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  1. What is all over the condor attack label? Would help to know what it is to know if it will be removable.
  2. Karateka on a whole is junk on any machine. Alien Racists (AKA Xenophobe) is quiet fun I find, the 7800 port might not be the best version of it but its still pretty fun. Moons better than Karateka.
  3. I know a lot that the rest of you don't but this is when I shut down and shut up. All I'm gonna say is don't give up hope on the Green Machine.
  4. So how was it that you ended up getting the packrat name\business from Jared?
  5. Correct, it was $99 start with a reserve of who knows. I was trying to lend a hand to a person in need nothing more or less. Another thing for the OP, why not put them FS in the AA marketplace? You save all your ebay fees that way and most people looking to buy those games are already on this forum anyhow.
  6. You REALLY should have sold them individually as your not gonna get anywhere near the interest by selling these in a lot like this. Your pretty much limiting your potential buyers to re-sellers IMO. If you sell them one at a time you will get collectors instead
  7. AtariFriend

    KC Munchkin

    Can't wait to see the Crazy Chase part. I found it to be the more original of the KC titles. Still love Munchkin too.
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