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  1. Both systems had their strengths and weaknesses. Colecovision if the coding was there could produce excellent Arcade ports that in at least in one case, Ladybug, exceeded the arcade. My best memories reside with Colecovision playing Venture and especially Ladybug with my siblings - I still recall our amazement the when we first "discovered" the Vegetable Harvest.
  2. Asteroids - sucked at it then and after 20 years of playing via MAME on cabinet and on highly customized arcade panel I still suck at it.
  3. Wow only seeing this today - Kickman, aka Kick really brings back some memories and retro-memories for me. Thanks!
  4. Nice ,Thanks man! I believe I already have everything that is needed. Will give it a go soon.
  5. That would be incredible and perhaps bring tears to my eyes - seriously
  6. Hi - for SSH in Developer mode I am seeking a recommendation for working USB ethernet adapter. Thanks Thank you to all the folks that made Stella 6 possible on the unit! After seeing this thread today I ordered the R77
  7. JL

    MAME 0.206 Released!

    My Cab is still running .106 On my PC's I stopped updating at mameuifx .175, when mamesick was forced out by haters . Still I'm glad to see the MAME + MESS efforts continue. Back in the day MAME gave me great enjoyment. Being able to play in effect bit-perfect Phoenix at home in the late 1990's is something for which I'm an eternally grateful to Nicola and the MAME folks back then who made that possible.
  8. JL

    Stella 6.0 released

    Hi, I may be wrong but I do not think Stephen has any involvement with 2600.emu, which is still based on Stella 4.7.3 . I do like Robert's 2600.emu app but its updates now are usually a year or more apart so I'm not getting my hopes up. Serves me right for purchasing it :sigh
  9. JL

    Stella 6.0 released

    Hi Stephen, Prior to 6 , the trailing \ was not required for me. When I started 6 the first time all items required proper basedir did not show up. When I looked at the Stella system log I saw; "e:\emu\Atari\2600\Stellastella.ini" the \ was missing after 2600\Stella I then changed my basedir.txt from: e:\emu\Atari\2600\Stella to: e:\emu\Atari\2600\Stella\ then all looked good when Stella started. The Stella system log displayed e:\emu\Atari\2600\Stella\stella.ini As for commandline arg of -basedir as you mentioned - seems like a perfect idea to me!
  10. JL

    Stella 6.0 released

    Stephen, many thanks for your time and efforts with Stella and also a special thanks for continuing basedir.txt support. For those using basedir.txt with Windows ensure your entry has a trailing \
  11. Excellent products have been using them for several years now
  12. JL

    MAME 0.200 Released

    I've been a MAME user since Summer 1997. Congrats to them on their efforts and milestone even if I still use .106 in my cab.
  13. As long as you do a "get" you are OK in the US. Distribution [let say sharing] or intent to distribute is a no no. So if you grab via link click [wget] or usenet download there are no issues. Torrents would be a rather bad idea as inherent to them is sharing. So unlike what you parents taught you as a child sharing or intents thereof is bad
  14. A google search will easily find you the rom and I'm not talking about the fake "brick" one. IMHO the game is not worth the time I found the youtube video actually more satisfying.
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