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  1. I figured it out. The Fritz Box Stealth Mode was the culprit. Deactivated it and now the connection is rock solid. Highscores are saved every time. Cheers to the makers of this fine cartridge. I love it!
  2. I think it has something to do with the firewall settings of my router. Is there anything i have to adjust to bypass problems which can occur?
  3. I took my cart to a friend today and it is working fine here with his setup. I think the problem is my Fritz Box.
  4. My Pluscart always disconnects from my Wifi. I‘m using a Fritz Box 7430. I already changed some settings but that didn‘t cut the cheese. I need advice, please. 😯
  5. In my case there is no jittering at all with my PAL consoles but with the NTSC ones. The paddles work like new. Only on my NTSC machines when playing Kaboom for example, there is this jitter when the paddle is not moved exactly like in the video Merowech posted. It would be nice if he can test them on a PAL unit and the problem still persists. I‘m clueless about this issue.
  6. This is an interesting observation. I have multiple PAL and NTSC consoles in my posession. I own two pairs of original paddles which work flawlessly on my PAL machines, but with exact the same behaviour posted above on my NTSC ones.
  7. I played till 300.000 points today with the fixed version and it´s awesome. I can confirm that bullets go sometimes right through instead to kill. By the way, the sound of the fireflies seems cut off. Apart from that it´s a dream come true after all these years! :-)
  8. Fandal...you`re a genius! Thank you so much!
  9. Well, i have the cartridge version from 1984 and some .xex ones. The flies in between the rounds flicker so badly that you can hardly shoot or avoid them. A problem which doesn´t occur in the NTSC version. Look at this video on 1:19 This is the NTSC-Version! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AieUtgmicnE If your version looks exactly the same (without flickering) than you have a highly sought out version and you would make a lot of people happy in PAL-land! :-)
  10. Will there ever be a fix with the flys in the PAL version of Millipede? I´m wondering why there is no patch for it. It´s a shame that you have to favor the 2600 version (which is great) instead of the superior 800 version because of the glitch. Perhaps a new challenge for a talented coder...?
  11. Hi there, i'm searching for a nice Atari 2600 or 7800 with Composite/S-Video Mod. I'm in Germany and i use Paypal. Feel free to offer! Thank you!
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