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  1. I did it by just pulling the caps off with my fingers
  2. A lot of us bought ACE-80 column carts so if you can make it compatible with that, then that would be awesome!
  3. Thanks Nezgar! I went digging and found my Spartados X cart and found in the manual and Format with Skew for high speed and density for double density. Now I can test the ICD chip!
  4. I decided to open my 1050 that I received not to long ago to do some maintenance before I put the drive to good use. Upon removal of the drive I found an ICD doubler. This consists of a masked ROM and the special RAM that has ICD in it. The instruction mention a Special version of SpartaDOS? So how to I test the doubler to make sure its working? It does offer true double density? Thanks in advance !!
  5. I would love to meet but alas Im in Chicago
  6. I have a TI monitor that has the power switch missing. It wold be great if I could find someone who can fix it since these monitors are getting scarce.
  7. The only way I got mine to Work was with Sdrive max as drive 1 and 1050 as drive 2
  8. @itaych Thanks for that! Am downloading now....
  9. Thanks! The one thing the review did not mention is, is it possible to save a game?
  10. OK, what did I miss? What cart are we talking about and where do you get it?
  11. Thanks! Look forward to getting one! I am curious how the video in gets connected
  12. If anyone uses real cassettes like me I can make you any cassette you want for $5.00 plus shipping. I got a great deal on cassettes from maxell. So I pass the saving on to my Atari friends
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