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  1. Ignore that muppet complaining about the PCB thickness - it's thinner, less chance of wear to the connector. Regards 300mA - LOL! I will bet the supply traces leading to the cart slot will carry a lot more than 300mA, and the very fact that a TONNE of testing has been done (proving everything is OK) means nothing to some people. Some people have nothing better to do than whine!
  2. Wow is all I can say - some great entries here! I love Lynx Quest in particular, but the other entries are sweet too!
  3. Please add me to the list, interested to check this out!
  4. Have you tried copying everything off the card to a PC, then reformat the card and copy everything back? It's no that unusual to get problems like that with the Everdrives from time to time.
  5. Have you tried cleaning the slots up? See my 6 slot video - I think I covered it in that vid. There's also a 4 slot and 2 slot video coming up where I will show the tecnique again there. Basically fold a piece of paper 4 times over, and coat the edge with IPA (as pure to 100% as you can get), or deoxit, and push and and out of the slot as you move it along.
  6. Yes, I thought that looked familiar! I did add your fix into v0.971 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/wkn27s28t79xiye/Handy0.971.zip?dl=0
  7. You might find replacement "original" screens on Best Electronics website in the US. Expensive shipping outside of the US though. The other solution is the "McWill" mod - there's a thread on this very forum (usually on the first page of threads) where you can order one - send McWill a pm. You can also send the Lynx to him for the upgrade (I think), at additional cost. EDIT: If you mean the plastic part of the screen (ie. you LCD screen is fine, the clear plastic screen cover isn't) - Best Electronics did also used to sell those too.
  8. Sounds like perhaps a fault now on the McWill PCB - if the regulator had died on it, that's not a good sign. I would ask McWill if you can send the mod back for him to check out - but you may have to pay for the repair if it needs a new chip. There's also a chance you have a wire connected incorrectly somewhere perhaps? Double check your wiring before sending the screen back to McWill I think.
  9. Could be a dirty connection on the underside of the button (the carbon pad - just gently wipe it with IPA). More common if you've taken it to bits a few times previously is the carbon can wear off the ribbon edge where it plugs into the PCB. That can mean that one trace isn't making a connection when you plug it in. If that's the cause you either need a new flex ribbon assembly, or sometimes you can trim a tiny tiny piece off the edge of the ribbon which means when it is pushed back in it goes further into the socket.
  10. f*** me on the prices!!! He's really increased the prices there! It's cheaper by far to just buy a faulty Lynx =/
  11. Yes, this is something a few of us spotted back in 2011 / 2012 ish. There does appear to be a couple of different screen revisions for the Lynx II that don't seem to be interchangeable. I was going to mention this in my recent Lynx video but when I looked at the different revs I have here I found no problems swapping the screens around. It's very strange because I am sure both me and LX NET discovered the same in the past, yet recently I found swapping different rev screens around seemed to work for me - maybe I didn't have the exact revisions where the conflict seems to be (ie. Rev.A and Rev.2) So for the moment I would say yes this is the case, but I am not sure where the differences are.
  12. Looks great! Would love to buy this when its released!
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