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  1. I checked voltage at the Atari with a meter... With two power supplies, a 3a multicharger from a Motorola phone, an old 1a htc charger, it read about 4.9ish. My meter is analog.. I tried a PROTEK and it gives a solid exact 5V. So I adjusted the color wheel and I'll use that power supply. Thank you for the help!
  2. Thank you for that explanation! Iv'e tried several chargers and it does that same with all regardless of the power rating. Does it matter if the charger is a muti-voltage quick charger?
  3. I have just received a USB power adapter from The Brewing Academy for my 130XE. When I use it the color is off, the typical blue screen in more blue-green. When I use my old Atari brick style supply the color is normal. Doesn't seem to be an issue as a tint adjustment fixes it. I am wondering though, if this is normal or is something wrong with the USB power supply I just purchased? Thanks!
  4. Charlie_

    Freeway 5200

    No! Yar's Revenge is so much better.
  5. My original Vid Grid has troubles. I tried to copy it to CDR using nero and it works, but I have to boot it with Jagtopia. Can someone advise me how to make a copy that will boot on it's own?
  6. Did you gently rub the contacts with a clean pink eraser? After that I'd use a qtip and alcohol on the same contacts. I think the boards in these like to break in the bottom corner from pressing the button there too hard. I remember many years ago, I had to solder little wire jumpers around the corner to fix it.
  7. So, Retrogameboyz makes a new version of this stick with the built in keypad. I wish I would have waited! Still I like the version I have. The side START button issue I mentioned really affected my gameplay. I replaced the side START button with a flush button I purchased on Amazon. It works great.
  8. I have to say, they really aren't good. HH2 is ok. I never played enough combat two to give an opinion. I got it a long time ago.
  9. Hi Tempest. I just tried your rom and yes, it has the bug. It happens if you die while an item is destroying a power pellet. When you start the next life the power pellet is still there with the animation of it being destroyed. It can't be eaten so you can't finish the maze. Let's hope someone ports the fixed version back to the 5200 as this is one hard but fantastic game.
  10. Some searching around I discovered the 5200 version was never fixed. It was fixed for the A8 computers. Too bad.. It's one great game. Here is the thread about it
  11. Anyone have a fixed version of Jr. Pac-man? I have two roms on my USB cart but both seem to have the bug. Thanks!
  12. Thank you! Sokoban is a favorite of mine on the Trs-80 color computer
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