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  1. @SainT Any possibility of releasing a beta firmware to test out Jag CD support, even if it’s not fully baked yet? Or support for BattleSphere or JagLink? I know you’re probably slammed building these, just really looking forward to new features.
  2. In for one, curious if there will be anyway to discern a difference between original release and the reprint? Will the reprint mention Songbird on the media or manual?
  3. Well done Clint, that ending lol. The art, animation, voice acting are all top notch. Would love to see this expanded. Maybe released in episodes? Can’t wait to see what Zilch and Simone are all about. kudos to rB+ team as well!
  4. The shame! Just kidding, I’m playing in novice. I don’t think the game was ever fully play tested and balanced, there is just no way.
  5. Hi @Gummy Bear , any chance you might release a parts list and build instructions to the community at some point in the future?
  6. Those games actually being available on store shelves in 95 might of helped. Babbages only carried the new stuff so the best games weren’t even available to me new when I picked up my Jag. Had to hit up Game Dude to get these games used.
  7. Finished mission 5 last night after several attempts. I’m not sure how it would be humanly possible to manually pump as many bullets into the boss as It took to finish him off. I just need to memorize the patterns on mission 6 and I think I’ll have it beat.
  8. I think I’ve been pressing it four times.
  9. Just received the Starwander Rapid Fire controller from @grips03 and it’s fantastic. It really helps with this game but it’s still hard as hell even on Novice. Starting fresh, I made it to mission 5 after a few failed attempts. The only advice I can give you is to make sure you hook your jag up to a decent HiFi and go into options and turn on the bass boost!
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