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  1. Whoever wins this will have a neat gem: https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Jetsons-Ways-With-Words-Learning-software-Mattel-Intellivision-1983-new-/224362087158?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  2. As of December 2019, Guess my tax free days are numbered.
  3. Today I learned that some states pay sales tax for eBay purchases.
  4. There was one at $353 in the last few years, but this new one might be a record. Funny thing is that they pop up around once a year. Patience pays.
  5. Check out his other videos. You'll find: I will show you all Covid is nothing. I'll keep taking the test until I test positive. I tested positive for Corona Virus and I'm celebrating! Buy my new "The Immortal John Hancock SUCKS!!" T-Shirt! I'm officially done...[from a year ago] I didn't see a Flat Earth video, but I'm sure he has supporters all over the globe disc.
  6. I'll make you a deal. I saw Spiker listed in an old catalog for $19.99. Even trade?
  7. It's more the combination of the jean shorts and belly shirt. That said, he really has no better option for showing off his belly button piercing and tramp stamp.
  8. Hmmm, one thing I'll NOT miss about PRGE is waiting until the last min to book a hotel and getting stuck with one 3 miles away on the other side of the highway/tracks, then staying too long at the bar and realizing the trains/busses stopped running, then being just inebriated enough to think walking back to my hotel at 1am was a good idea. Met some interesting people that year. I'll never NOT stay at the Eastlund again. Also, shout out to my roomie Eric 👊
  9. I picked this one up recently. It's very similar to the KC one. Mine's not Mattel branded and is missing the interface. It cleaned up well, but took a lot of effort.
  10. I need to start practicing Popeye again. Rev always said good things about it, but I never really tried it until a few HSC seasons ago. It's a pretty fun game 👍 Parker Brothers is definitely growing on me.
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