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  1. Just got this in an email. Kind of odd, not aware of any dealings with him on eBay: Hey Guys, I know that we have dealt with each other on ebay in the past. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how truly blessed I feel to be involved with toys and games. I know that a lot of you have heard about the Coleco Retro Gaming Convention in August in NJ. If you haven't i am attaching a flyer. We will have retro games, toys, cosplay and the like. The event is very family friendly event. We are also working on a number of other things such as a Rainbow Brite Game, a Robotech Game and a Robotech Toy line. Please share the flyer on facebook and twitter if you can... For those of you who sale a ton of items on ebay, i was wondering if i could send you a bunch of cards to give out in your shipments of games. Let me know. If not, then no worries. Also, if you don't mind, take a moment to like us on Facebook and join in on the conversation. Colecovision the system https://www.facebook.com/Colecovision-Nation-1880616815488307/ Coleco the toy company. https://www.facebook.com/ColecoToys/ Chris Cardillo Publishing LLC 109 Gaither Dr Mount Laurel, NJ To be removed, please reply and let me know
  2. I think you are missing the point of the Kickstarter. There are already plenty of extra C64c cases out there - I have 4 of them sitting in a box. New cases were made from original molds and are available for sale on eBay. People are replacing old/beat up cases with new ones, or have new ones kicking around looking for something to do with them. Another company has purchased the molds and are planning on selling even more in different colors in the near future. The whole point of this Kickstarter is that you can use those cases without destroying them with tools/glue/etc. I think it has a very limited audience, but is a good idea to make use of an available case. The guy who started this is active in the community and sells lots of other 3D printed parts for C=/retro computers. You're right, he clearly didn't NEED a Kickstarter to fund it but from what I understand he thought it would be a cool, small project to run with his son. Obviously it isn't for everyone, but I don't think it's fair for people to glance and think its goal is for people to destroy working retro computers - because that's not true.
  3. In case any one is looking to do something like this, either with an old/dead C64c or one of the new C64c cases available, here is a pretty cool Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/966066382/non-destructive-commodore-64c-pi-conversion-framew?ref=user_menu
  4. Hahaha, I wouldn't mind any vintage get together. I have fond memories of my old Coleco Adam!
  5. Wow, cool to know that others are so local! I grew up in Woonsocket. Anyone ever have any local retro meets? Would like to take part in something.
  6. I'm more of a C=/Amiga guy, but curious where you are located? I am in Milford, MA.
  7. I've used Acill/Paul as well. I think I was one of the first, found him on amiga.org. Sent him my Amiga 4000T motherboard & assorted boards, then my Amiga 1200 board. Did great work on both. Paul seems like a great guy genuinely interested in helping people save their vintage hardware! I wouldn't hesitate sending him anything. As a matter of fact I still have an Amiga 600 I'd like to send him.
  8. Scull is great. Replaced all the caps on my 1200 and 4000T. My 4000T had an audio issue due to failing caps.
  9. Please count me in for another Pac Man coaster set!
  10. Thanks for all the help guys! I don't think I'll have trouble finding a compatible monitor. Unless I'm missing something the issue is similar to the Amiga. I already have a couple of displays with VGA inputs that handle all the low frequency Amiga resolutions. So, I think I just need to find the right cable...
  11. Thanks guys, will need to check this out. So, I think I understand that even if my monitor is capable of displaying the color resolutions the cable I have now would not be wired up properly to output them. Correct? On the wiki article there is a link to this vendor: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/monadapt.htm The web page is a bit verbose, but it seems like he has a cable for $55 that will display all 3 modes on a single cable without switch? On his pic, what is the connector next to the Atari DIN plug? It looks like an RF connector of some sort?
  12. Hi - Yes, this is the cable I purchased: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-ST-VGA-MONITOR-ADAPTER-WITH-SOUND-LEAD-CABLE-/320526274539?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4aa0dacfeb The description says monochrome but I just assumed the hi-res mode would be above and beyond any normal color modes. I don't think I'd be up for soldering a cable, so I will have to search for something else. Guess I need to obtain some disks as well. Can ST disks be created on a PC?
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