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  1. Where can one find the most recent episodes?
  2. Got mine, stick on left. I haven't used it much yet. The little I did was very enjoyable. One thing I do not like is the size of the start button. Maybe it should be a smaller sized button? The little I played I reset Pac-Man a few times by accidentally pressing start on the side.
  3. I'd absolutely love to see a version of this game on the 5200!
  4. Thanks all. I was reading about the flashrom99 here. https://endlos99.github.io/flashrom99/ And it says it does not require any other hardware or the PEB. I didn't spend a lot of time with it but I noticed without the PEB plugged in some roms would only show a blue screen but with the PEB they seemed to work fine. I'll play around a little more this evening, but does this seem normal?
  5. Thank you. I'll have to research what a GROM is. I'm not too knowledgeable about the TI.
  6. I have a Flashrom99 cart. I haven't learned much about it yet, but I am wondering... can I use this flashcart as an Extended Basic or E/A cart? Or is that possible only with FinalGrom99?
  7. Looking at the games over at TI Game Shelf I see a few games that have .BIN files for download. Cartridge Binary Files. What hardware is needed to use these files? My TI setup is just a PEB with 32K and disk drive. Is there some sort of flash multicart to play these binary files?
  8. This thread was very helpful! I hadn't used my 8-bit computer in a long time. I was really happy to see Seaquest and Adventure converted from the VCS.
  9. Mine causes major interference with the video signal. A blue screen looks like it's alive with all the horizontal lines of interference. When using the original supply it's just fine. So now I have this 28 watt supply in a box. Money wasted. It was my mistake for not realizing what was causing the problem and seeking a refund around the time of purchase.
  10. I am posting in this thread as well that my Meanwell power supply causes major video interference on both of my CV systems. Neither the stock power supply or COLUSB have this issue for me. I didn't realize the cause of the interference lines was the power supply until I read another forum members problem in another thread.
  11. I have the Meanwell supply and it does the same exact thing. I use a composite modded system and a stock RF system. It has the problem on both. I didn't even realize it until I read your post. It is most apparent on the blue select skill level screen many games use. Noisy lines all over the screen. It does seem to get better as the system warms up. I'd say about 10-15 mins and it is much more acceptable. My stock power supply does not exhibit this issue. In fact it seems to work very well. I'll see how it hold up to a regular gaming session. I also have a COLUSB that I ordered from the Dragonbox website and was shipped to me from Germany. It does not have the video interference that the Meanwell supply has. The reason I don't use it is that it is very lose in the socket of the CV. It does work very well though. I had previously posted very positively about the Meanwell supply not realizing this issue was happening. I thought it was the CV itself as I was having sync issues with a Toshiba TV set. I have to say now, after directly comparing the Meanwell to a stock power supply and a COLUSB I can NOT recommend it at all. Being "video" games, the last thing we need is something causing noise in the video.
  12. I recently read that Console5 sells the four port bios. It's an easy swap once you get the metal shield off.
  13. I use one regularly. I used to not be a fan of the 5200 Wico, but these days I find myself using it often. With the Wico number pad. I may have a spare Y adapter in my collection. I remember seeing a few in a zip lock a while ago.
  14. There are issues caused by the bios in the two port. I recall Pitfall having an issue. Maybe it is the issue you are having. A four port bios works great in a two port and does away with any incompatibility caused by the two port bios. I currently only have four port systems so I can't help test. I would love to get a two port someday.
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