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  1. Looking for specific Video Games for my collection =) All have to be complete (case covert artwork/manual + game) except for SNES and NES games (removed since dont have the system and looking for one).(but a protective sleeve is a +) ----------------------------------Xbox------------------------- Metal Dungeon (Xbox) Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds Bloody Roar Extreme Whacked Kung Fu Chaos Kakuto Chojin Bard's Tale Tork DarkWatch Crime Life Xyanide Circus MAxiums Land of the Dead Blinx 2 NightCaster 2 ---------------------------------PS2-------------------------- (might have few things missing from this list) Megaman X7-x8 Micro Machines Yakuza 2 Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Never Ending Tomorrow Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam Monster Rancher 3 Monster Rancher 4 Champions Of Norrath Champions: Return to Arms Colosseum: Road To Freedom Digimon World 4 Digimon World Data Squad Digimon Rumble Arena 2 Dino Stalker Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 (or for Wii) Firefighter F.D. 18 Fullmetal Alchemist 2 God Hand Resident Evil: Dead Aim Shadow of Rome Time Crisis 3 Way of samurai 2 River King The Red Star Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses -------------------------------------Gamecube---------------------------- P.N.03 Ikaruga Pokemon 1 and 2 Mario Bro Meele Sonic DX Sonic Gem Collection ----------------------------Wii----------------------------------------- Metroid other M Rune Factory: Frontier The Little King's Story Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles FF: Echos of Time FF: Chocobo Dungeon Rune Factory: Tides Of Destiny House of the dead: Overkill Zelda Skyward One Piece: Ultimate Adventure Broken Sword: Director's Cut Resident Evil :Darkside Chronicles red steel 2 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories -------------------------------PSP-------------------------------------- (might have few things missing from this list) Dissidia 2 Disgaea Castle Breath of Fire 3 Kenka Barcho Gurumin Warriors of the lost empire Undead Knights Adventures On The Go Jikandia Fate -----------------------------------DS---------------------------------- Coming Soon (but can be msged in what a person has for sale) -----------------------------------3DS-------------------------------- Coming Soon (but can be msged in what a person has for sale) --------------------------------------------------SNES Actraiser Actraiser 2 Battletoads Breath Of Fire Breath of Fire 2 Contra 3 : alien wars Super Castlevenia IV Castlevenia- Dracula X Demon's Curse Earthbound FF3 Terminator (arcane) Harvest Moon???????????? Illusion of Gaia Lufia 2 Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat 3 Prince of Persia Secret of Mana Super mario kart teenage Ninja Turtles IV Super Street Fighter 2 Zombies ate my neighbors. Thank You =) even if you think you have something interesting, please go ahead and msg me as well. Especially if it a RPG on any Consoles (PS3/Xbox360/Xbox/PS2/PSone/SNES/Gamecube/DS/3DS/PSP/NES)
  2. i am interested in buying Wii System. But i would like to have it be Brand New and Support Gamecube Games.
  3. :3 i gotten $16 which i spend right away to get Valkyrie Profile 2 for PS2 :3 *hugs it*
  4. =) Sup, I am looking for a 3DS system. I decided against getting PS Vita due to the cost of it + lack of games(plus i own PSP and alot of physical copies). Since i never owned DS i decided 3DS would be best one to get, so i can have both 3DS games and DS access of video games. Just basically want one without any cosmetic damage, and their nothing wrong with it, but instead the person doesn't need it or doesn't feel like they getting much out of the system, and would like to get some fast money for their Atari Addictions. Any games with it are a plus, and accessories. PM me, or come to this site chat room if you want to talk about the details and such, i am their most of the time and people can easily vouch for me. I would like pictures of the system/games and such (cases/manuals for video games with the system are a big plus) you can send me the pictures in attachment to my email at adrianwrz@hotmail.com (or post as a replay if you can) X) Thanks For Reading, LordsOfSkulls =3
  5. =D it my hang place, i feel like it becomes like a broken home, when restart comes around @.@ FIXY FASY PLEASY!!! *HUG*
  6. you should had added a link....but i dont think it worth that much while their is... couple games worth 100-500 in it, is still not worth it.... and more like between 10,000-20,000 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260977931298 it went down to 31,500 like 1-2 days ago. But also he has free shipping for it all, not to mention all games seem to be in mint condition with box and manual and well kept. Some are even unopened.
  7. Well If You Dont sell the games i want ;D i talk to you when i get my refund =) (PSX/PS2/PSP/Xbox) are my games i am collecting =) so if you ever get something in any of those catagories i am always interested to find out what =)
  8. I am interested in this games, especially King Field. Was wondering in what condition they are in also what region. I live in state IL in USA o.o. Currently i am waiting for my tax refund which should be within 1-2 weeks,if you could hold for me at least King Field i would be very happy to get it off your hands ^-^ ( i am new to forums but i always hang out at Chat here, so i always be on their if you want to chat a little more about this, also D seems lil expansive) o.o King Field $18 Kileak The Dna Imperative $8 Loaded $10 Fear $8 D $30-40 P.S. cant send you private msgs.
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