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  1. went to game dude here in l.a. for the first time in a while to sell some stuff today. they have a flat $3.00 price for their "classic" games, which is fair enough for most of what they have, and especially fair for what i ended up getting: a silver label gravitar. :D


    and on the bottom of one of the boxes of 2600 games, i saw the loose end label for...crazy climber. tragically, that one wasn't to be found. those two for $6 plus tax wouldn't have been too shabby, though i'm not complaining about what i have... ;)


    also, i found a label variation that i could not find in the database here. it's a 1986 atari picture label re-release of blackjack, with the box art as the label. it's also spelled out as "black jack" in yellow capital-letter text.


    so if anyone finds a end label-less cc at game dude, if you could send it to me, that would be swell. :P they wouldn't let me keep the end label, though i did end up getting the instructions for colecovision antarctic adventure for free...

  2. i have no cause and am on no side; i dig both digital press and atari age, and have even contributed to atari age in the past. i just didn't see how the accusatory innuendo followed the stated intent of not trying to "stir things up" in this particular instance, that's all.

  3. First, let me say that I've made peace with Joe @ DP so I'm definitely not trying to stir things up with DP again.  


    ...even if DP themselves have nothing to do with anything, which we'll probably find out is not true either



  4. anyone who is close enough and has the time to make it to ben's place simply owes it to themselves to go, for both the treat of seeing so much great stuff all at once and for the incredible deals available for said stuff. along with crazy climber and qubes, halloween and off your rocker and some panda games were still unclaimed when i left.


    and i now know just how heavy a machine the apple lisa really is... ;)

  5. i have a 2600 jr with 32 games built in, one of which is save our ship. i bought it here in los angeles; the unit itself says made in taiwan.


    it has a bunch of the same games that are on that cart (flash gordon, tac-scan, bank heist, pooyan) along with some oddities (bermuda, bobby is going home, a hack of "crackpots", and nuts (another technovision game)). both sos and nuts work fine on my tv, meaning that neither of them roll. the colors might be different though.


    tragically, the left controller port is damaged, resulting in only being able to move the stick one way.

  6. if only i could go back to 1998 and buy a couple more brand new space invaders from united game source for $89 each...hell, one could (as i did :D) get s.i., space squash, insmouse, virtual fishing and waterworld brand new for less than what a s.i. virtual collection goes for on ebay these days...


    i console myself for not having the american jack bros. with the fact that i was at least able to get the japanese version during the blowout pricing days...


    and where's the "demo only" carts? :P i actually found the red alarm one, so i know wario land has got to be the rarer one...

  7. i have 2 2600 carts that i just can not get to work. the two happen to be early numbered carts: 03 star ship and 61 basic math. the star ship has the red-bordered end label. first person to pm their interest in one or both gets 'em...

  8. On the other hand, at least now I know not to up the ante on my bid.


    aw...feel free to go crazy on your bid anyways... :D


    i wish the y-cable was there when i found this too; i'd love to give it a good tryout. luckily, i already have a competition pro stick, so that made it a little easier to let this one go and not worry about trying to track down a y-cable...

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