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  1. Prices for a lot of items seemed lower in the past few years, but the interest seems to be climbing again lately. That's a decent price for a complete Sears set.
  2. This reminds me I still need to buy Aardvard.
  3. Oh, now I get it. How much to spend on a new hat. The answer is, "Here is a blank check, good Sir. Write any number you want, as this new hat completes me."
  4. I was shocked and saddened when I heard. I was fortunate enough to see them live 3-4 times over the years. I had 12th row at the St Louis Arena for the Counterparts tour. Niel threw a drumstick and the guy in front of me caught it. Also, I literally just picked up Grace Under Pressure at a thrift store for $1 last weekend.
  5. $25 cart $50 CIB $75 Special Edition $100 SN 001 signed by the programmer and a free tour of Rev's "homebrew workshop" 😁
  6. I don't remember them requesting any restrictions on sales.
  7. I haven't played much White Water, but I'd definitely vote DKJr and Beamrider. Pinball could be fun too.
  8. Wait, wasn't that movie about an anomaly in the system that led to an overthrow of the status quo? 😁
  9. Mash that BIN button now to lock in the 18.99% interest rate!
  10. Interesting stuff! Thanks for compiling this. Also thanks to Tom and Braxton. I'm looking forward to their book and all they've learned during their research project.
  11. So is this an option for new games, or the new IR box?
  12. That's a heck of a starter collection! Let the bidding begin.
  13. Great find! Like others have said, eBay with a low starting bid will do well. Depending on condition, I think you could conservatively get $300-500. Did it come with paperwork, manuals, overlays, catalogs, a console, receipts, or a small brown box? Any extras would only help the value. Feel free to post some pics here to stir up interest 😉 Edit: Also, if you're looking to sell it directly here you may not have much luck as your account was created today to promote this item. That would be a risky buy in my opinion. Alternatively, you'll get big bids on eBay due to their buyer protections. Good luck!
  14. Very generous offering for the holidays! Nicely done 👍
  15. This thing looks complicated. Stereochemistry was my weakness.
  16. Welcome! Come on in. The water's fine.
  17. This was before my time of collecting for Intellivision. I didn't really start until around 2009/2010 (homebrews in late 2011).
  18. Lol, please tell me you always yell "yaaay!" every time a game successfully boots 😁 Thanks for sharing the video. I have to admit I've only played my Aquarius a few times. Night Stalker, Snafu, maybe a few others. Been meaning to play some more.
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