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  1. Yes! That's it, thank you so much! And I love the idea in the article, I will try that instead of buying the tool. 🙂
  2. Hi, I'm trying to disassemble an Atari Pong C-100, and the screws that connect the base to the unit (under the battery pack) are some weird, 3 wing reversed (in the screw, the depth at the center is less than in near the border). I tried using pliers, but the screw is too round and the pliers just slip. Has anyone had this problem around here? Any solutions? Thanks! Andres.
  3. No, I saw one on eBay and I was wondering if I should get it or not... 🙂
  4. Hi! Did you ever find/wrote a software for it? Andres.
  5. Yes, thanks @snarkdluG . Both boards are part of the Nemesis upgrade.
  6. Hello! I'm finally the owner of a Falcon, and I'm very happy. The first impression is that the machine is working, so that's nice. But when I opened it, I found 2 upgrades that I cannot identify: First one, I think, it is a buffer patch. It has wires going to the floppy controller (pin 14) and to the motherboard. Second one, has wires connected to both EF68B50P ICs (pins 3, 4 and 5) and other places in the motherboard. It has some oscillators, so... It is some kind of overclocking? The strange thing is that there are other cables coming from the little board, but they are cut. And, of course, there is the fact the fan was removed to put this little board. Any clues? Thanks, Andres.
  7. Oh, that sucks... I hate when I have extra screws left. 🙂 Mmmhhh... It could be the shield but my cut, although similar, it is even smaller than yours (it is basically only for the memory; the shield around it was left intact). Maybe it is touching something? What if you remove the shield?
  8. Yeah, I did something similar... I think it is better to leave the shield in place.
  9. Hi! Sorry that I'm just replying; had too many things happening. The upgrades look great! Unfortunately, I don't have a second STE adapter for the UltraSatan. 😞 Question: Did you have to cut the metal shield above the memory/TOS/keyboard card, so it could fit the 4 Mb expansion? I did have to do that... Andres. P.S.: The tray looks amazing!
  10. Ah! That's neat; I was wondering about that and that's the reason I connected some cables to the original RTC battery. Can you share the plans of the tray and faceplate when you are done? 🙂
  11. They do it if you have a Stacy 2. For a Stacy 1, you have to buy the new board and keep the 1 MB one.
  12. Sorry I'm late answering. But +1 to everything @DarkLord said. 🙂 I desoldered the internal battery, just in case, and put a couple of cables to the battery compartment (mine can be opened), just in case I want to connect a battery there in the future. Also, if you want, consider upgrading the Stacy to 4 MB. You can buy the upgrade from Best Electronics (that's what I did): http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/addendum.htm (look for item CB102144 . FYI, on my Stacy, I had to cut a little bit of the internal metal shield to fit it) And last, but not least, take a look at my blog, where I show how to disassemble the Stacy: https://vintagecomputers.code.blog/ A couple of days ago I finally put it all back together, so I will be posting about that soon. Andres
  13. That was it!!! 🙂 I did not know that Rapidus was also a PBI device (seems obvious now). After changing PBI Device ID to 2 in the U1MB everything works. Thank you so much! Andres.
  14. Exactly as you said: as soon as I removed Rapidus, the SDX from U1MB loaded the PBI BIOS and all the partitions in the SIDE2 are ready available. Thank you so much! Now: Do you know where I can start to look at what's the problem with Rapidus? Take care, and thank you again. Andres. P.S.: I will watch your video about stability of those two after lunch.
  15. OK, I think I'm closer, but still confused: I guess I need to mount the APT partitions in the SIDE LOADER. If I go to the APT tab (the one with the rocket ship), I can see both partitions I created, but neither of them can be selected.
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