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  1. These three bundles were $8.99 each at Salvation Army. Since Silent Hill was in one stack, RE2 and Medievil were in another, and RE Director's Cut was in the third, I decided to go for it. 29 games for $26.97 isn't so bad considering. The pawn shop worker said $5 for all PS2 games. I said yes and thank you!
  2. Closing out 2013... These were $5 each at Salvation Army. Looked around for the Ar tonelico book but to no avail. Budokai 3 is disc only and was $1 and Soul Calibur II is still sealed and was $5 at an Out of the Closet thrift store. $5.99 each at Goodwill. The Apple Newton 110 is complete as far as i can tell. $20 from a random thrift.
  3. Titan by Avalon Hill at Salvation Army, with all the pieces present, for $2.25.
  4. Salvation Army finds: Shrinkwrapped SNES Space Invaders-$4.99 DS Anpanman to Asobu Aiueo Kyoushitsu DX-$5 DS Shin Lucky Star Moe Drill: Tabidachi-$5
  5. These were all found with the CDs at Salvation Army for $2.99 each. Baten Kaitos 2 CD original soundtrack. Japanese Saturn Last Bronx, Virtua Fighter Kids and Burning Rangers, all complete and in great shape. Delco Electronics Music System Sampler, a Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab compilation release.
  6. These were part of a $.99 sale for DVDs, CDs and games at a Goodwill bookstore. The Six Seasons and a Movie DVD is a document of a Community-related art show in Los Angeles. These were $5 each from a couple of hole in the wall thrifts. Paper Mario is missing the manual.
  7. Up for sale is a Video Reflex cartridge by Exus for the 2600. It is tested and works great. Asking $50 shipped (within the US). Thanks for looking!
  8. Goodwill pickups for $5.99 each: DS: Dragon Ball Origins Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans Bleach-The Blade of Fate Bleach-The 3rd Phantom Wii: Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing PS2: Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (sealed)
  9. From the last week or so... $3.99 "soft goods" bundle from Salvation Army. Battle Arena Toshinden is the Not For Resale version and C&C Red Alert has a bonus Resident Evil 2 manual inside; I sold a RE2 without a manual a few weeks ago. Such is life. The Japanese Mario Kart 64 was $1 from a random thrift. The PS1 games were a total of $5.96 at a Goodwill bookstore near my work. They have a bunch of Xbox, PS2 and 360 games for $.99, but as you might imagine they're all sports and very common titles. Found these at the neighborhood Goodwill. The Sewer Shark is sealed with a few small tears. When I brought them to the front, the cashier commented about how weird it was to see them, and that there were a few there the day before in the CD section (where I found Street Fighter II Turbo) including "some Woody Woodpeckers". So after I paid $5.99 each for those two I decided to mosey back to the CDs and take one more closer look... Got it for $2.99. I've now owned all three, though I sold the first two a while ago.
  10. Finds from Savers-Street Fighter III New Generation soundtrack was $1.99, Black Dahlia was $2.99. Very tragically, it's the case only. Still got the blood pumping at first glance. From Salvation Army.
  11. Goodwill finds-Diddy Kong racing and Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 were $5.99, Grandia II was $6.99. $1 at a random thrift. I actually found an opened one for double the price a few months ago, and as someone who is entertained by things that are absurdly wrong, this is a big-time winner.
  12. Nice. One of my favorite bands. Saw this today at Goodwill...$49.99 for the empty cabinet.
  13. Escape from Monkey Island and Full Throttle were $.50 each from a hole in the wall thrift. Ultima II floppy was $1 at a different thrift. $5 from another random thrift. There's a dent in the front bubble and a little creasing in the bottom left corner, but is like new otherwise.
  14. Bermuda Triangle is its own game, different from the Bermuda hacks. I think the cart is more of a pre-release/demo than an actual prototype, but I could be wrong. Still a cool thing to have.
  15. Flea market finds: NES Remote Control and Championship Bowling are both complete, in great shape and were $5 each. GC Custom Robo and PS2 Freaky Flyers were $2 each, and the Japanese PS2 Evergrace II was $5 Goodwill finds, $5.99 each. MP4 and MKDD are missing their manuals, a too-common trait the I've been running into lately among GameCube games.
  16. Roadium swap meet finds... PS1 Power Serve 3D Tennis-$3 Sealed PS2 R-Type Final-$4 GameCube Pikmin 2 (missing manual)-$2 PS2 Promo NFR Shadow Hearts-$5 PSP Monster Hunter Freedom Unite demo disc-$1 The highlight of the day was recognizing one of the sellers from a garage sale that I had 2 weeks ago, and then recognizing some of my old stuff on her table!
  17. Last 2 days... $5.99 each from Goodwill. $5.99 from Salvation Army. It is unopened but the shrinkwrap is open on the right spine of the box. These were found at a Goodwill for $5.99 each, all new and sealed. I wonder if these were part of a store or warehouse drop given the Blade II and Cabela games for both Xbox and PS2 (there was another sealed PS2 Blade II that I left).
  18. PS1 Need For Speed: High Stakes manual and case. The piece that holds the disc is missing; the back insert is included. Shipped free (within the US) to anyone interested.
  19. Up for sale are 3 2600 label variations-a blue label Demon Attack, a black label Star Ship, and a Sears picture label Chase. Asking $5 each w/o shipping; PayPal and USPS money orders only please. Thanks for looking!
  20. Murder Club for IBM was $5.99 and Math and Me for Apple II was $4.99 at Salvation Army; both are still shrinkwrapped. It seems like this is a legit Korean release, or a very well done pirate. This was also at Salvation Army. I pity the fool who would not spend $1 at SA on that shrinkwrapped VHS tape. Devo was a $.99 delight at Goodwill.
  21. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Brian fan too and was very excited. He and Jello are definitely two distinctive stripes of the California sound. I actually found a Honeys CD autographed by Brian's ex-wife Marilyn recently at Amoeba Records Hollywood. Paid $20, which given the fact that it's a hard CD to find and it was signed AND was at Amoeba is not too bad. Very true, and guys like me fall for it to get the nuggets.
  22. Just another manic Monday... $2 at an Out of the Closet thrift. $5.99 each at Goodwill. My closest Salvation Army has taken to bundling games by system lately. This PS1 bundle was $9.99. This GameCube bundle including WarioWorld and a Game Boy Player disc on the top (to go along with the player attached to the Cube) was $35.
  23. Nah, that's still very nice to find! College Slam, Destroy All Humans 2, F-1 Race and the 24 in 1 Game Gear multicart were $5.99 each at Goodwill; the Office Mac 2004 Student and Teacher Edition is unopened and was $6.99.
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