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  1. I should clarify...AtariAge members didn't get nasty with me. It was the eBay purchasers and those who bought directly from the web site I had (which could have been some of you...I can't say). Long story short, it was a great ride and I enjoyed most of it. The proceeds even covered my expenses to exhibit at the 2012 CGE in Vegas where I auctioned off my entire Vectrex collection (all games, light pen, 3D imager and system). I then sold the plotter and remaining overlays and went back to wasting money on restoring cars :-) I understand that funknflow5200 is fighting the good fight with a method very similar to mine but with a more durable output. If I were them, I'd charge twice as much to avoid the financial frustration I hit for just breaking even.
  2. It was a labor of love that's for sure....and then the community got nasty so I just stopped.
  3. OK kids I'm back...but not really. It's been YEEAAARRS since I've made my overlays and I'm honestly flattered that I had some sort of legacy with this community. If anybody wants to know my method, let me know. It's honestly not that difficult...it just takes some time and patience. Obviously if I was able to plug them out as rapidly as I did, you can do it too.
  4. I'm kinda thinking an all or nothing sort of deal....then I can work with one person on advice on how to make the best of the materials, etc...
  5. I'd like to say that I will be, but the truth is I've sold my equipment to plot the white backing and I got rid of the laminator. This is the final hurrah for my overlays :-)
  6. Old email still on file....good to go now!
  7. For the record...these are the leftovers from my booth at the 2012 CGE in Las Vegas.....good times!
  8. Remember me? I'm the guy who apparently took the Vectrex community by storm when I jumped head first in to creating overlay repros for every game conceived for the Vectrex. Well...guess what I found in storage the other day when doing some spring cleaning? Yep...you guessed it...my unsold stock of repro overlays (in various stages of completion...many of them just shy of the final lamination step to add firmness). Well since I got out of the hobby of producing these, I'm offering up the entire stock as a package deal. I'll detail each overlay I have and the stage/condition it is in. For those of you who don't know....here is a reminder of the steps I took to create these (important to read through as I'll rank each overlay by the stage it is in). #1 - laser print overlay graphic on transparency #2 - plot/cut white adhesive backing with plotter #3 - apply precision cut labeling to the back side of overlay to add opaqueness where required (this step took the place of the white ink) #4 - laminate transparency and trim to size OK....here is what is included in the booklet organized by the name of the overlay and the stage it is in. PLEASE NOTE...if I rate something at stage #2 that implies that the plotted white adhesive backing IS included...it is just not applied. Blitz - 2 Blitz - 2 City Bomber - 1 City Bomber - 1 Clean Sweep - 2 Clean Sweep - 2 Mr. Boston Clean Sweep - 2 Mr. Boston Clean Sweep - 1 Mr. Boston Clean Sweep - 2 Clean Sweep - 1 Dark Tower - 1 Hangman - 1 Heads Up - 2 Heads Up - 1 Hyper Chase - 1 Narrow Escape - 1 Performance VX - 1 Performance VX - 1 Performance VX - 4 Rockaroids - 1 Space Wars - 2 Space Wars - 2 Space Wars - 1 Space Wars - 1 Spike - 1 Spike's Water Balloons - 1 Spin Ball - 1 Starhawk - 1 Star Sling - 2 Star Sling - 1 le Tour de France - 2 So that's it. Any of the #2's can be assembled pretty easily by just laminating them. The #1's would require some finesse to repeat the step where I plotted the white labeling on the back but this is a techie-oriented crowd and I'm sure you could figure it out. That's 12 overlays that just need to be laminated and 19 that could be used without the white backing (or you could create your own solution for that). Anybody interested? Shoot me a message and I'll let you know my price. In their peak, the finished versions sold for around $14 a piece.
  9. A lot of speculation on why I stopped making overlays....I'm flattered that they had such an impact and created a residual demand. The simple truth is that they are time consuming, not profitable, questionable at best on their legality to charge money for (hence the break even prices I charged) and the real kicker was the awful responses I started to receive from people who assumed I was a brick and mortar business demanding perfection from what was admittedly a hobby. Unfortunately when you're putting your eBay account or PayPal account on the line for a transaction, if you aren't prepared to meet everybody's standards (no matter how unrealistic) you're better off quitting. Top it all off with a high percentage of deliveries lost or damaged from the US Postal Service and it just wasn't worth it. To my knowledge, the real worst of the worst were not from AtariAge...they were eBay users and folks who found me from a basic Google search....but enough was enough and the orders had trickled down to such a low frequency that I felt satisfied I'd accommodated the initial collectors who had been waiting for this service during the year that I produced them. As some of you pointed out, the time it took and the low profitability was just not worth it anymore considering all factors. So here it is....here is the exact process I used and I encourage that you experiment with this if you are looking for a project. Step 1: Transparency Obtain the files online...I did a google search and was able to find sites that provided high enough resolution files of the overlays Print on to a transparency...I used both an inkjet transparency on my home printer as well as a color laser transparency on my work printer....both produced a vibrant colorMake sure you've sized the digital image to the exact dimensions of a real Vectrex overlay. Trim the transparency by hand....first item of the time consuming part.... Step 2: White Ink / Label Background I purchased a "Silhouette Cameo" plotter....I suppose a "Cricut" would work as well. Use full size 8.5 x 11 label sheets Open the overlay in Photoshop Create a new layer Select the elements of the overlay that you want to have opaque Fill in this selection (on the new layer) with black Export this silhouette as a PDF or JPG Import the PDF or JPG into your Cameo software and create a trace Invert/Reverse the image Cut the trace on the full label sheet Affix the computer cut design to the back of the transparency Step 3: Lamination Laminate the trimmed overlay with the white label sheet affixed to the back in either a thermal laminator or a cold adhesive laminator...experiment with different thicknesses Trim the final laminated overlay down with a scissors Voila...you are done. Happy Vectrexing!
  10. So I've gotten a couple inquiries. Thank you for that!! Here is where my mind is on the lot... Based on recent eBay sales: Vectrex System w/one controller - $250 Extra Controller - $65 Repro Light Pen - $20 3D Imager - $450 VecMulti SD Flash Cart - $80 Kiosk $450 43 Overlays @ $6.99/ea. - ~$300 TOTAL = ~$1,615 If purchased all together, I'm thinking of offering it for an even $1,500.
  11. Thanks for the compliment! The kiosks were a really fun project...but turned out to be pretty cost prohibitive in the end. They took quite a long time to complete and the materials alone ended up costing over 60% of the selling price....factor in my time (while holding down my regular 9 to 5 job) and it turned out to be, once again, a labor of love. Don't get me wrong...I'll always be a contributor to the Vectrex community through helping out those looking for repro overlays...I just can't operate it like a "business" with quick turnarounds on orders, etc. I just feel wrong owning this great collection of Vectrex items that so many people have difficulty tracking down...and it's all packed away in boxes for safe keeping right now. To be honest...if I choose not to sell this collection, it will be because I've given it a new home in my office.....but that brings up a whole other issue of whether I trust such a collection to sit in my office unattended during the evenings and weekends.....can you tell I'm torn on what to do?! ...plus the price(s) have to be right for me to part with it...we all know what these things are worth and I'm not "urgently" trying to unload this...
  12. I've recently acquired another 1980s "icon" that is demanding my attention these days.... My poor Vectrex collection has taken a back seat to this:
  13. Yes you heard it...the reproduction overlay guy is closing out his collection! Fear not...I'll still make overlays for those who request them from www.vectrexoverlays.com. I'm debating selling my entire Vectrex collection in one swoop....here is what it includes: Vectrex System - great condition Two Controllers - both in great condition (one has a tighter spring than the other but even the "looser" spring is still very responsive) Reproduction Light Pen from RecycledGamer 3D Imager in excellent condition MineStorm color wheel VecMulti microSD card "Multicart" pre-loaded with almost every Vectrex Game you can think of A complete set of 43 reproduction overlays (made by yours truly....still selling for $6.99 a piece at www.vectrexoverlays.com) The last remaining reproduction kiosk display unit (also made by yours truly....originally sold for $400 a piece...only 9 more in existence) So there it is....I'd love to hear your feedback on what you think a collection like this is worth, whether you think I'm crazy for letting it go, whether you want to buy it or know somebody who does....and how in the world you think I should ship a collection like this LOL! Thanks for everybody's support of my overlay endeavor....it's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun.
  14. omeganu


    Somebody should open up a shop to manufacture replacement parts for classic gaming consoles...kind of like the Delorean Motor Company's reintroduction down in Texas!
  15. omeganu


    For better or worse, I'm the fool that continues to offer the reproduction overlay service I've had a couple unhappy customers on eBay who were expecting a machined original or replica (i.e., they didn't exactly ready my item description)....but overall, the countless buyers have been happy to have a usable overlay to enjoy their games. It takes me anywhere from 2 to 10 days to get to finishing an order as I only work on them on the weekends....so if you're patient, I can help you out!
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