a CoCo) However I do have a IIc and IIgs. I hook them up now and then and really enjoy playing with them. I am wondering is there a web site or FB group that could catch me up with any recently made homebrew games for the Apple II/IIgs?
  8. Mine acted just the same way. I replaced the power switch. Seemed good for a bit. Then it started again. So I got that USB power supply solution from Germany and it has been good since.
  9. https://www.hddriver.net/en/ Maybe use HD driver and create dos compatible partition.
  10. I use these, male and female, with some ribbon cable. You can make them any length you want. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F392573001736
  11. Thank you. Finished the mod yesterday. Very easy. Works great.
  12. Has anyone installed the retrofixes 2600 a/v mod? I started last night. I removed the components from the board as shown in the picture of the instructions. Then I scroll down more and some of the components are still shown on the board!!! The instructions are here http://www.retrofixes.com/2015/06/atari-2600-composite-av-upgrade-mod-kit.html?m=1 I'm going to finish the install soon. But now I'm wondering did I ruin the Jr? For example the black component above the chip I removed because the picture says so. However I still see it in all the other pictures.
  13. This is fantastic! Thanks very much! On the Atari max SD both the 512k and 128k bin files play fine. It's there any difference between them?
  14. I purchased and installed the retrofixes A/V mod. It works really well. No more jitters. Very cool too, that the VCS adapter looks great using it.
  15. I think there were other games that also do not work on the two Port console but not many. The best solution is to use the four-port BIOS in the two Port console.
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