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  1. I'm looking to purchase a Mayflash PC049 adapter that lets you connect your Sega Dreamcast controller to a USB port. No packaging needed, just the adapter. It is the one featured here: https://www.mayflash.com/Products/PCUSB/PC049.html
  2. Based on my experience selling off my Intellivision collection earlier this year, any prices $20 and over (particularly for CIB, which are particularly desirable) are somewhat realistic. Anything under $20 can likely be had for $1-$2 each by being patient and purchasing off people who are less patient than you are.
  3. littaum

    Movie Cart

    Very nice! Would this allow for something like Dragon's Lair to be on the 2600?
  4. James, sorry people are getting needlessly upset - you bring a heck of a lot to our little retro community. If you are concerned about "spoilers" - perhaps re-upload the video in a week or two? I'm sure by then there will be several roughly shot youtube videos of people playing Circus Convoy but none will have the amount of polish and enthusiasm your videos do. There has to be a statute of limitations on spoilers.
  5. This site might be your best guess: https://www.pricecharting.com/console/atari-lynx Anything over $15 you have a good chance of selling on an individual basis, the rest you might have to sell as a bundle with your LynX.
  6. Just like there's a 4K and under category for homebrew awards, if the folks at Audacity games decide they want to qualify for the awards, perhaps have a separate category for very large memory games. Doggone It and Zookeeper were impressive in their own way, just like Circus Convoy is.
  7. Thanks for the interest so far - I have 2 people interested and this will likely be claimed.
  8. Edit - this has been spoken for, thanks for the interest! I was going to sell off the rest of my Colecovision collection with a spare Colecovision console, driving console and Atari 2600 expansion module as a group deal, but as it turns out my spare Colecovision console has some issues (should have tested it 30 years ago!). The initial screen looks OK, but the graphics get more and more garbled the deeper you go. It happens on other games too, like Donkey Kong (screenshot attached to show issue, Donkey Kong is not a part of this package). Perhaps it needs a thorough cleaning or a replacement of one of the components, I'm not sure. I tested the driving controller with Turbo to make sure it works, and it does. Only after I tested it I found out that the pedal controller wasn't robustly designed to be played 40 years after it was introduced - the screws holding the top and the bottom both fell out because the plastic screw holes cracked. It should still be possible to use it, you just have to either gorilla glue the screws back together or use a rubber band around the pedal (or use a replacement pedal control). I'm also throwing in the Atari 2600 expansion module (it works fine!) just because I have 8 other ways of playing my Atari 2600 collection on the TV. Basically with a wonky Colecovision and wonky Colecovision pedal I don't see this stuff selling for anything meaningful - only as a refurb project or for parts. So I'm seeing if anyone wants this for free. All I ask is you pay shipping via UPS ground (Box is 18x16x10, weight is ~18 pounds, and will ship from Bend, OR 97702). Or if you can drive to Bend, OR you can pick it up for free. Should you be interested, you will receive: Colecovision game console (has some graphical glitches, unsure of cause) 2 Colecovision joysticks 1 Colecovision Power Supply Colecovision Atari 2600 expansion module #1 (works) Colecovision Atari 2600 expansion module #1 manual Driving expansion module #2 (gas pedal screws are broken but theoretically is still useable, driving control itself tested to work) with styrofoam enclosure and box Driving expansion module #2 instructions 4 new C batteries Turbo game cartridge (this is the only game included and was part of the driving expansion module) Turbo game cartridge manual
  9. If Audacity Games can produce games with quality on par with what Gold Rush looks like, I'm sure they'll do fine.
  10. I believe this is known as the "Video Game Console of Theseus" debate.
  11. I have a copy of Telegames Skiing for ColecoVision up for auction on ebay. Tested and verified to work - opening bid is $200. Good luck! https://www.ebay.com/itm/133677651723 Also I still have 28 games left of my old ColecoVision collection that are available as buy it now, prices from $5-$40. https://www.ebay.com/itm/28-Different-Colecovision-Games/133671035186
  12. EDIT: I put everything on ebay after the initial interest. Sorry! I built up quite a collection of pre-crash consoles and games back when I was heavily hitting thrift stores in the late 80's & early 90's, but I've decided to pare down my many consoles, primarily the ones I collected "just because they were there". My old Intellivision collection is now running frolicing on various retro game farms across the country, and next up is my ColecoVision collection. I have no boxes for any of these. Everything has been tested and verified to work with an original ColecoVision. Anything I don't sell here I'll put on Ebay. I've taken copious pictures and made youtube videos of all of thse cartridges - I am assuming this is enough for you to determine the quality of each item. If you have any questions, please ask! I certainly do not want you to receive something in a condition you were not expecting. PAYMENT NOTE: I'll be asking for payment via paypal - we can share details in PM's. SHIPPING: Up to 2 cartridges will be $8 shipping via USPS small flat rate box. 3-30 cartridges will be $15 shipping via medium flat rate box. Anything more would be in a large flat rate box ($20). All contents will be wrapped in bubble wrap. As of now I only plan on shipping where flat rate boxes will go (which I believe is just the continental USA). I will typically ship no later than the Saturday following receipt of payment. I also have some youtube videos where I show each cartridge/overlay/manual. The games are shown alphabetically: ColecoVision Games #-D ColecoVision Games F-L ColecoVision Games M-R ColecoVision Games S ColecoVision Games T-Z I also have a Colecovision Expansion Module #1 with Manual, which allows you to play Atari 2600 games on your Colecovision - $20 + 15 shipping USPS medium flat rate (can also fit some of the games below in here) Games - Unless noted, these are loose cartridges only. Prices do not include shipping. 2010 w/1 overlay ($15) Activision Decathalon ($13) BC Quest for Tires ($18) Beamrider ($15) Blockade Runner ($13) Buck Rogers w/Manual (2 screwholes visible on top of cartridge) ($8) Bump N Jump ($22) BurgerTime ($15) Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park ($10) Campaign '84 ($25) Carnival w/Manual ($5) Centipede w/Manual ($8) Chuck Norris SuperKicks ($15) Congo Bongo ($13) Cosmic Avenger w/Manual ($5) Defender ($13) Destructor w/Manual ($10) Donkey Kong w/Manual ($7) Donkey Kong Junior w/Manual ($6) Donkey Kong Junior (PAL, runs on NTSC) (1 screwhole visible on top of cartridge) ($6) Dr. Seuss Fix up the mix-up ($14) Fortune Builder ($22) Fraction Fever ($11) Frogger w/Manual ($11) Frogger II (screwhole visible on top of cartridge) ($12) Front Line ($8) Galaxian ($40) Gateway to Apshai ($11) Gorf w/Manual ($10) Gyruss ($17) It's Only Rock N Roll ($33) James Bond 007 ($16) Jumpman Junior ($15) Jungle Hunt ($38) Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker w/Manual w/2 overlays ($6) Keystone Kapers ($23) Ladybug w/Manual ($5) Linking Logic (writing on label) ($29) Looping w/Manual ($5) Miner 2049'er ($10) Montezuma's Revenge ($26) Moonsweeper ($17) Mouse Trap w/Manual w/2 overlays ($5) Mr Do's Castle ($37) Mr. Do! ($9) Omega Race ($8) Pepper II ($7) Pitfall II w/Manual ($22) Pitfall! (2 screwholes visible on top of cartridge) ($14) Pitstop ($10) Popeye w/Manual ($12) Q*Bert ($7) River Raid ($15) Robin Hood ($28) Roc N Rope ($10) Rocky Super Action Boxing ($10) Sir Lancelot ($27) Skiing w/Manual ($395) (This seems to be a pretty rare one!) Slither ($8) Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle w/Manual ($6) Space Fury w/Manual ($6) Space Panic w/Manual ($6) Spy Hunter ($41) Squish 'Em Sam ($10) Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator ($20) Star Wars the Arcade Game ($26) Subroc ($6) Super Action Baseball ($5) Super Action Football ($8) Tapper (Root Beer Tapper) ($35) Tarzan (side label looks like it could use some glue but is still on) ($11) The Dukes of Hazzard ($17) The Heist ($12) Threshold ($49) Time Pilot w/Manual ($9) Tournament Tennis with 1 page Manual ($24) Turbo w/Manual ($5) Venture w/Manual ($5) Victory ($8) War Room w/ 1 overlay ($12) Wargames ($8) Wing War ($25) Zaxxon w/2 manuals ($5) Pictures of everything - Expansion Module #1 with Manual Games - #-D Games - F-L Games - M-R Games - S (Including Skiing) Games - T-Z
  13. Thanks for all of the responses, these items are now officially spoken for.
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