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  1. Yes. Apparently there is a 4 post and 5 post version. I guess if your using the insides of a 4 post version on a 5 post frame you need to remove the center post or isolate the board from the center post.
  2. Problem solved. Turns out there needs to be an isolator between the center screw hub and the power supplies PCB. There are 5 screws that attach the PCB to the metal under frame. Four at the corners and one in the center. I used a Mead notepad cover, cut it the size, poked 4 holes for the corner screws and slid it under the PCB above the hubs. Installed the 4 screws and left the center screw out. So far, so good. Computer is performing excellent. Only thing I am concerned about is the notepad cover I used. Is it a suitable isolator in the long run?
  3. Thanks for this link. I purchased these and installed them. They work very good. They still have a few hundred in stock in 2019 very inexpensive too.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I received the new simms and they work great. Very small, two chips
  5. I received a NOS Atari power supply for my Mega STE from Best Electronics. It works but I see lines moving across the screen. The original supply from the system does not suffer from this problem. I attached a video. Any ideas what could cause this? VID_20190711_195706921.mp4
  6. Actually, just found this is another thread: https://www.memoryten.com/p/1C2F14-80/ I'll order 4 of those.
  7. It has been a while since I've messed with the insides on my Mega STe... Does it use 30 pin parity or non-parity simm modules?
  8. http://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/gods.html d-bug.mooo.com/
  9. sorry no technical advice, but id clean the drive heads.
  10. Yesterday I purchased a white plastic TI-99/4A at a digitalpress store here in NJ. The keyboard did not work, same as the OP here... I returned it after reading this thread. I don't have the time to repair it. Plus I have two working metal units. Do most of the plastic white units have this keyboard problem?
  11. Thank you! I was trying to load the game from the EA cart... I don't know much about the TI99 RUN "DSK1.MUMMYTOMB" works great. Time to play...
  12. Hello. I need help getting this game to run on my TI99. I grabbed the disk image from here http://tigameshelf.net/asm.htm I created a floppy disk but cant figure out how to get it to start. I have a ti994/a PEB with memory and diskdrive. I also have an EA cart and a XB cart. The disk seems fine. I can catalog it and see the file MUMMYTOMB Any help is appreciated.
  13. I've had no trouble with pac-man on the SD cart. could you take a pic or video of the issue?
  14. Laser Gates is a conversion from the A8 computer. It is a great game. I also love Galaxian. The two speed control gives it an edge over the A8 version IMO. Pac-man is the game I like the most on the 5200. All these years I still find it the best version to play. Then there is Adventure II, Gremlins, and Defender... Centipede and Tempest with the roller-controller...
  15. I had this problem with one of my systems many years ago. Mine would get color after a long warm up time. I replaced a chip on the board.. swapped it from another system. I don't remember what chip it was, but I would start with the graphics chip.
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