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  1. It's pretty much arcade perfect, though it suffers from dark parallax backgrounds, as it's based on the PS1 Capcom Generation 2 version.
  2. Notice the X68000 computer version that's the only one that like 99% arcade-exact / arcade perfect.
  3. SuperGrafx came out in November 1989 in Japan. It was supposed to be the PC-Engine 2, with a 16-Bit CPU, much better graphics and audio. Sadly, the SGX was only a modest improvement in graphics over the old PC-Engine/TG-16. No 16-Bit CPU, no improved audio. Developers were happy with the old PC-Engine and stuck by it. Only 5 SGX-exclusive games were made for it: Battle Ace, Granzort, Ghouls n' Ghosts, Aldynes and 1941. There were many powerful rumors about a SGX Strider, but it never happened. SuperGrafx is considered a collectors item,
  4. some more comparisons: note: the 'PC-Engine' screens *are* of the SuperGrafx, since no GnG port was made to the normal PCE/TG-16. http://pcengine.co.uk/HTML_Games/Ghouls_n_Ghosts.htm
  5. GnG on PS1 suffers from dark distant parallax backgrounds, there is slow-down in the Saturn version on stage 1-2, the emulation of both is a bit wonky and the PS1 version was the basis for all other ports.
  6. It's definitely the SuperGrafx, there was no port to the regular PCE/TG-16.
  7. comparison: Arcade CPS SuperGrafx MD/Genesis X68000 (notice it's the only one here that has the detail & color of the arcade) The Capcom Generation 2 versions on PS1 and Saturn suffer from various problems that the X68000 and Arcade don't. I'm not including SNES/GBA Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts because that's a different game (3rd in the series) This is all about Daimakaimura / Ghouls 'N Ghosts
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