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  1. Visicalc was powerful and I think can do most if not all you want
  2. I can print you a case for $10 + shipping. $3-5.00 probably for shipping I can give you your choice of 10 colors
  3. Anyone know where I can get all the Scott Adams Graphics adventures for the TI99? Thanks!
  4. If you tell me where you got those files I can try in my XEGS with my ultimate card and see if I have the same problem
  5. Yup I got the email. Thats why I came here to atariage but don't see where to purchase
  6. So how do I get the Jaguar GD now that my order on retrohq is cancelled?
  7. I am interested. How much to ship to 60087? Thanks a lot!
  8. Here is the case in black. Printer is now ready for more orders PM me if interested Thanks!
  9. My pleasure. If you need anything else let me know. I will post the black case once its ready.
  10. I received an order for a black and blue case. Here is what the blue case looks like
  11. If people are interested I can take print orders and I have currently like 8 different colors available. I will offer the group an atariage discount
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