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    VECTRAX to play on the iPad
    using iCade. And LOCK 'n' CHASE .
  1. I got myself a Yurkie Vision a couple of years ago with the pause button, new power switch, strait cords and a VGA hook up. Love it and I also wanted the 12 second start up screen left in. This Coleco works perfect. Even with the 1st Gen SGM plugged in.
  2. I still have my First Gen SGM (from first run)and it is staying on my Coleco. Just waiting for LadyBug, Donkey Kong Arcade and Donkey Kong Jr.
  3. Yep, I agree also, save your money and enjoy the SMG, all I have is Super Zaxxon but I leave the SMG plugged into the Coleco.
  4. I got my Coleco for the arcade ports, I have an atari 2600 and the arcade ports on that system got me started, played Zaxxon, Donkey Kong on the 2600, than on the Coleco, Wow! Now it is Coleco all the way.
  5. Looking so forward to Donkey Kong Arcade, Pac-Man DX and LadyBug BIGTIME!
  6. Welcome to the Coleco site, and congrats on getting a Coleco Vision.
  7. Oh my goodness! I am so glad my Coleco is not with my PSone, PS2 or PS3. (They are all packed up) but with my PS4.
  8. You start the game with a halo, than a power up gives you horns, you play two different char.
  9. Yes, after you complete the first four mazes.
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