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  1. I am posting in this thread as well that my Meanwell power supply causes major video interference on both of my CV systems. Neither the stock power supply or COLUSB have this issue for me. I didn't realize the cause of the interference lines was the power supply until I read another forum members problem in another thread.
  2. I have the Meanwell supply and it does the same exact thing. I use a composite modded system and a stock RF system. It has the problem on both. I didn't even realize it until I read your post. It is most apparent on the blue select skill level screen many games use. Noisy lines all over the screen. It does seem to get better as the system warms up. I'd say about 10-15 mins and it is much more acceptable. My stock power supply does not exhibit this issue. In fact it seems to work very well. I'll see how it hold up to a regular gaming session. I also have a COLUSB that I ordered from the Dragonbox website and was shipped to me from Germany. It does not have the video interference that the Meanwell supply has. The reason I don't use it is that it is very lose in the socket of the CV. It does work very well though. I had previously posted very positively about the Meanwell supply not realizing this issue was happening. I thought it was the CV itself as I was having sync issues with a Toshiba TV set. I have to say now, after directly comparing the Meanwell to a stock power supply and a COLUSB I can NOT recommend it at all. Being "video" games, the last thing we need is something causing noise in the video.
  3. I recently read that Console5 sells the four port bios. It's an easy swap once you get the metal shield off.
  4. I use one regularly. I used to not be a fan of the 5200 Wico, but these days I find myself using it often. With the Wico number pad. I may have a spare Y adapter in my collection. I remember seeing a few in a zip lock a while ago.
  5. There are issues caused by the bios in the two port. I recall Pitfall having an issue. Maybe it is the issue you are having. A four port bios works great in a two port and does away with any incompatibility caused by the two port bios. I currently only have four port systems so I can't help test. I would love to get a two port someday.
  6. Purchased a dead 7800 because I needed the shell. Excellent deal.
  7. Mumbai sold me a CV system for a very fair price. Shipped fast and well. Excellent.
  8. Jesse recently installed a UAV in my 7800. Upgraded something with the power and replaced all the switches. His work is excellent. Great communication and even recorded a 20+ minute video detailing the work and results. Highly recommended!
  9. I tried another composite board from ebay that is as you describe with the solid back. All I can say is it did the same but a little worse, if that makes sense.. It had the same issue but the wavy was farther down the screen and more often than the retrofixes. Again, these composite "upgrades" do not do this on all TVs. In fact so far it only does it on my 32" Toshiba CRT cira 2004. Oddly I have a 19" Toshiba of the same year (that looks like a mini version of the 32") and it works fine on that display. Being that the 32" is the display I keep setup in my game area, this is a bummer. I also have a stock spare CV so I will use that on RF while I'm using this TV. Perhaps the TMS-RGB is an upgrade I can hire you for in the future? Since the 32" has component inputs I'd love to see the CV in RGB through one of my RGB SCART / RGBs to component devices.
  10. Thank you and I do appreciate your hard work! I did have problems with a few of your latest adaptions on my Mega STe and STe. Previously when I had issues with some of the releases I posted on your forums and it went ignored. In the future I'll post here to very with other ST users to see if it my 30+ year old ST equipment or a common problem. All that said, I think you bringing all these games to the attention of ST users is an amazing thing. Like I said, I really do appreciate it very much.
  11. Here is what I've found about the problem since the first post. I moved the mod to another CV and have the same problem. When I try the CV on my flat panel TVs it does not have the problem but the picture has interference and seems way bright or too much contrast. Specifically in the black areas of the screen it looks like they are glowing. So this leads me to think it is the mod board. However when I look on ebay all the composite mod boards look the same. Now I am looking for recommendations for a good composite video mod to put in my CV. Since they all look similar will I see the same results? Or, is that chip on the board programmed differently between the manufacturers? The one I have now is from Retrofixes. Thanks!
  12. Any power option to keep a 7800 running well and safe is cool. Absolutely. I recently purchased the new modern power supply for the 7800 designed by Best Electronics. It seems to work excellent and cost less than $30 shipped. (if I remember correctly) Is that thought to be expensive? Is the Best supply recommended by other 7800 users? It seems like the solution is out there already? I have nothing against options and I like the idea of adapters. Just wondering...
  13. I keep everything I can find on mine. I do maintain a folder on it that has what I like to play. Honestly, it's most everything. Yesterday it was Fast Eddie.👍
  14. I love the end labels! Keep them. Store them in the next box you get from Amazon.🤣
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