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    Intellivision, Atari, NES, UT2004, Wii, Wii U. I enjoy both collecting and playing games!
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    Intellivision: Worm Whomper, Beamrider, Frog Bog
    Atari 2600: Megamania, Beamrider
    PC: Unreal Tournament 2004
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    Intellivision: HSC and homebrews

    Colecovision and Atari...really need to try some of these out :-)

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Gaming has always been a part of my life. I started with Intellivision as a kid. We accumulated around 30 games or so, before the crash. The console stopped working from heavy use and abuse and I remember my parents telling me that Intellivision was essentially out of business, so no replacement. I was kinda growing out of it anyway, so held on to the games for years, but eventually gave them to a buddy of mine who also had one as a kid. I never had an Atari or Colecovision back then, although recently I acquired both.

By this time, around 1986/1987, the same friend who I played Intellivision with as a kid, now had a NES. Instantly loved it. I finally convinced my parents to buy me one for a birthday present, so we went to Target to pick one out. I got an Action Set (which I still have CIB) and Metroid. I played it hard. Favorite games....Metroid, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Faxandu, Dr. Mario, Contra, Lolo, Zelda (too many to name). I whittled down to around 10 boxed games after loss/theft/abuse through the years, so during college I began collecting again (mostly not boxed). I'm now up to around 110 NES titles.

After NES, I skipped Sega, SNES, N64, PS1 (Outgrowing video games and chasing girls) and finally sprung for a PS2. Went through a pretty intense GTA3/Tony Hawk Pro Skater/Grand Tourismo phase, but then I found PC gaming.

So in 2003, a friend of mine introduced me to Unreal Tournament 2003 for PC. It was my first mouse/keyboard game experience. Tough learning curve, but I fell in love. I upgraded to 2004, but for some reason resisted online gaming. Getting tired of killing predictably moving bots over and over in Deathmatches, I finally went online and fell in love with the game again. I still play multiple times per week. UT3 is also cool. I dabbled with COD4 a few times and I'm sure I would love it if I put the time into it but UT2004 is my all-time game of choice. It's just so familiar and comfortable. It's not crazy to stick with something "outdated" that you love.....[cough] Intellivision.

So recently I've been in a pretty intense collector phase. Going back to my INTV roots, I decided to attempt to collect as much of the orig 125 titles CIB as I could. I'm up to 123 (124 including loose carts) as well as all 29 Sears titles. I also have boxed I, II, III, Super Pro, Sylvania, Sears Super Video Arcade, and Tandyvision consoles, the ECS, the System Changer, Music Synthesizer, and boxed Intellivoice with a pretty low SN.

I joined the community to network, trade, share, and possibly take a whack at HS challenge 🙂

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