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  1. Ronald Reagan.

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      We didn't start the fire. It was always burnin' since the world's been turnin'...

    4. jaybird3rd


      ... no, we didn't light it, but we tried to fight it ...

  2. You're doing it without your wife's knowledge while she's on vacation to visit her family though. You're a disrespectful husband and terrible parent. I hope your wife throws all the new shoes she secretly bought on her visit through your glass walls. You're posting this without consulting your wife's knowledge while she's out at the hospital with her uncle to visit her brother who got in a car wreck. You're a horrifiyingly awful husband and generally assholish neighbor. I hope your wife deuces your wheelbarrow through the Costanza gate to another place and dime. Anyway, back in my day, the nickels had bees on 'em. "Five bees for a nickel", you'd say...
  3. Since you're building a secret gaming room, I'm building an obvious gaming room in plain sight on my roof with reinforced glass for walls and for the ceiling. Try making a moral standpoint about that, people.
  4. "Buy McDonalds, goddamn ya, oh, I love ya man" - Ronald McDonald at the bar

  5. "Goddamit Gorbachev, THIS is how you use the Hitatchi Wand!" - Ronald Reagan

  6. Voted the vertical shooter, all because I'd love seeing a 5200 game where one space fighter goes up against spaghetti and Daleks.
  7. Finally switched out the copy of MS Sans Serif on my compy to use a custom one I made a while back. Lookin' niiice.

  8. Blah blah video games blah good blah Half-Life.

  9. it would be stupid if someone bought one of those "high priced" systems that DaytonaUSA and Mendon talked about and it dosent work and you can't take it back. Well, no kidding. Maybe I should have clarified: at the flea's I go to, I generally find good deals. It's mostly the "retro game" stores that are the crazy prices to me. I get it the opposite. All the flea markets are outrageous, yet I've gotten great deals like Super Street Fighter II for Genesis for $3 at the thrift store.
  10. Gentoo is best.

    1. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      I'm quite fond of Debian and Sabayan.

  11. So... Kirby's turning 20. Nintendo's got this wonderful collection disc and all sorts of new games lined up, all to celebrate this one event. Yet, last year, a certain series of theirs, a series that was there when they first started to assume dominance, that helped build them up to where they are now, turned 25, and yet their was nothing for that. This is like a kick to the face from a Nordic god. They skipped Metroid in favor of a character that was originally meant to be a placeholder- a fact that most everyone seems to forget over time. I don't really get it myself, though. For all that people said about it, Other M wasn't all that bad. I mean, it wasn't the greatest, but that's because they were not only trying to do something new, but they also had to follow the Prime trilogy. That, and it wasn't as bad as the Duke Nukem incident. Yet, somehow, because of Other M, we got nothing. They could've at least ran a sale on the Virtual Console, or at least said something, but no, the pink blob that has had eighty billion spinoffs, most of which are mediocre or just plain unoriginal, is more important. And that makes it even sadder than last year. If they somehow considered MP: Trilogy an early present, than that's just flat-out hitting the customers with a shovel. After all these wonderful games that have given great gameplay, music and settings, we've seen nothing to acknowledge that Metroid even exists. It's bad enough seeing Star Fox and F-Zero vanish for whole generations, but this is plain awful. Mario and Zelda were understandable, but it's... well, disappointing. Here's to hoping that Ninty doesn't pull an Episode 3 manuever during the WiiU's lifetime with any of the forgotten three. -Enig, 8:34 PM CST
  12. Here's a thought: Gabe Newell's Rockin' New Years Eve 2012. How's that sound?

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