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  1. Yup (and Tron). The one I really need is Frog Bog... And I guess Super Series.
  2. I mean, all of the Intellivision Inc versions of M-Network games probably shipped in Intellivision Inc boxes, but that's just a guess 😁
  3. I suppose they could be non-original discs. I have a few loose Sylvania consoles, so I can pull them out to compare. More to come...
  4. They're less gold than the discs. Here's a pic of mine.
  5. I'm partial to the Intellivision Inc model 🤣
  6. Glad you had a good time. I'm jealous. Nice pickups! Rev had an underpriced copy of Secret Files: Tunguska in his booth at PRGE a few years back. I should have bought it. I'll be on the hunt for some Wii games at PRGE. I'm still looking for a few big hitters for my Wii collection.
  7. Metallica Skid Row? Megadeath? Iron Maiden? Def Leppard
  8. Nice! I'm still missing those FC Activision games.
  9. Really wish I could be there. Please take lots of pics.
  10. I'm using all of my Spiker savings to buy Worm Whompers. Lots of collectors have a Spiker, but nobody has 16 Worm Whompers 🧠
  11. That's a tough list and the LF games (particularly LF2) have been skyrocketing in price for the last few years. Spiker seems stable, if not cheaper than its peak. Mountain Madness is the cheapest and easiest to find, but might be tough to find in excellent condition. I myself essentially gave up on LF2 and Spiker due to the prices and instead opted for the original carts only with reproduction boxes, manuals, and Flashback overlays. I paid just under $600 total for those two carts with the repro accessories. Comparing that to ~$2k for those two CIB, I just couldn't justify paying the extra $1400 for two boxes and low quality B&W paper manuals. If you have any decent rare trade bait, you might be able to work out a deal with someone with extras. All that said, I wish you luck on your journey 👍
  12. I have no idea and haven't seen enough of them to know which ones should or shouldn't include them. Maybe I'll go through mine tonight to see what I have.
  13. I think Frogger is the easiest, then maybe Q-bert. I need to check all of mine to make sure I have all the French manuals and Parker Video tray inserts.
  14. $17 for a single Worm Whomper overlay!? Best offers accepted. Just saying 😉
  15. I'm still trying to figure out what the function of the cartridge would be. Would each person that you call have their own cartridge that must be inserted? That kinda defeats the purpose of the keypad. Maybe there's separate cartridges for local and long distance calling 🤔😁
  16. The perfect Intellivision telephone would like like this 😁
  17. I was looking through some old pics on my phone and found these screenshots from a 2018 eBay auction:
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