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  1. Mine does this too. The picture gets better and more stable after the system has been on a few minutes. I guess it needs to warm up. Like my old Dodge😉 Mine had noise in the audio too, believe it or not removing the lid on the rf modulator fixed that.
  2. Does anyone happen to remember the cheat in Gauntlet II that got you a crazy amount of energy? I seem to remember something about holding a key on the keyboard while opening a chest for the 3rd time....
  3. Missile Command uses all the keypad for difficulty and level select. You can test button 2 with Defender.
  4. That's what I thought when I read the description for the device. To get composite output an old VCR might be the best. All three of my 5200 systems have horrible RF output. They are all better on channel 2 than channel 3.
  5. I recently purchased an Ambery RFDM2 and I'm not too happy with it. If the console has a good RF OUTPUT it looks great. If it doesn't it looks terrible. For example the Colecovision and intellivision look clean. Any Atari 2600 model I've tried looks absolutely terrible. Moreover it costs more than twice the device you linked to. I'm interested to see how that device works.
  6. Charlie_

    WTB ColecoVision

    I'm in need of an a/v modded CV console. I don't need a power supply or controllers. Just the console. Please PM me if you have one to sell.
  7. My CV when set to channel 3 has a good picture, but the audio makes a constant noise as if it's not tuned in properly. When set to channel 4 it seems fine. Any ideas what's going on with the rf and channel 3? The power supply is going I think. It takes the system several minutes before it has stable graphics and colors but that rf audio noise stays. I have a col USB on order.
  8. is there anyway to buy the col usb today? Are they available anywhere?
  9. Missile Command can be used to test every button on the controller except the 2nd fire button.
  10. Yeah,sounds like Pokey needs to be adjusted.
  11. I'm in the same boat. I wish there was some sort of list maintained so we could easily know what to look for.
  12. Old post but, Thanks! Very fun and well done!
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