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  1. This thread and threads like the 7800 XM thread make me nauseous. More butt kissing in them than anything I have seen in my lifetime. People willing to put up with anything so long as their hopes of receiving the goods are still somewhat intact. What about holding people accountable? Wow.
  2. If somebody redoes Q*bert, please get rid of the crevice between the cubes down the middle of the screen. - Jr Pac Man: make it a horizontal scroller like the arcade version - Megamania: Give us paddle controller option - Crackpots: Give us paddle controller option - Donkey Kong: At least give us the elevator screen or pie factory levels
  3. Much as this saddening, it is important to also understand Nintendo's side. If a company let's their properties be willingly (or even just the perception) plagiarized, then it potentially becomes harder to defend any future claims in courts. Like it or not, this is called legal precedent and affects many cases. Nintendo has deep pockets and does come across as overly heavy handed in cases like this, but they risk Super Mario Bros falling into public domain otherwise. I'm not an attorney, but have studied some business law.
  4. Ebay prices are only going to go up with this announcement, sadly. Or is the sale of this now against ebay's TOS?
  5. I take it this is Maddie? I, too, would be interested in seeing what's left of what they dumped. How good of condition? Any boxes or manuals left in pristine shape? When can I see the documentary?
  6. It is really a tie for me. Much as I love Robot Tank, credit still must be given to Atari for an excellent port in Battlezone. Only thing I wish is that it would have more closely resembled arcade Battlezone, complete with flying saucers.
  7. That's how I got mine, only it was before they discounted the package. I paid $100 for the system with Cybermorph, White Men Can't Jump, Attack of the Mutant Penguins, and Alien vs Predator. Also came with the team tap adapter. Not too bad of a deal, even at that price.
  8. Doesn't get much love, but I always considered Robot Tank to be a better version of Battlezone, and highly enjoyable at that. The game gets crazy hard in later levels, but still is vastly underrated by most.
  9. Stellar Track. What genius ever thought that a text-based game would be fun, especially an outer space game?
  10. Unfortunately, no pictures atm. I can take some and post. I have found the hardest ones to reproduce are the silvery Imagic and Atari labels. Just no good way to print out foil reflectiveness from an inkjet printer.
  11. I think the only ones who cared about stowing controllers in the console were picky moms. Most kids didn't care if there was a storage bin in the back of the console.
  12. Author may have gleaned his information from numerous sources, and the proof reader either had never played the actual game or overlooked this bit of misinformation before the book went to print.
  13. I saw a XB360 at Goodwill about a year ago, cables, controllers and all for $30. I took it to the TV section and hooked it up to try it out. Had RROD. I took it to the cashier and told them it was a defective system. They put it back on the shelf for sale. I went back a couple days later and some innocent victim had bought it.
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