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  1. I posted the following in my HighScore.com: "I believe when this score gets the 7 votes it needs to end the voting process, both my former score and this submition won't be listed in this site (since I won't reach the 80% yes votes). It that's not the case, I ask HighScore.com admins to remove the my former score. " I don't have to have any Frostbite score over there. I just don't want a score approved there based on my mistake. Now you go to my ignore list on AtariAge.
  2. I've already corrected my first HS.com submition. I had that score approved with a wrong evidence, it wouldn't be fair to keep that score knowing voters judged that score based on the wrong evidence I've pointed. Yesterday I submitted the same score with only the picture, it doesn't matter if voters will or will not approve only a pic as evidence. As I've said in our last HSC round of Frostbite in February of 2018 after quoting HatefulGravey: HatefulGravey said: Lid, your score is good for a "Twin Galaxies World Record" if you wanna go get that. I have my own doubts about the value of such a thing, but if I had the skill to beat one of their records I would probably dance their dance just to say I did it. Also, is anyone here good with Google Spreadsheets, or Excel? I would eat a raw kitten for a spreadsheet that kept up with scores and had a line graph that plotted scores and the average score over time. I'd like to say I would learn enough to get this done but my Magic 8 Ball says the chances are slim. And since I'm not really interested in Twing Galaxy - and now not even in HighScore.com - I replied:
  3. At the moment these are what I have so far. I used the Brazilian Polivox Frostbite Cartridge - an NTSC cartridge. Polivox had the legal rights to sell Atari VCS and Atari games. They acknowledge Activision copyright and I believe the got the rights from Activision and that it's the same rom you find in an American Activision Frostbite. I used an NTSC cartridge in an American Atari 7800. My late model CRT is able to show both the Brazilian PAL-M and the American NTSC, as in this case. After uploading the first part part for the whole night, I can now share my game play as soon as the second part finishes the uploading process. .
  4. I've watched the video Random Terrain linked to. But the solution given there wouldn't get me a one file for all the recording. I guess the filesystem in my phone can't handle files more than 4GB so I will not have the full video in one file anyway... So, at least for now, I'm going to upload these two videos.
  5. Is there any limitation in Android video recording software?
  6. Ok, maybe I need some assistance with video recording... I just recorded a full game on my Android phone. But, unfortunately, the software made two files, one with 3,5 GB ended with 477,650 points while I was losing a life, the other file has with 404,3 MB and it starts immediately after, possibly there's nothing lost but we are talking about two files... I ended this game with 524,830. Last time we played Frostbite, I ended the whole week with 497,410. So, I'm not sure I should upload these videos... Are they enough?
  7. Why would a cheater make a false picture and don't upload it when submitting his score? (The picture was uploaded in AtariAge BEFORE I finaly found it again to upload to highscore.com) Why would a cheater provide false video proof while in the same video writes it's for a score lower than the one he's trying to get approved? It's like asking someone for directions, he says take the 2nd on the right and gives you a paper saying take the 3rd on the right. Is he a lier or is it a mistake? --edit I'm quotting you to bring your reasoning to my particular case. It seems you were talking in general, not specific about me.
  8. I don't know if my corrected score submitted will continue available if it gets less than 80% approval and, thus, don't get registered as a higscore.com record. So I'm pasting what I wrote there: """This is an old record I had submitted in 8-29-2013 as you can see in the first time I submitted it. In 2014-05-21 I revisited the score and I discovered there wasn't the picture you now see above. I just stated publicly the following: "(05/03/2014) If I remember correclty, I put a picture with my final score of 552,590 when I submitted this socre. Now I only see my video which, unfortunately, doesn't show the final score. Well, at least the video shows some skills to get this score (and was voted as a legit one). But I left the page with only the video as evidence, you can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/UOzd8ODkGSQ Only in 2018-02-11, when I found the picture of my score, I put a link to everyone. Just yesterday, I realized that the video couldn't be of my 552k score. In the same video I had described it as a game that ended with 477,730. That was a mistake on my part, I've submitted my score careless, I didn't upload the picture and I pointed to a video that doesn't relate to this score. It wasn't intentional and if anyone had showed me that error, I would correct it as I always correct any mistake I make in a public and open way. So, knowing people had voted this 552,590 score based on a wrong evidence (submitted only by mistake); I am now submitting my score of 552,590 once again. This time with the right evidence. -- Posted by Liduario on 2019-06-27 13:36:20 Reply I've said " as you can see in the first time I submitted it". This was the link ( http://www.highscore.com/scores/Atari2600/Frostbite/21 ) I hope it's still available even after submitting another score! -- Posted by Liduario on 2019-06-27 13:38:12 Reply"""
  9. http://www.highscore.com/score/index.php?s=84659
  10. Also, even if I get my a full recorded score better than -edited *that- one; I will not continue to participate posting on internet. It takes only one bad uploaded evidence to make people think you cheated or lied and your real name get spammed for something you didn't.
  11. 1. As I said in my original submition in Highscore.com I'm not sure I've uploaded that picture with the video. That's because it happened many years before. But when I see my CRT, I know for sure I was playing on real hardware because I never use emulation with that CRT. 2. I didn't take the video out of youtube, but yesterday I disabled public comment to avoid beeing ofended there. I guess the video went offline for a little. 3. I have no problem with the cost of a camera. I do have a problem with setting a cam every time I start a game. I play for fun and recording all time I play takes kills the fun for me. 3. I didn't go all internet writing in my defense, I just went to highscore where you were accusing me, to this site where northcoastgamer is asking my removal and I emailed ataricompedium after they listed me in the banned list. Their site provide the e-mail for corrections. 4. Yes, your analyses of the picture doesn't prove anything as even you admit it! And I state there's nothing fishy with it. 5. I admit the 477k points mentioned in my own video doesn't make any sense at all. What happened? Even I can't believe I got my all time record and typed it wrong after uploading to youtube! Did I post it in highscore.com the video thinking it was from the 552k successful attempt? I can't know for sure and I certainly don't remember. No doubt it was a careless submition but I didn't cheat, I hadn't any reason to lie. It's sad I can't explain my error and I can't remember what happened when I wrote 477k, it's been a long time. Either if I was on error or I've lied, unfortunately, to me it's impossible to prove in the same way to you it's impossible to prove a legit picture was fabricated. Yes, now I'm considering to record a new attempt to break my frostbite record, not for ZilchSr who offended me and admitted he likes to offend me in highscore.com but for my own image. I just don't know how long it would take me to beat my record again. I play Frostbite since I was a kid and it could take a long time to top my best performance.
  12. I also would like to point the fact NorthCoastGamer has many scores on highscore.com with only a picture, not any more evidence. So is it fair that he calls me a cheater because my frostbite score had an incomplete video that ends after 30 minutes of play and the picture, for some reason, wasn't there when I revisited that site? I had a picture just as good as many of NorthCoastGamer's pictures. I would never call him a cheater nor ask for his removal from AtariAge. Also we both disputed a whole season and I ended in second place with just a few points short of his. If I was a cheater, why I didn't won by cheating one or two games and grabbed his first place? His accusation is nonsense. It's a shame that he, as well as the author of that video, comes to offend me. I even discovered a site where I was listed as cheater after that video. This situation makes me want to just quit playing and posting online here or in any place.
  13. About Northcoastgamer saying for years about questionable things:
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