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  1. I have emailed him many times in the past few months and no reply either. I used to get replies quick but not anymore
  2. Yup, I re-affix disk labels, EPROM labels all the time. Elmers is your best friend.
  3. Does the size of the DDP file indicate if you need 1 disk or 2 disk images to create the DDP?
  4. so if a DDP is 256k and disk is 160K so doesn't each DDP file contain 256K or 2 disk images worth of information ?
  5. No Problem I have a recording studio so I have a dual cassette and have already drilled the tapes. I just need to know how to format them You said to copy blocks 0 to 159, will there be a file larger than 160 blocks? Thanks for the help.
  6. I didn't know what you needed to know so I just asked in general My Adam config: 2 - 5.25" Coleco Adam drive 1 - ADE No Serial or modem I have a retro PC with DOS 5 and 5.25" 360K floppy
  7. Can some please tell me how to make DDP's from file? Can I do it on the Adam or do I need to do it on a PC? Do I need emulator? Please let me know. I made a deal with Maxell and have a large supply of Maxcell Pro 60 minute cassette and anyone who wants a DDP I can sell it for $5.00 plus shipping including printed cassette label.
  8. Jon, The old version was 4.49c and now it's 4.49? Doesn't the Letter after the version usually mean a newer version? Call me confused
  9. Yup, and of course I used INNOGOS.ROM in the FIRMWARE.ATR
  10. Thanks Jon! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy I will try the new upload and report back
  11. That verson says also 4.49
  12. I just updated my Incognito to 3.10 and used INCONOGOS.ROM Thought SpartadosX was updated? I took a before and after update. The version say the same version 4.49C only difference is the date. The older is 13-7-2019 and the new version is 22-03-2020 Here are my screen shots. Should the versions be the same or different?
  13. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MasterMotorola!
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