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  1. ANSI is full supported in CP/M with excellent results...
  2. Definitely yes! I learned programming with a TI-99 with Extended Basic and 32K sidecar memory expansion, during studies. That was the maximum configuration that could be afforded in 1984 in a modest country like Italy. That become my job, migrating to PCs and later Mainframes.
  3. Working on Lenovo Thinkpad... but so sloooow...
  4. Yes, the Terminal Emulator ZE3 DSK image.
  5. Can't wait to turn it on... 💖🤞⌨
  6. Even without card, the terminal is loading. I prepared a floppy in DSK1 from DSK image via TIPI.
  7. What A Find! For the lucky owners of the Foundation Z80 Card...
  8. Impressive and very promising... I'm ready to buy one, even if beta or prototype.
  9. Me too... waiting... and still counting...
  10. Thanks everyone for your answers. However, my white PAL 99/4a, with blue power button, doesn't see the FinalGrom99 cart. I can plug many TI cart, but not that one. On screen (C) shows 1981 Any idea?
  11. How to use pcode card? Not working for me. Thanks
  12. Do we have available the Multiplan cart on disk? Not the original program floppy. Just the module. To be executed from CF7+ or Nano PEB. The same would be nice for TI-Writer. We have many games but very few applications around. Thanks in advance.
  13. How many volumes can be stored on a 32MB card? I got 39. That puzzle me. Thanks.
  14. Dear all: I try to map on TIPI one of the P-code card's system disk as DSK1. However it's just not loading it. The card is only seeking the physical drive. No one try? Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  15. Any idea what's this card? Computer Inspector doesn't report it. It was inside a II+ clone. Could be an 80 column card? With a switch? (missing) Thx
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