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  1. I pre-ordered my Genesis Mini from Amazon and when it arrived on Friday my joy turned to anger when I notice that it was shipped in a flimsy bubble mailer 😠 I open it up to find a badly damaged box, so sending it back for a refund and buying elsewhere. I though they were going to be hard to come by, but that doesn't seem the case, will buy from a brick and mortar store.
  2. Cool beans. Any chance you could use the soundtrack from the 3DO version?
  3. That peeling control panel is rather disappointing. I won't be buying one until they address that issue.
  4. Got shipping notification on the 2 sets I ordered! @Starwander- I promised I'd order 5 sets and still plan to do that...so relax, the orders will come in. If you wanted everyone to pay up within 48hrs of being for sale, maybe you should have put that disclaimer in the first post!
  5. I can see these turning into the next collector craze...like beanie babies, but with arcade cabinets. We're already seeing store exclusive games...what's next, cabs getting discontinued and shooting up in value? Limited release model at a certain big box store? I need to pick one of these up!
  6. I really don't want the usual PS1 games that we've played a million times over included with the PS Classic. I'd love to see stuff like Omega Boost, Jet Moto 2, Tomba!, Dino Crisis 2, Klonoa, Einhander, Vanark, ect...
  7. Nice PS1 kiosk! The missing parts you need pop up on eBay from time to time, so keep an eye out for those there. Just keep in mind that you will most likely pay a premium when the parts do come up for sale. I have a Dreamcast kiosk that was missing some parts and it took me 2 years of checking ebay everyday until they came up for sale, you just have to be patient.
  8. Seen that video before, kid had a very cool dad.Kid's dad was way ahead of the times with those Jaguar reproduction game boxes
  9. Dang, missed out! On your next batch, can I request a rotary using the black button Jaguar controller?
  10. I bet he got less than $1000 trade in credit for all that...
  11. I think a professional looking box would be nice...just give us the option to buy, instead of forcing it on everybody that might not want one for an additional cost.
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