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  1. Jack in the Dark, a Christmas adventure? Hmmm... is that like the whole Santa only "comes" once a year thing?


    Man, even when something's not from Out of the Closet? :D




    Sniper Elite was $3.99 at a Salvation Army. Ballistic was $3.00 at a Jewish Women's Council thrift.




    Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine with box, styrofoam, paperwork (including bumper sticker), cable BUT missing the power supply. $18 at a different Salvation Army.

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  2. Games are complete except where noted. PayPal or USPS money orders only please. Prices do not include shipping. Thanks for looking!




    007 Nightfire-$5

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence-$6

    Sonic Unleashed-$7

    Unison (Japanese, sealed)-$10



    Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (Player's Choice, disc has a nice looking scratch on it but it didn't affect gameplay)-$10



    LOZ: Link to the Past w/ 4 Swords (Japanese, game only)-$13

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International 2 (Japanese, game only)-$10



    Chase (Sears picture label, cart only)-$5



    Virtua Fighter Remix (jewel case version)-$5



    Tetris Gold (case, insert and disc)-$10

    Day of the Tentacle (in white sleeve with DOTT sticker on it)-$10

    King's Quest 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition (complete in box)-$10




  3. CIMG4345_zpscf7c9808.jpg


    The PS1 games were $5.99 at Goodwill; both of the Tomb Raider games are still sealed. The 3DS New SMB 2 that Target didn't want anymore was $14.99. Not pictured is the GameCube Super Mario Sunshine disc I found in an Animal Crossing case at a different Goodwill. So if anyone wants an Animal Crossing case and manual, save me the trouble of posting in in the freebie thread and let me know. :D

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  4. CIMG4238_zpsd406ffd5.jpg


    3DO Soccer Kid and Battle Chess were $2 each at a Salvation Army. 3DS Finding Nemo was marked down to $7 from $14.99 and Xbox 360 Singularity was marked down to $3 from $6.99. Even the woman behind the counter was surprised. Both are unopened. On a related note, I think somehow Target has pumped more copies of Xbox 360 DJ Hero 2 to local Goodwills than were ever originally available in the store in the first place.

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  5. Went to Vegas this last long weekend for a family birthday celebration and did some shopping on the side. Went to my first Savers stores, and found nothing. Went to a place named "Epic Thrift", which was indeed large in size but did not live up to its name in terms of finds. In the end, it was up to Goodwills...




    The Criterion DVDs of Yojimbo, Sanjuro and The Hidden Fortress, as well as the PS1 MGS: VR Missions were $1.99 each. The IBM Space Quest was $5.99 at a different Goodwill. SQ is complete, including the hint book, hint book pen and all the paperwork. The best paperwork though, as is often the case with games like these, was created by a previous owner...



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  6. It's just Los Angeles, there's a lot of random import stuff be it games, DVDs, VCDs or whatnot. I knew I had found other Korean PS2 games before, and had to search here to remind myself that they were Dragonball Z 2 and Dynasty Warriors 4 (they ended up in a Spread the Love with Free Games thread. :) ) Somehow I found a Korean NES Comboy unit at a Goodwill in Wilmington last year. If that plastic shell could talk...

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