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  1. I liked that meme enough to remix/remaster/remodel it! Bonus items: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t8eujjrwr3p8etn/ As far as the Intellivision Amico: It looks like the Inty brand was put into the right hands! I'm very excited but do have some concerns. Some design choices range from dislike to concerning. I don't like the appearance of the console. I think it's competant, and am encouraged that there will be one in the design scheme of the original INTV, but I have yet to see it. Also for some reason, I can't find a way to sign up for the newsletter from IntellivisionntErtainment.com to be able to get one in the original design. I've tried 2 different browsers. Also the Amico console image on the homepage is SUPER blurry from both of the 2 browsers I've tried (Firefox and Vivaldi). Can't make out any detail. Not sure what's up. Maybe your site is unfriendly with heavy duty network security? I've at least allowed all scripts. Also it would be cool to also have a choice of an Amico in the INTV II design as well, which was the Intellivision I owned growing up, and my first gaming console. The biggest issue for me though is the controller. It doesn't look very ergonomic for one thing. The circular pad seems to be a fine choice so far (won't know for sure 'til I use one though). But the lack of tactile buttons on the front face of it is a HUGE issue! I understand that there's some on the sides, but those don't feel the great to me for many uses in gaming. I also understand the desire to implement a touch screen into the controllers, but not at the expense of real tactile buttons on the face! Maybe offer an alternative controller with tactile buttons. Touch-button gaming is so unappealing to me for most games. Though I love the Android platform and its emulation scene, I could absolutely only be truly be happy on that platform by using either an attachable controller with the device in landscape mode. That or my preffered Android gaming way: the Nvidia Shield Portable and Shield TV. If an alternative tactile button controller is not an option, consider being more radical with the touch screen, and also add front facing tactile buttons in addition to the touch screen. Maybe take some inspiration from the Dreamcast and Nvidia Shield Portable and evolve the controller to appeal to a wider audience. Anyways, that's all for now. Really excited and impressed with just about everything else so far! Amazing work Tommy and the rest of the INTV gang!
  2. Thanks. That helps a lot! Both links should be working fine now.
  3. Sorry about that to you and anyone else for that. Had a world of errors yesterday. It happens sometimes. Too bad we can't edit the OP in TapaTalk. But this link should be good to go: NES PONG (infidelity): https://www.mediafire.com/download/p4ccp82nm9h81k7
  4. Sorry about that. I had no idea it was a false positive error.
  5. I used to love that Nintendo 1st party wrestling game, early on its lifecycle "Pro Wrestling".
  6. I used to love that wrestling game early on in the NES lifecycle, Pro Wrestling.
  7. A classic homebrew PONG approach (which I prefer), done in ASM, by infidelity (recent hacks include Super Mario All-Stars NES, and Zelda - The Legend Of Link). Link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/p4ccp82nm9h81k7
  8. True dat. I have an NES set in a box that has some relatively minor dings/dents, but is in fantastic shape overall. And this is the set with R.O.B. and the Zapper, so it's pretty dang old. It obviously has to do with the manufacturing process/materials mostly, as well taking care to not be wreckless with the materials in storage.
  9. Crash Bandicoot 2600 could be cool. [emoji848]
  10. Better that the materials are in use in a house/storage than a landfill (or worse).
  11. Yeah I knew you weren't banned as you were still posting lol. I kid you not on it though. I should've taken a screenshot! I got your PM btw.
  12. Yeah the most experience I have with that sort of stuff would probably be taking a 2xSided 2xGames 1xFDS ROM, and splitting it into 2 individual bootable ROMs. So no virtual disk flipping between sides A and B. I'm still sorta surprised I managed to get it done without too much trouble. It was just one of those projects where things seemed to fall into place. Hey I went to send you a PM, but your profile oddly reads "banned" and there's no button to message you.
  13. Yeah it's ridiculous. I don't see why the process of dumping a cart has to be much more difficult than ripping an ISO.
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