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  1. No, nothing can match the raw power of the NeoGeo!
  2. Okay so one of the cooler features is being able to assign the individual strafe buttons in AvP, buttons 7 and 9 on the Jag pad, to the shoulder buttons on your Bluetooth controller. Proper strafe action! Still unsure if you could map all the buttons to play AvP successfully. I’ll see what I can come up with.
  3. Got my adapters yesterday and was able to pair a PS4 controller. I really wanted to pair my M30 but can’t seem to find it. Anyway it seems to work well so far with minimum lag. I’m trying to configure the adapter from my PC through the blue retro site and once paired I keep seeing errors around “GATT Server is disconnected, Cannot retrieve services”. *edit* After the 10th attempt it finally pulled up the config, BT FTW
  4. I think I might of misread the GitHub. Maybe he’s talking about a way to patch the three games with issues and play them on the GD?
  5. Gotta be a few games that would play just fine, and you could map some of the number pad buttons to quite a few other buttons available on an Xbox or PS controller I’m sure. But yah here’s hoping!
  6. Not to put down the great work that’s been done with this adapter. But to build on it, would be cool if there was something you could plug into a Jag controller, at the end of the plug, to make it BT compatible. It would require batteries of course to power it. Seems like that would be possible.
  7. Grabbed a couple myself, trying to think what games would work well without the number pad. Maybe there is a BT controller with enough buttons? How do you assign buttons? edit: I see there are instructions linked now. A bit concerned there is mention of issues with the Game Drive, Atari Karts, and Missile Command. Hopefully they can be worked out.
  8. The player movement and vertical scrolling remind me of Micro Mages, so then my mind led me to multiplayer. But yah, that complicates testing a bit lol.
  9. This looks fantastic, any thoughts around multiplayer?
  10. Getting same YSOD over here on the JagGD.
  11. I’d love to see it attempted but I don’t think the Jag hardware is nearly capable when it comes to pushing polys and textures. Maybe with some cuts you’d have something resembling Tomb Raider. An impressive amount of work and optimization has gone into both ports so never say never I guess. Someone ship this guy a Jag with Gamedrive to get him started lol.
  12. I would like to order some of the red dpads for the Pro Controller!
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