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  1. Have you managed to find a 2600 version of Time Pilot ??? - I've been looking for a while now but the seem scarce (at a decent price)
  2. my PSP and my favorite little disk Midway Classics (I guess that's cheating because there's at least a dozen of Midways brightest and greatest included)..lol...
  3. Just the Dragonlance paperbacks for me, although recently I started with Forgotten Realms (I never used to like them but I re-read some recently and they're kinda cool)
  4. Odd question for you, but dose that include like the old Coke vending machines (with the door and glass bottles) ?
  5. I think B&C had one listed on eBay but can't remember how long ago.
  6. A really nice Driving Controller for my Indy 500 Game, going to be doing some auto racing on my 2600.....
  7. How about "Mad Max" or "The Road Warrior", there's some a lot of possibilites there. (I think there was something for Nintendo but I've never seen anything for the 2600?)
  8. I love my PSP, even if you don't want to hack your PSP it's a great little platform - Activision Hits Remixed (very cool 80's sound track and lots of unlockables like the Activision TV commercials), Atari Classics , Midway Treasures, Capcom classics, Namco Museum.... these are all favorites of mine.
  9. This game is my white whale, I've been trying to beat it for over 20 years now.......
  10. Spy Hunter, after playing the game it's music is stuck in my head and I even find my self humming it in the car....
  11. Cannonball Run would be cool choice for a racing game. Code of Silence - would make a cool (Chuck Norris approved cool) action video game. China Syndrome, I always thought it had potential for an interesting video game and it could be the first video game to base a character on Jack Lemon..
  12. That's a real steal, don't see too many of those 825's around.
  13. Mine had ounces of memory, about 1/4K user RAM. Bought it senior year of high school with my summer job money. Loved it! That's very cool
  14. Yeah, I had the same feeling about Ghosts and Goblins now that long ago. Getting old is tough! Have you checked out "Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins", I've got it for my PSP - new story, new weapons, new armour and monsters - fantastic graphics and colours and very playable (even addictive)
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