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  1. Thanks. Color is fine, actually. The trouble is more of a brightness issue.
  2. I have a VCS adapter, Expansion Module #1, that works very well. However, the picture is very dark compared to all my other consoles. Including the CV itself. Is this normal? Is there an adjustment inside?
  3. I'd like to see Ms. Pac-Man hacked to have the control work with digital adapters. (work better) Then most important have the speed of the game match the speed of the 7800 version.
  4. Forget my above post. Dirty analog / digital switch on the masterplay was causing this issue.
  5. This Yar's Strike is excellent. Love it. However I think the 5200 conversion needs to have a larger dead zone for centering. I am using a Masterplay interface and the player slowly crawls up when no direction is being pressed. (also moves up while pressing left / right.) My 5200 is calibrated properly. I can always use the stock controller, but it would be nice to see this adjusted. (is this the right thread to ask about a fix for this?)
  6. Seaquest was made for the 8bit. I would love to see that on the 5200.
  7. That Smurf game.... After that, Night Stalker and Astrosmash.
  8. Got a very inexpensive video mod from retro-fixes. The picture is soft but it is clear and works very well. I put a pot on the sound to match the pokey volume.👍 Saved my 7800 as the RF plug must of had a broken solder joint.
  9. Got a case on the cheap from an AA member. All god now👍
  10. Is it really any advantage when the system doesn't work properly, displaying glitches and sitting loose in the socket? I don't think so. Maybe it would work as intended if it grabbed those pins in the console better. I'm not trying to be a cheerleader for this new Mean Well supply. I just know it works really well. Previously the COLUSB had me cleaning and blowing in my carts all the time. I was even thinking my AtariMAX was going bad.
  11. I understand. I purchased the supply and wire recommended in another thread. I thought it was good until it seemed the connection was too loose. I think that might be a big problem with colusb. The connection on the pins just isnt good. I was still getting glitches that seemed to go away once the system warmed up. With the mean well supply I no longer get glitches. Here is the thread I purchased the recommended supply and wire.
  12. I had the right cable and charger for the Colusb and it was inadequate. The mean well and adapter cable for the Coleco is superior.
  13. I received the 28 watt Mean Well power supply a few days ago. I've spent a few hours playing CV and I have to say, My CV has never worked so well. It has not displayed one graphic glitch since using this power supply. The properly made plug goes right into the CV nice and snug. I can not say the same for my COLUSB. With the COLUSB I would still get glitches in graphics now and then. It had me believing my carts were dirty or the cart slot needed cleaning. I even purchased the power supply and cable for it recommended in another thread here at AA. My COLUSB is very loose on the pins in the CV. I think that poor connection may be the reason it never worked all that well. Anyway, very happy with this new power supply. So far it's flawless.
  14. I ordered one of these Mean Well power supplies. I have a COLUSB but it has become so loose it falls right out of the coleco if I move the system.
  15. I have a dead system on the way to use the case. This time I have a plastic drill bit with no rake so it doesn't pull up on the plastic. We'll see......
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