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  1. so far no problems, have not tried in atarimax cart, since i dont have any (i have a colecovision console though with original carts) looks like all DRM is removed, i mean, must be, since it's working fine. i'm at level 3 now (missile base) the multiple attemps to load the cartridge is probably the other checks that your cart is doing and failing, since the check is not 100% accurate, so it fails sometimes on real colecovisions. anyway, that's what i understand of it...
  2. I ordered risky rick for colecovision a week ago. process went pretty smooth. got the digital version within 15 minutes i sent the money through paypal got 2 versions (PAL en NTSC), and a digital manual and some pics. playing it now on blue msx emulator. I'm at level 3 (mission base), no problems up till now.. Richard was pretty friendly i must say. The game is pretty well made!
  3. http://www.jrxs.net/venture some updates, also made an android version ! works now on Windows, OUYA, Nvidia Shield (pro), and possibly other android devices which support gamepads Enjoy
  4. great stuff! Working great on my windows machine Is there an android version? (or maybe it's coming) Would be great to run it on my android shield pro!
  5. New version with a lot of updates, enjoy! download here: http://www.jrxs.net/venture (version 9.1.2014) - Added red flashing when player dies, just like arcade version - Changed AI of monsters a bit to make them less aggressive They are still smart : they will try to dodge your arrows! - Changed intro screen - Added options screen with help scroller - Changed "loading game" splash screen - Changed level select screen (removed options at bottom of screen : moved to "options" screen) - Rearranged snakes in snake room a bit - Changed wall room to resemble arcade version more - Changed font to arcade font (was colecovision font previously) - room34 had little white dot in filled room (removed). Just a visual bug - Some small bug with the room music when entering dungeon or room. - room33 had no music, added goblin room music - Changed buttons for weapon and pause for gamepad to make it more logical - Changed scroller text in main screen - Critical bug in room25: when with back to the left wall and firing green arrow to the right, a critical bug occurs. Bug fixed - When game is paused, you can exit game with gamepad button and ESC button. Previously you could exit game unintentionally when hitting certain gamepad buttons, which can occur while in game, which was annoying. Now you can only exit game from intro screen. - ESC button or button(3) on gamepad used to cancel or go back one screen implemented - CHEAT : When on difficulty level screen and when in mode advanced : hold F1 or gamepad button(4) and then select difficulty level with SPACE or button(2). Now, all arcade levels are skipped. - Added transparency and collision detection to arrow heads with player (room14) - Changed readme.txt accordingly I'm hoping to make an android version soon
  6. did anyone finish the game?? btw, the game has moved to: http://www.jrxs.net/venture
  7. good that you like the controls I found the original controls in the colecovision not very responsive.. anyway, i'm the coder of this version of venture. I used to play it on my colecovision when i was a kid, but i always thought the game needed more, i didnt compile it to Mac, since i dont have a mac, but there is a Mac compiler floating around somewhere that's why i also made a new version of mousetrap with added difficulty, extra levels and gameplay additions btw, it's already an older video. I changed the intro screen and some other stuff, enjoy it!
  8. what is peteym5 talking about ??
  9. @legend, yes, it's based on the colecovision version, i ripped the graphics and music from that version. i programmed the whole thing from scratch and seriously enhanced the A.I. of the enemies, glad you like the new levels and traps!! here's a video on youtube how do you like MouseTrap? here's a video:
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