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  1. I know, C&D is a taste of what Nintendo Lawyers will do to them.
  2. Injection mold tooling is really expensive, so I doubt they developed molds for every single thing they are displaying at Socal, if they are planning on crowdfunding this box. On the other hand, 3d printing is looking great these days and for sure cheaper than injection mold tooling. So at this point we will never know what's inside this box. Finally, I wonder what would Nintendo say if they see their software displayed on retroblox's UI?
  3. If you are following the person you'll be able to see it. My question is, was the account non private before and after posting the video became private? If you are not following the person you are not allow to see his videos or pictures.
  4. Video can't be seen anymore since the instagram account is private now.... (weird)
  5. Pat Contri is attending as a guest as well. Hopefully he can give us some insight about what it's going on at the Expo this weekend.
  6. So retroblox is not listed as a vendor or sponsor at Socal Retro Gaming Expo. John Lester (gamester81) is attending as a guest, maybe he is going to be the MC... Here's the link: http://www.socalretrogamingexpo.com/vendors/
  7. I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling that we are going to live all over again the same story. Maybe I'm wrong, we'll see... until then, that gif represents what I'm afraid is going to happen in the next couple of days...
  8. Less than 24 hours for the big reveal!
  9. In my case, I would keep using my old consoles and computers, there's a nostalgia factor that can't be removed in my case. It's all about the search, look for the game/s, look for the system, hook it up, turn it on, put the cart or disc in, listen that sound or music, close your eyes and for just a couple of seconds you are back to that time when you played it for the first time. On the other hand, other people don't like physical media and it's a way for them to play those games. That's market segmentation.
  10. That's why we are all keeping an eye on them to help and protect the people!
  11. You HAVE to make a video about this!
  12. Yes, the reveal is this Saturday, they say people will be able to see and use a playable prototype and..... dedicated staff to answer all the burning questions! If you go, PLEASE! Take some pictures and videos!
  13. This Saturday they are going to reveal a "working prototype" at the Socal Retro Gaming Expo. Let's hope that we can get some pictures or videos to see if this is another Coleco Chameleon.
  14. Here's their Facebook page, twitter and instagram: https://m.facebook.com/retroblox https://mobile.twitter.com/retrobloxhq https://www.instagram.com/retrobloxofficial/
  15. Anyone attending to Socal Retro Gaming Expo? We need pics and videos!
  16. He seems to be a really good guy, maybe he is just naive and a huge dreamer...
  17. There's always a pattern of conduct: https://youtu.be/07YZwfpFo_0
  18. That's why as soon as I read about this project I created this topic right away!
  19. Hi! Have you seen this? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/261689-retroblox/
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