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  1. The CC40 multicart built is still available for sale? Thx
  2. Any disk image for 4ADOS, Multiplan and TI-Writer that will work with JS99 in 80 columns with F18A enabled mode? The ones on ftp.whtech.com seem not working. Thx...
  3. Ok. I can do it... any advise to take care how I open it? Any risk to lose pieces or break something?
  4. I found something very strange... and it works!!! A CI-7 interface but with a Centronics male plug. I connect it to a standard parallel printer and it's printing... Looks like something custom made by TI. It doesn't looks home made.
  5. It works... Thank you Stephen!
  6. ti99sim is an interesting emulator that works with no issues on several platforms. Is there any repository of modules? I found games http://www.99er.net/download2/index.php?act=view&id=254but not all the rest (edu, utilities, productivity) I try convert-ctg to convert some bin carts but with no success. Please advise. Thx
  7. Which is the entry to add into modules.xml for V9T9 Java edition? Thx
  8. I got a bunch of floppy disks for the Commodore CBM PET system. On several labels is printed 8050 or 8035. Any way to access to data or programs via MS-DOS? For CP/M I use 22dsk142. Not familiar with Commodore world. Is there any tool for CBM PET disks? Thank you in advance. ---Giancarlo
  9. Is there any 4A DOS disk image, with CHARA1, utilities etc, ready to use with NanoPEB or CF7+ What's about F18A 80 col support? Thx
  10. But the CHARA1 to CF7+ how supposed to be copied into a disk image? Thx
  11. First of all, Happy New Year everybody... Ok, Greg. Order placed. Cheers.
  12. WTB Extended Basic 2.7 Suite cart. Any one available? Arcadeshopper web site looks out of stock. Thx.
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