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  1. I was shocked to find out, going through the hundreds of carts I have, I don't have another Smurf Rescue cart. I ordered a spare on ebay.
  2. Cleaned the cart really well.. Unfortunately it does not work in the R77
  3. I just got the R77 yesterday and put the newest Stella on it. Is there a way to get the Coleco Smurf Rescue cart to work with this system? It only displays half a screen and the music is very fast. The rom seems to work fine though.
  4. Make sure the flex circuit is firmly in the connector for the wire. I had one acting funny the other day. All I had to do was give it a firm press down into the connector. Also, unfortunately, the wires on these 5200 controllers develop breaks over time. I think they used solid strand wire instead of braided. So flop the cable to different positions and try the controller. You might find it works sometimes. Could be a broken wire. If the stick shaft is in the cup within the controller perhaps the shaft is bent?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've owned a few Gemini over the years and never noticed until this week. I'd love to get my hands on the adapter for the Gemini paddles. No luck though..
  6. Thank you so much for your work!
  7. Perhaps this is common knowledge? Seems the difficulty switches on the Coleco Gemini are marked incorrectly? From the Space Invaders manual: "The difficulty switches control the size of the laser cannons on the screen. In the B position, the cannon is smaller, and therefore easier for the beginning player to use. In the A position, the cannon is twice as large, and therefore more susceptible to enemy fire. In a one-player game, use the left difficulty switch to control." Clearly on the Gemini the opposite is true. I have it set to A but the ship is small. B makes it large.
  8. I thought the great thing about the ST is that you don't have to worry too much about having the proper region computer. As long as your display can do 50/60hz the game should work? I know a few games you have to switch the machine to 50hz with an app before running the game.
  9. I tested using a cart someone here on AA made me many years ago. Also tested a rom on the SD cart. I don't see the issue from your video.
  10. I always go through phases with my controller choice for the 5200. Years ago I thought a well working stock controller was fantastic. I would read all the me too band wagon complaining and laugh. Then I'd wonder if they played Intellivision and though it was good.... These days I find myself using 3rd party options that were available in the 5200's day. Wico sticks with a Y adapter or the keypad. I like the Masterplay Interface. I use it with a VCS stick or a Coleco Gemini stick I added a second button to. Excellent for Defender. The best part of the Masterplay Interface is the switch that changes the button from FIRE to START. You don't even need a keypad. Flip the switch to START and hit the button to start the game. Then switch it back to FIRE to play. No keypad. I know these original solutions are not easy to get. A masterplay clone seems to best solution. Aren't there a few available by sellers on ebay?
  11. She's beautiful. Enjoy such a nice gift!
  12. Years ago when he first released this he offered the rom for purchase instead of purchasing a cart. I was one who purchased the rom. It's excellent.
  13. Can the Disk II with the flat cable be used with the IIc or IIgs?
  14. https://www.memoryten.com/p/1C2F14-80.html
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