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  1. It was the classic double-take when I saw it in the glass case. The disc is super-clean on top of everything. A couple of $1.99 pickups from the Goodwill bookstore near my work. $1.99 from the same bookstore. $2.99 from Salvation Army, but very much worth the extra dollar to be able to paint happy little clouds like a mofo.
  2. Bump! Added Super Daisenrayku and Chibi Maruko-chan: Waku Waku Shopping for the Mega Drive and Intelligent Qube disc and manual for Japanese PS1!
  3. Picked this up at Goodwill for $19.99. The demo disc is still sealed.
  4. SOLD! Mario Party 6 case and manual for the GameCube; you'll also get the damaged, non-working disc. $3 shipped (within the U.S.) Thanks!
  5. I'd like to put all these into a priority mail flat rate box and send them to someone. Asking $35.00 shipped. PayPal and USPS money orders only please. Thanks for looking! Saturn: Yu-No A girl who chants love at the bound of this world No. 9 (missing manual and disc A) Mega Drive: World Cup Soccer Super Hang On Super Masters Chibi Maruko-chan: Waku Waku ShoppingSuper Daisenryaku DS: Anpanman to Asobu: Aiueo Kyoushitsu DX (missing manual) Shin Lucky Star Moe Drill Tabidachi PS2: Momotarou Dentetsu 11 PSP: Me and My Katamari PS1: Psychic Force Puzzle Tasien (cover insert but no manual) Dragon Quest Characters - Torneko No Daibouken 2 - Fushigi No Dungeon Intelligent Qube (disc and manual only)
  6. Took some trade-in to Game Dude today, which allowed me to buy these for $3 each and still come out ahead.
  7. SOLD! Up for sale are two Game Boy multicarts. Asking $10 each or $15 for both. The games listed are the unique games on the cart. Thanks for looking! 31 in 1: Wario Land 2 World Soccer 98 Puzzle Bobble Tetris Battle City Dr. Mario Yakuman Penguin Land Bomb Jack Allley Way Tasmania Story Motocross Master Karateka Bubble Ghost Super 32 in 1: Thunder Blast Man Pocket Color Block Space Invasion Highway Racing Fortress of Fear Super Mario 4 Super Pika Land Tennis Dr. Mario Alley Way Pipe Dream
  8. Breath of Fire III was $1.99 from Salvation Army, and the Haunted Mansion Holiday CD was $1.99 at Savers. This was $.99 from Goodwill.
  9. If anyone's looking for some shrinkwrapped PS2 and GameCube PAL and Japanese Chicken Little and Narnia games, with a little POTC thrown in, the Redondo Beach Goodwill has you covered. Their international flavor does not limit itself to modern gaming either...
  10. GONE! Whomever would like to send $3 (in the U.S.) for shipping can get these PS1, PS2 and PSP demo discs. Thanks for looking!
  11. Some cool import finds at a neighborhood thrift for $2 each: Rockman Irregular Hunter X, Me and My Katamari and Piposaru Academia 2.
  12. Everything was $5.99 each at Salvation Army, except for the Ape Escape demo which was $4.99. The GC Game Stop game is Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.
  13. Not a bad GameCube selection at Goodwill today. There was also a Mario Party 7 that was just the case.
  14. Sealed Halo 2 with the "Do Not Sell Before 11/09/04" sticker-$10 at the Alpine Valley swap meet.
  15. Picked these up from an indie game store near my work-$13 total. Cloudburst, Gorf and Inhome Baseball for Atari, Tapper and Zaxxon for Commodore 64.
  16. It is an expansion pack for the Daigasso! Band Brothers game. There was also a Pokemon White game in the cart slot that I didn't find until later.
  17. PS1 Resident Evil 2, Xenogears & Dragon Quest Characters-Toruneko no Daibouken 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, $5.99 each at Goodwill.
  18. I actually do not speak Japanese (I looked up the titles by the part numbers). Haven't had a chance to fire them up yet. Found this Romox Fortune Hunter in a mom and pop game store today. The price was $5, which the owner took out of the value of the trade-in stuff I had brought with me.
  19. Imports arrived at the Goodwill... Mega Drive: Tant-R Super Masters Super World War PS2: Momotaro Dentetsu 11 Ridge Racer V 360: Burnout Paradise Burnout Revenge Need for Speed: Undercover
  20. A few games came into a local Salvation Army... All of the shelves went three rows deep, but unfortunately there were no hidden treasures. A bunch of common games and a lot of repeats of titles, as if they were from a distributor, though only a couple of items were new. I did find a 2CD Beatmania IIDX 6th Style soundtrack for $1.99 though.
  21. Brought a little bit of trade-in at a game store near work and got this for $13.57. Two days after finding Pikmin 1 for $1.99 at a Salvation Army near my home, I found this at the Goodwill one block down today for $5.99. Go figure...
  22. From the last few days... Brand new Tamagotchi Connection V4.5-$10 at a random thrift. Pikmin and the Pokemon games were from Salvation Army. The Pokemon games were $3.99 each. The Meoweth card from the GBC game is still unopened.
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