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  1. One Saturday, just like any Saturday, my husband and I went out for normal garage sale trip around the area. Low and behold I saw a huge box of Atari odds and ends and a huge pile of games. Just what I need for my coleco system more games for the atari adapter for me to play with. So my husband offered her $20 for the whole lot and we ended up taking home 4 boxes of stuff. You would not believe everything I got (Don't get too excited, nothing was in boxes. But they're good enough for me since I just really love to play the games). Well here is a list of everything that it had, plus the items that I need to figure out their purpose. - a 2600 console, a 7800 console, 70 different games (only 5 of them were 7800 games though), 2 remote controllers (those things are HUGE!), 4 paddle controllers, 2 driving controllers, 1 7800 joystick, 1 old version atari joystick, a console to hold games (Its kind of bulky, though), and then 2 different items that I'm not sure what they are for. I think thats it. They are both similar. One item is rectangle and has blue writing and number pads on it (I have 2 of them). The other has number pads on it, but it is larger and completely black (there was 2 of those too.) I just can't believe I got it all for $20. Anyways, if anyone can help me out with the purpose of the number pad things it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know where I could purchase a power adapter? I don't really care if it is the original atari one, I just want to play my games. Thanks
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