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  1. I got everything working in Classsic99. The first time I tried to go through compiling I got an error after I chose the 24K loader. I don't remember the error but I rebooted and ran it again and this time through it compiled and I Was able to execute the compiled version. The only ling I noticed is that when is says ASSEMBLER EXECUTING there is nothing telling you its doing something. I thought that it locked up and was ready to reboot but then it completed with no errors. Now I can start developing my first program Thanks for Isabella!
  2. OK, Let me try out everything in Classic99 and see how it goes
  3. I have a Gram Cracker. Anyway to load ISABELLA into GROM? Thanks
  4. Thanks! I will read it and let you know how it goes
  5. Hi, I just found Isabella5. I dont use emulators. I only use real hardware. Can I use Isabella5 on my Ti99 or is there anything I need to do to get it to work? Thanks and sorry for the newbie questions
  6. I think these is something wrong most like with the CorComp RS-232, notice the activity LED is lit and its not connected to the console. I plugged my CorComp RS-232 into my PEB and the LED does not come on
  7. Thanks for that but what I need is not there
  8. Let me see what I can do with those. Thanks for that!
  9. Thanks! I will catalog it and let you know what it is!
  10. Yea, I found that but the disks aren't there and I posted a message but no replies So I thought I would try here
  11. I downloaded the GK 1.0 disk from WHTECH but I didn't see any of the other disks. Kracker Facts mentions GK Utilils I and other GK programs. Where can I get the Utilities I disk? Another disks for GK you can share? What disks and programs were made for the GK? Thanks in advance!
  12. I use TI99PC on my DOS PC, I take the .DSK and transfer to my PC, then run TI99PC /MENU and make a SSSD disk then I take it to my TI99 and it works perfectly. I needed those 2 disks for my MG Gram Kracker. I was able to run diags and put my TI Assembler and the 2 disks into the GK and dont need to swap disks. TIImaage allowed me to take the .P99 and make a .DSK. so problem solved. Thanks for all the help
  13. Hello Everyone and thanks for all the hard work! I am the proud owner of a not so bouncing baby Gram Kracker I found the GK 1.0 files on WHTECH. Where can I get the GK Utilities I disk? Are there any other utilities, disks that came out the GK that anyone can share? I am just learning the GK so I will be asking lots of questions. Thanks
  14. I dowloaded the EA5 version and there is 3 files in the zip. E,F and G, do I just load E and it calls F and G? Thanks!
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