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  1. I have recently released a homebrew game on the ZX Spectrum. It is called Husband Chores. In it, you have keep your house clean by unclogging toilets, taking out the trash, etc. You can find it here: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=130&n=ZX-Spectrum-development-Husband-Chores-in-Z80-assembly-language Husband Chores can also be played directly in your browser via a link on the page above. Additionally, the platform-level code I've written for it has been organized in a library called libzx which can be downloaded freely and comes with a bunch of examples to help developers make homebrew games on the ZX Spectrum! The library can be found here: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=131&n=libzx-ZX-Spectrum-game-programming-library-Z80-assembly-language
  2. I've recently completed a small tile matching Jaguar game called Jagmatch. In it, the player matches games with Atari systems (computers and consoles). It can be found here: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=117&n=Atari-Jaguar-development-Jagmatch
  3. Not many on Atari, but my showcase page now contains many new homebrews: http://sebastianmihai.com/ccd And this little one on PocketStation http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=114&n=PocketStation-development-Pocket-Worm
  4. Small ones, with source code, as always! Space Invaders Invaders on the 3DO: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=105&n=3DO-development-Space-Invaders-Invaders The 11th Power on the PlayStation: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=104&n=Sony-PlayStation-development-The-11th-Power Newton Voyage on the PSP: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=103&n=Sony-PSP-development-Newton-Voyage
  5. Well, I list the tools I used on (almost) every project page on my website. In particular, to develop Geoincursion I used devkitPro. It's easy to install and will work out of the box (you can compile the examples immediately). I'm glad you found some use out of my work. I've always thought that if it were easier to start, a lot more developers would give homebrew on classic consoles a shot. In terms of which were easiest (in my opinion): Nintendo DS (using devkitPro, C/C++) if you want to create a game that's complete with music, sound, and graphics which are easy to import and load Atari 2600 (using batari basic, Basic) if you want to prototype quickly and not spend too long ramping up your game (see my Snappy project here: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=47&n=Atari-2600-development-Snappy-batari-basic) Turbografx-16 (using HuC) if you want easy to load graphics, but not be confined by the Basic programming language like above I'm sure others may have varying opinions
  6. Hello everyone! I have just finished another homebrew game, this time on Nintendo DS! It's called Geoincursion, and it's an old-school arcade style beat'em up with a secondary resource system (energy), and features original music, sounds, and digitized actor graphics! Check it out at: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=102&n=Nintendo-DS-development-Geoincursion If you're interested, you can also check out my Classic Console Development page, which has links to my projects on other consoles. It can be found at: http://sebastianmihai.com/ccd/
  7. The game Knights of the Round never got the fame it deserved. To help with its rise to glory, I've written an in-depth review of this game. http://www.sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=70&n=Knights-of-the-Round-arcade-game-in-depth-review Enjoy the read!
  8. Hey there. It's never too late to answer that one, hehe I'd be interested in any of NGPC, GB, GBC, GBA, Genesis, ColecoVision, Lynx.
  9. Hey, I'm not sure about that one. It's really obscure, and in the mean time, I've focused on types of development other than old systems. Maybe sometime in the future...
  10. Hey guys, While I normally develop for older consoles, this time I came up with a trading game on Windows (using XNA). The game is called Gold of the Kingdoms, and in it, the player attempts to make a profit and ultimately gain influence over all kingdoms of the realm. Random events can occur, and the caravan can be upgraded. You can find it here: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=94&n=Gold-of-the-Kingdoms-an-XNA-C-homebrew-game Here is a screenshot, also:
  11. That's true. Do you know of any other places offering such services?
  12. And Retrozone confirmed that they do not do "custom" jobs, a.k.a. homebrew cartridges...
  13. I tried Retrozone, but they don't seem to make cartridges based on custom ROMs The Neo Geo cart was made by someone else. It's based on a sacrificed Samurai Shodown 2 cartridge. The Atari 2600 cartridge was done by the AtariAge store
  14. Hehe, when I was designing that insert, I was wondering what meg count to use, and I decided to go with the acutal size, mainly for lols By the way, if anyone knows of someone, or some website that can create cartridges for other systems (NES, SNES, Sega, etc.), give me a shout.
  15. Two of my games are now on cartridge! More at http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=64
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