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  1. I would like to pre-order. Thx!
  2. If you're still taking orders on this, I'm very interested.
  3. Hey guys -- just registered for the forums to let you in on something that might've gone under the radar. I searched for this but didn't find anything, so forgive me if you've been talking about this already. Last year, in the summer of 2011 Disney released a series of Trading Pins called Penny Arcade, spotlighting 10 rides/movies in pin form using Atari 2600 style imagery. http://eventservices...ng/pin?id=57372 I accidentally stumbled upon this series searching for Tron swag, but found someone selling sealed boxes -- the pins were oringally sold in random blind boxes of three pins a piece for 29.99, so a mark-up to $50 for something out of print wasn't that big of a deal. So I bought a couple boxes just to start collecting. What I got was something truly stunning: not only do the pins have an Atari 2600 theme, but so does the packaging: The box is a tribute to classic Atari-published VCS games (note the Disneyland castle in place of an Atari logo). The pins come packed in a smaller box inside shaped like an Atari cartridge. I highly recommend tracking down a sealed blind box. There's at least one Buy it Now eBay entry here: http://www.ebay.com/...=item5d2ee71e61 Someone at Disney definitely holds the Atari legacy near and dear to their heart.
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