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  1. I am using PLA. None of the enclosures I am building get hot so I see no need for ABS.
  2. I use TI99PC as I have my PC with 5 1/4" disk drive, I download the .DSK file and then use TI99PC to create the disk then take it to my TI99 and voila! instant gratification! So if you ever need disks just let me know how I can help! Bill
  3. Looking forward to the answer as well as are here working MBX dumps that I can load into my GK? Thanks Bill
  4. OK no I a, confused. So which version do I download? TI_RS232HS.BIN or TI_RS232_NOUSPIKEL_BS.BIN?
  5. Thanks Greg! I am ordering the Prusa mk3
  6. I got everything working in Classsic99. The first time I tried to go through compiling I got an error after I chose the 24K loader. I don't remember the error but I rebooted and ran it again and this time through it compiled and I Was able to execute the compiled version. The only ling I noticed is that when is says ASSEMBLER EXECUTING there is nothing telling you its doing something. I thought that it locked up and was ready to reboot but then it completed with no errors. Now I can start developing my first program Thanks for Isabella!
  7. OK, Let me try out everything in Classic99 and see how it goes
  8. I have a Gram Cracker. Anyway to load ISABELLA into GROM? Thanks
  9. Thanks! I will read it and let you know how it goes
  10. Hi, I just found Isabella5. I dont use emulators. I only use real hardware. Can I use Isabella5 on my Ti99 or is there anything I need to do to get it to work? Thanks and sorry for the newbie questions
  11. I think these is something wrong most like with the CorComp RS-232, notice the activity LED is lit and its not connected to the console. I plugged my CorComp RS-232 into my PEB and the LED does not come on
  12. Thanks for that but what I need is not there
  13. Let me see what I can do with those. Thanks for that!
  14. Thanks! I will catalog it and let you know what it is!
  15. Yea, I found that but the disks aren't there and I posted a message but no replies So I thought I would try here
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