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  1. I've started watching the current season of Rick and Morty.A lot of the reviews thatI see say it is brillant, deep and profound. And maybe I am just too old or need to start watching from S1 E1, but I don't get that. Yeah and is funny and clever than pretty much any adult oriented cartoon on right now -- but I think some of the praise it gets is WAAY OTP.

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    2. DesertJets


      I think I need to go back and watch from the beginning. As for adult-oriented cartoon shows I think are better, I'd put Bob's Burgers at its peak at the top of my list.


    3. SlidellMan


      I prefer the original Doc and Mharti over R&M. The latter comes off as too polished and stiff-looking. I also don't think that Bob's Burgers is any good.

    4. RamrodHare


      I watch a lot of cartoons and The first 2 seasons of Rick and Morty were great. This 3rd season is OK, but I feel like something isn't just right anymore. I thought Mr. Pickles was a great toon. I'll watch Bob's Burgers, but I'm not a huge fan of it. Sealab was one of my favorites for a while.

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