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  1. Nice… back to normal life…
  2. Wow… well done… As soon I have back my portion of patience… will try… :)-
  3. It’s a nice to have accessory. Let’s be honest… The TI 99 is not a production machine anymore. All is hobby and fun. So, yes, it worth, to try and test something different and unusual. My 5c opinion… :)-
  4. Does anyone have a disk image of the Verbatim disk drive analyzer? Like the one shows here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124852611272?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Thanks in advance.
  5. What’s about the BMOW Floppy Emu from BMOW?
  6. Thanks guys... very kind of you...
  7. Dear community: I'm looking for a MS Word or Apple Pages template that recap the original TI layout for manuals and documentation. Similar to the attached one. Thanks in advance. tidbits.pdf
  8. What's the DSK image of the original CC file manager? Thanks...
  9. Dear all: Do you know if the CC9900 CorComp Floppy Disk Controller and the FinalGrom99 cart are compatible? As soon I select that cart, the system is freezing... Btw, where could I find a DSK image of the original CC file manager? Thanks in advance to all.
  10. Dear community... Do you believe is possible to repair a firehose in this conditions? Where I could find a spare part? Thanks to all.
  11. Please share this new software with the rest of us...
  12. Carissimi, dear all, ciao... Well, to be honest, at least in Italy, back to the '80s, the TI-99 was never boosted by Texas Instruments itself. And this is funny, because they have had many hardware factories in the country: Città Ducale, Avezzano, Aversa. At the age all my friends and schoolmate used to have a Commodore or Sinclair Spectrum. Only me with the TI-99 and another guy with the Sharp MZ-700... Ah... and, of course, the richest one with an original IBM PC. Beside that, as there was not much software available, and the only luxury peripherals available were an external 32K RAM and an external PIO (thank you to Essemmeci), that stimulated my creativity to write software for the TI-99. The best learning model was to type the listings from papers and magazines... kilometers and kilometers of code to learn BASIC programming... and it works and it worth on my side... In 1984 I saw at a computer shop in Rome (I forgot the name), close to the Quirinale capitol hill, my first PEB... but too expensive for my pocket... However, at age 18, in 1986, I got the opportunity to buy one PEB from the US, but something inside me suggest to switch to a real computer, an IBM XT compatible machine: the Acer (MultiTech) Popular 500!!! Wow, what a change... full graphics card, two 5.25 360k floppy disk drives. And the switch to GW-BASIC was pretty quick from TI-BASIC, starting developing professional programs. However in 1989 I came across a complete TI-99 system, included a PEB, pre-owned, like new, in my home city Trieste. Different times, new opportunities, new incomes. Today, at 53, the TI-99 love is back, trying to keep alive all memories. Take care folks, God bless...
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