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  1. I get the same error on my 1050 when I have a bad boot disk. First try a known good boot disk second, take the processor out of the happy and return the drive to the original 1050 to rule out any issues with the Happy Let us know what happens
  2. Yup, I make disks all the time. I have an Asus motherboard (its on the compatible list), 360K floppy and XP installed. I have DOS 5 on a bootable floppy. I use TI99-PC, I boot off my floppy then I create all my disks using TI99-PC. Very simple once you have all the peices.
  3. Composite works on the Lotharek cable but the difference in picture quality is night and day. Even with the lines the S-Video is so much better. Now I am digging through boxes and cabled to find my other Atari cables.. UPDATE: just found another cable and S-Video is much better. Still has the vertical lines but not as noticeable, so I just need to find a cable where the lines are gone
  4. Its a Lotherek Video cable. The Composite part of the cable DOESNT DO IT! I have another cable somewhere have to find it and check
  5. I am using my Samsung LCD with S-Video and I get these vertical lines. Same monitor in composite and no lines. Here is a PIC Anyway to get rid of the lines? Thanks !
  6. I wrote the program on 48K Atari 800 with Basic Rev C and it works
  7. I have a copy boxed copy somewhere I am going to dig it out and play with the rest of you guys
  8. I have GTIA. I wrote a program that uses Graphics mode 11 which is one of the GTIA modes. 10 GRAPHICS 11 20 FOR X=1 TO 16 30 COLOR X 40 PLOT 0,X : DRAWTO 79,X 50 NEXT X 60 GOTO 60 So now I know how to test
  9. Yup that makes sense since the value is never 0
  10. Thanks! Now I understand
  11. Thanks! So IF PEEK(53252) THEN PRINT "SORRY, ONLY ACTIA" So it saying if (53252) =0 then Print? cause when I do a Peek(53252) it = 4 Thanks
  12. Thanks! now I understand it
  13. nope not a misprint. Cause if I do a poke to reset the collision register then it says GTIA, when collision register is 4 it says CTIA. line 220 is what I am trying to understand Here is the program 100 GRAPHICS 0 : REM ALWAYS USE THIS MODE 110 PRINT "NOW TESTING FOR CTIA VERSUS GTIA" 120 PRINT "================================" 130 POKE 559, 58 : POKE 53277, 2 : REM ENABLE PLAYERS 140 POKE 54279, 240 : REM USE ROM FOR PLAYER DATA 145 POKE 53248, 80 : REM CENTERED PLAYER 150 POKE 53278, 0 : REM CLEAR COLLISION REGISTERS 160 POKE 623, 65 : REM ENABLE GTIA, IF IT EXISTS 170 POKE 20, 0 180 IF PEEK(20)<2 THEN 180 190 POKE 623, 1 : REM DISABLE GTIA 200 POKE 559, 34 : POKE 53277, 0 : REM TURN OFF PLAYERS 210 FOR A = 53261 TO 53265 : POKE A, 0 : NEXT A : REM (AND PLAYER DATA) 220 IF PEEK(53252) THEN PRINT "SORRY, ONLY ACTIA" : GOTO 240 230 PRINT "AHA ! A GTIA." 240 END
  14. OK I am confused. I want to know if my 800 is CTIA or GTIA. So I try 3 methods 1. Graphics 9 : Produces black screen like its supposed to white GTIA 2. POKE 623,64 : Get black screen with multi color character mode again supposed to be GTIA 3. Use Bill Wilkersons Insight Atari program and it says "CTIA" also one of the lines does a peek of collision register 0. It does IF PEEK(53252) THEN PRINT "CTIA". What does this mean? it doesn't say if PEEK equals a specific value so Im confused. Any help will be appreciated Thanks
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