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  1. Do you happen to have the link for the video cable on Amazon? My video cable with Video produces jailbars Thanks!
  2. I have emailed him many times in the past few months and no reply either. I used to get replies quick but not anymore
  3. Yup, I re-affix disk labels, EPROM labels all the time. Elmers is your best friend.
  4. Does the size of the DDP file indicate if you need 1 disk or 2 disk images to create the DDP?
  5. so if a DDP is 256k and disk is 160K so doesn't each DDP file contain 256K or 2 disk images worth of information ?
  6. No Problem I have a recording studio so I have a dual cassette and have already drilled the tapes. I just need to know how to format them You said to copy blocks 0 to 159, will there be a file larger than 160 blocks? Thanks for the help.
  7. I didn't know what you needed to know so I just asked in general My Adam config: 2 - 5.25" Coleco Adam drive 1 - ADE No Serial or modem I have a retro PC with DOS 5 and 5.25" 360K floppy
  8. Can some please tell me how to make DDP's from file? Can I do it on the Adam or do I need to do it on a PC? Do I need emulator? Please let me know. I made a deal with Maxell and have a large supply of Maxcell Pro 60 minute cassette and anyone who wants a DDP I can sell it for $5.00 plus shipping including printed cassette label.
  9. Jon, The old version was 4.49c and now it's 4.49? Doesn't the Letter after the version usually mean a newer version? Call me confused
  10. Yup, and of course I used INNOGOS.ROM in the FIRMWARE.ATR
  11. Thanks Jon! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy I will try the new upload and report back
  12. That verson says also 4.49
  13. I just updated my Incognito to 3.10 and used INCONOGOS.ROM Thought SpartadosX was updated? I took a before and after update. The version say the same version 4.49C only difference is the date. The older is 13-7-2019 and the new version is 22-03-2020 Here are my screen shots. Should the versions be the same or different?
  14. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MasterMotorola!
  15. Looking for Regent base II and manual would be great! Thanks!
  16. Yup, rust removal is my first priority
  17. Thanks, that's the first place I looked and its not there. There are 3 disks, Program, Library and Tutorial
  18. Does any one have the 3 disks that came with the GFA companion? They are not on the site with all the GFA basic stuff Also interested in any other GFA basic utilities Thanks!
  19. My Quantum Fireball SCSi is still working. But I have an Ultra Satan Coming to make it easy to move files with PC
  20. I will try this on my Mega STE as soon as my Ultra Satin arrives
  21. Sure I know Quantum Fireball 1280S TM12S012 REV 04-D 50 PIN SCSI
  22. Here is a photo of my missing LED, can you please tell me what I need to fix it? How much with shipping in USA? How can I clean the rust and where do I connect the wires? Thanks!
  23. And here is the manual DB_Master_One.pdf
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