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  1. Think I'm going with Joe! But JC from atari2600.com wrote me back and basically said many see it as a sin and wouldn't recommend it. I don't want to kill a piece of history...ugh..what do you guys think?
  2. Hey hope you guys can convince me one way or the other....I'm torn. I'm strongly considering having my heavy sixer modded with S video and composite...the RF picture is pretty crappy and I like the idea of better picture, and preserving its ability to connect to new tvs of the future. BUT I'm also torn...like I'm ruining it by doing that...it's somewhat rare and I don't want to kill its value or history. I know I could get a cheap 4 switch one and do it...but something about the age of this system and having it still be used by my son etc...seems cool like giving it new life. But...you know. Thoughts??
  3. Anyone good at this on the 2600 Heavy sixer? It's my pride and joy and it's a hard decision to mod it....but RF is lousy, and I'm tired of running through a vcr just to connect. Hoping for S video batari mod? or at least a good composite....at a reasonable price as shipping both ways will be a pain in itself. thanks!!
  4. Hey guys. I have a 7800 that didn't survive my AV mod attempt. The mod board is fine...it is from ebay worth $27...seller was pags35 and he is a member here also. Comes with AV jacks installed in the case. I had it working but had some vertical movement so I desoldered and then resoldered the wires back....no video...no sound. It now won't power on. I think I damaged the board and lifted a couple traces in trying to redo it. I figure the mod board is good as are the 3 jacks....and other parts should be fine as it was working. Or maybe somebody is on here that can repair traces, attach the board and sell it for a nice profit? The RF was removed as part of this mod's instructions. Open to any offers...paypal, trade, etc.
  5. Wanted: S-Video modded Atari 2600. Wood or Vader. Pm me!
  6. I bought a modded 5200 and 7800 from lgallair. Super fast shipping. Units were packed with care. The quality of the AV and power mod is excellent...units were clean and work perfectly. Great communication. I recommend him to anyone on here and would absolutely do business with him again. His prices were also very very fair!
  7. Thanks for the understanding, I appreciate it...definitely learned a good lesson here, but hopefully it will go smoothly from here on out. I'm hoping karma will help out and the post office won't screw me my losing or damaging them...since I'm new at this and didn't do anything maliciously, can I catch a break!! LOL please!
  8. I guess I will have to chalk this up to a lesson learned. Hopefully they will sell around $75 and ease the damages of my lesson. And damn Mean 18 and WG better go up over the next 30 years so someone in my family makes something off it if they decide to sell. Thank you for your advice Bojay...if you don't mind if I get the itch to bid on or sell something, would you mind if I shoot you a pm on here to get your opinion on worth? You seem to have better input than some others I know.
  9. Thanks Golden Axe, I appreciate that...I do get one they are saying though....I think they're main point is just that I listed them without having them yet....I mean knowing my luck they could get lost or damaged. I should have waited until they came in the mail. It's not like I am literally going to bounce the check book...I don't really want all 6 at $200...but I could have waited a few days for them to come. I guess I was comfortable with the seller and confirmation, but still...bad things happen in the mail. I agree with those comments, I just don't want anyone to think I am a fraud or anything. Having a few games that have some meaning to me sealed or in great shape is just something I thought would be kind of neat to keep in the family....aside from just the loose ones that we are playing. One day my grand kids will have those and they might be worth something more....you know? Like I said probably a mid life crisis thing....but I'm certainly not trying to lie to anyone.
  10. I will definitely definitely definitely will not let it end without having them. I have spoken "emailed" the seller and he seems very reputable great feedback and responds in minutes. He is sending insured and with confirmation. It should have them on Wed and auction does not end until Thurs evening. I will check them out and as long as no seals are broken and nothing is damaged...if it is as described, then great, all should go over well. If it does not show up by Wed, I will end the auction to save anyone from bidding at the end and/or paying...and will post the honest reason and let them know if it does show up I will relist. But if it's lost in the mail, at least it's insured I suppose. Ugh what a mess, and it's my doing....I thank you guys for pointing it out. I think I got caught up in the moment. It's not like I will literally bounce the books, but it would be nice to sell the ones I have no sentimental attachment too whatsoever. I obviously should have waited until I had them for sure....I think calculating out the listing time so they will show up a day or two before it ends, is asking for problems as you guys have pointed out. Normally I am not an idiot I swear lol.
  11. Hmm....I do see your point and I agree. I've never done it before and I'm sure I won't again. I think I just got really excited seeing those 2. Um yes definitely true, I looked around a little bit online and emailed a couple people...but I certainly am no expert in pricing...I guess I figured $100 for the WG and M18 was fair...and the others if I could sell them for $20 each I could pretty much balance out around $100. I thought about that regarding what if they show up damaged, etc. For one thing I would never sell anything that was not as described...I hope my 100% feedback speaks to that effect. I'd never do that to someone as I would not want it done to me. The 5 days gives me time to inspect them before it ends and anyone pays. Worse case scenario, I would certainly end the auction and post items damaged/not as desrcibed as the reason. That is not fair to the bidders....I do agree...like I said, I don't plan on doing anything like this again....probably not a wise impulse purchase.
  12. Hey guys...read these and thought I better clear any misunderstanding.....nooo it's not BS at all. My son is loving the 2600, coleco, and 5200/7800. I am really not a serious collector at all. I've bought a bunch of loose games for each system here and on ebay/amazon so we can play them without "worrying" about ruining their value. I really wanted Mean 18 and Winter games as those were the two my dad and I played a ton back in the day so they meant a lot to me. Since they were sealed I figured I will keep them as an investment. Since I don't "collect" and those are the only 2 I really wanted, I listed the others...forgot Hat Trick so I added it today but had to make a new auction as someone already has a bid in on the 3...to offset the cost. I couldn't even find a "loose"copy of mean 18 here, ebay, or amazon. I don't have $200 to invest on 6 games so I need to sell the others asap to balance the books, which is why I listed so quick. If all goes well I will get back some money minus the cost of those 2. The seller and I have been communicating and he seems like a great reputable guy. I should have them by tomorrow or Wed at the latest so I saw no harm in listing a 5 day auction. I'm just dabbling a bit...I've thought about getting a prototype or two for the 2600...but I assure you I am not misleading anyone. My main intention is starting the memories with my son like I had with my dad and friends at his age. Maybe it's a mid life crisis lol but I'm not "misleading" anyone on here, or on ebay. I have perfect feedback over there and have been a member there for 4 years. I love Atari and am just getting back into it...just thought it would be cool to have a few collectables that had some meaning to me.
  13. At the time, pacman seemed pretty good. I was 6 haha but still...to be able to play it at home. Sure the graphics seemed very rushed in retrospect, especially compared to jr pacman/ms pacman...but it seemed to sell well. I had fun with it...let's face it in 1981 there was nothing to compare it to at home lol. I think there were MUCH worse games released...but yes I think the bad rap is b/c of how much money Atari paid for the rights to these games...I think ET more so than pacman b/c at least pac man sold well...ET they thought would be huge and made thousands of copies that didn't sell. Atari was so big, 2 games didn't kill them....it was competition, a bunch of rushed crap, and I agree...Apple and home computing and such getting rolling.
  14. Anybody have a 2600 Suncom Tac-2 joystick available to sell???? pm me!!!
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