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  1. Hi all, The 4th annual Seattle Retro Gaming Expo will be at the Washington State Convention Center on June 28-29 this year! We will have more Vendors, Artists, Indie devs, Game schools, panels, free play and system link games then ever before!!! Check out www.seattleretro.org for all the latest news! Preorder your tickets before April 30th to be entered to win 1 of 20 3D printed mini-NES systems, and get in 1 full hour early to snag all the rare goodies! http://www.eventbrite.com/e/seatt... See you soon! Gerald
  2. looks like that link is broken, take 2!: http://redlion.rdln......UP= EDIT: the site keeps nuking my link, check out www.seattleretro.org in the next day or two and we will have the link up! Gerald
  3. Hey guys, the show will be epic this year! Here are some highlights: - Steel Battalion Room (4 xbox systems, system linked) - Vendor hall that is 2x as big as last year - Optimized Free play room with new systems and games introduced, including imports - Every Super Nintendo game available for play in the free play room - Every Nintendo 64 game available for play in the free play room - Artist Alley with awesome video game merch/art - Discounted hotel rooms at Red Lion over 25% off We have a link with the discount promo embedded: http://redlion.rdln.com/HotelLocator...UP&groupBlock= More announcements coming soon, and please check www.seattleretro.org for more info regularly! Gerald
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