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  1. Quite a few people here have raised similar if not the same answers, but I have found the 7800 to have great arcade ports for the era. I do see validity in arguing that you get pretty similar experiences with the ColecoVision or NES, at least for the common titles between them.
  2. Dagnabit! Beat me to it, that's a great find
  3. Are any of the CIB 7800 games still available, and if so do you have a list of prices for them?
  4. Good to know, I suppose it can't hurt to have an earlier release thanks for helping me with identifying this, you're truly the 7800 Guy
  5. Thanks for the help friends, I'll chalk it up to poor quality control and will report back if I see anything else that's unusual (hopefully Galaga is actually in the cartridge, sorry about that masschamber)
  6. Here's a picture of the cartridge
  7. Would a Japanese 7800 game be region locked for a US console? The 7800 wikipedia article only mentions a PAL and US release, so would Japanese 7800 games be locked as PAL copies? Thank you for pointing out the inconsistencies with the box, that almost makes me want to say this is a faked copy or something, but who would make a fake copy of Galaga? It's not that rare of an Atari title lol
  8. My image isn't uploading, here's a link to it: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/fIgAAOSwvL1b-jg6/s-l1600.jpg
  9. I just won this on eBay, and I haven't been able to find a picture of any boxed 7800 game without a barcode. Is this anything special, or is there at least a backstory to why some copies would not have a barcode? I've wanted this game CIB for a while anyway so I wouldn't be disappointing, I suppose it's an oddity though.
  10. Thank you all for the suggestions. I've seen almost all of the titles mentioned here online for low prices CIB, I'm about to squander my paycheck because of this thread lol. Galaga's one of my favorite arcade games, I didn't know the 7800 port is criticized, but I'll take BydoEmpire's word and grab a copy, the graphics don't need to be perfect Writing down all of these titles, thank you all so much. I actually just found out there are only 57 or so games for the 7800 total, so I suppose there wouldn't be many "hidden" gems indeed. A great upgrade from the 2600 though, with backwards compatibility and access to remastered/new games with better graphics on the same console!
  11. There's a bid section so I'll keep my eye on it, maybe look around to see if anything similar has been sold in the past. Thank you for the advice!
  12. I originally got my 7800 to play 2600 games like five years ago when I saw a 7800 console and game lot for 40 dollars. Oh, what happened to the market?!! Anyway, I noticed that 7800 arcade ports are really well done, and might become my console choice for arcade ports (although the Colecovision is also great for that). But are there any games on the 7800 that are originals, perhaps some that are rarely mentioned, but not a holy grail item? I wanna dive deeper in the 7800!
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