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  1. PS3 Assassin's Creed II Master Assassin's Edition-$19.99 at Goodwill.
  2. Oops, I knew I forgot something. It was at a Salvation Army. It was actually marked down from $129.99.
  3. With all the hubbub about what is "Coleco" these days, it was nice to come across this package. $50 for everything; the styrofoam packing is present in the box. Obviously very happy with Qubes and Montezuma's.
  4. Brand new PS2 50 Cent Bulletproof, wrapped in the mini bulletproof vest for its protection-$5.99 at Goodwill.
  5. Goodwill finds for $5.99 each. I was amazed the Contra: Legacy of War 3D glasses were to be found. And yeah, I passed these up at Savers. There were also a couple of Japanese PS2 soccer games that were regular price, and a PS2 .hack//Infection game without the DVD for $34.99.
  6. 3 for 3 in this collection! (Edit)...and I just got that you probably meant your favorite 3 from this collection. Doh!
  7. Recent pickups... From the Salvation Army, all for Commodore 64 and all in great shape: Wizardry Trilogy-$8.99 Deathlord-$5.99 Skyfox II-$5.99 Plundered Hearts-$5.99 Top 20 Solid Gold-$5.99 Captain Blood-$5.99 Delta Man-$5.99 The Legend of Blacksilver-$5.99 These were at a National Council of Jewish Women's thrift, all shrink wrapped and $5 each.
  8. I'm holding out for an Oculus Rift, but until then... The double disc games were $5.99, the single disc games $2.99; from Salvation Army.
  9. $5 gets Atari 8-bit Cloudburst & Gorf, and C-64 Tapper sent to you in a priority box. GONE!
  10. Gone! Super Smash Bros. Melee case and manual for the GameCube; you'll also get the disc, which either doesn't work or works very briefly. $4 shipped (within the U.S.) Thanks!
  11. Took some trade-in to Game Dude, which allowed me to pick this up for $3.
  12. All have been tested and work great. Prices don't include shipping. PayPal or USPS money orders only please. Thanks for looking! Tax Avoiders-$10 (SOLD!) I Want My Mommy (end label ripped off)-$9 Star Strike-$6 Demon Attack-$5
  13. Salvation Army finds: Super Mario Sunshine (no manual) was $4.99, as was PS2 Robotech Battlecry. The RB soundtrack was $1.99; both RB items are new and unopened. These were $1.99 each at the same Salvation; Disney Oscar consideration CDs that contain the entire movie scores.
  14. Sorry for any confusion...and nice to see that Contra was at least somewhat revivable!
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