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  1. I would definitely be interested in buying one Is all the software still available?
  2. I didn't think I saw any official SAGA carts being sold. But some guy on Ebay is selling SAGA 1-4 or 5 for $69.95 and was wondering who made them and how come no-one has ever seen them being sold?
  3. Are there any cartridge images of the Scott Adams SAGA cartridges? I did not even knew they made these on carts! Thanks!
  4. Wow! does that mean my brand new in box box mint is worth $1000?
  5. Yup Awesome post! I wil give it a whirl as soon as my printer shows up! Thanks very much!
  6. Original already assembled. and I have about 8 different colors of PLA I can use to print
  7. This is great! Super awesome work! When you think its good to print please let me know and I will punch one out. I am waiting on my new I3 MK3s to show up. I will order the tipi +32 now. Thanks!
  8. Yup, I saw that. Once I can find that pretty case I will go to your store and by the tipi. Else I will gut one of my Speech cases
  9. Any idea where I can get the .stl to print the case? I could then print them and offer them for sale
  10. Was it in English? How do you get them?
  11. Great job thanks! How best to print the overlays? I only have original Championship baseball. Are the other games available for download? will they work with finalgrom or do I need something else? Thanks
  12. Do you happen to have the link for the video cable on Amazon? My video cable with Video produces jailbars Thanks!
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